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Thread: Fort Hood Post Housing

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    Fort Hood Post Housing

    So DH and I are going to Fort Hood and we're already on the waiting list for post housing...I definitely want post housing just because I'll feel safer and I haven't heard good things about Killeen
    So I was looking on Facebook at this page called Moving House for the Military Spouse and saw some photos of the villages there. The one that specifically caught my eye was McNair Village. I'm not out there yet and DH doesn't have a car with him so he can't really check it out easily but we wanted to know if there was a specific village anyone recommends that we get on the wait list for? The houses in McNair just looked bigger, nicer and people did say they had basements but obviously pictures can be deceiving
    Any word of advice would be much appreciated from all you Fort Hood ladies! Thanks!

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    saw this was posted in august......are you at ft. hood yet? I was bummed no one replied to this because we are also moving there at the end of march and i looked at the same website as you i was told that you can't pick what neighborhood you want to be put on the waitlist for which i think stinks! you can here at ft. lewis. anyway, i would also like to know what, if anything, you have found out about on post housing.
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    The reason noone replied to this was I was busy at the time and am the only one of us Ft Hood ladies that lives on post. PM me with any questions you have so that we dont keep bumping an old thread.

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    Also, I lived off post in Killeen and never had an issues. You can PM me too if you have any questions.

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    I live off post (not in Killeen though, Copperas Cove) and I've never had any issues, Our neighborhood is safe and quiet.
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    Another off post gal here. Never had any problems. Aside from the minimal renters woes, I like my apartment complex. It's quiet here.

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