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Thread: Dentists. (Fort Hood area)

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    Dentists. (Fort Hood area)

    I think there was a post about this further back, but I didn't want to necro-post.

    Could anyone recommend a good dentist around here? Preferably one who is very good at the anesthesia part, because I need extensive work done, but I have the problem of being dentist-phobic to the point where I burst into tears at the mere thought of going.
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    I go to Carus in Killeen on WS Young Dr. I have the same phobia when it comes to dental work. So, when I have to get fillings, they send me to the Carus dental in Belton because they have nitrous oxide aka laughing gas. They were really nice and understanding of my anxiety.
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    I go to Killeen Dental on Elms Road. Dr. Perrin is really good and kind and I like all the staff there. Last year I had to have a root canal and they actually gave me a referral to an endodontist but all the work I've had one (and the work the specialist did) has been awesome. I have anxiety issues with dentists and they're really great about working with me.

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