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Thread: TX people - free weatherization for your house!

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    TX people - free weatherization for your house!

    TALOT Home Page - Take a Load Off Texas

    The Public Utility Commission of Texas has authorized Energy Saving Programs to help lower energy usage in Texas. There is 100% funding for weatherization in all electric homes! To qualify you have to have no broken windows, no open constructions, central A/C or heat pump.

    We had our house weatherized for no cost today! They replaced all our weather stripping, weatherized the windows, and did something to our outlets and vents too. It took about an hour for them to finish it. Also there's funding for attic insulation too, they're going to call us to make an appointment but said we can probably get 70-80% of it covered and low income families can get it for free.

    Just wanted to give a heads up because I think it's a really awesome program.
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    Huh that's really cool!

    I saw my neighbor had someone over the other day that had energy on the car maybe that's what they were doing. We rent out of a duplex though so idk if that is something we would qualify for.

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    I can only find stuff about low-income weatherization

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