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Thread: Anyone from Oklahoma?

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    Anyone from Oklahoma?

    I posted a couple months ago asking if anyone was stationed/living in OK, but I didn't get much feedback, so I thought i'd try again. So is there anyone near Tinker AFB or in that area? We're PCSing there in less than 2 months and any feedback on the area would be greatly appreciated!
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    I am very close to Tinker
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    I live close to TAFB! I'm from Texas, so Oklahoma is a little hard to get used to, but it's still a great place to live. Bricktown (downtown OKC) is fun for a night on the town. We live in Edmond right now, which is the nicer part of central OKC. It's kind of in it's own little bubble, but I at least feel safe here. There are some scary parts in OKC, so be careful. Are y'all going to live on base?
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    my DB isn't at Tinker but he has to go to Tinker a lot! he works out of Camp Gruber right now. He's kind of sent all over the Oklahoma/Arkansas area currently. I live in Arkansas, but now with DB I end up spending lots of time in Oklahoma. There's a lot more to do on that side of the state than the Camp Gruber side haha. Like Mary4 said, Bricktown is super fun. And there LOTS of good shopping in the OKC area.
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    I live not too far from the Tinker Area. I figure you're probably already are you adjusting? I hope the heat isn't too bad. It's easier if you're indoors

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