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Thread: Fort Riley, KS

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    Fort Riley, KS

    Hello, all. My husband will be Graduating from his Army training soon, but I'm so confused as to what the next step is. All, I know is that we'll be stationed in Fort Riley. I don't even know what his orders are or anything. I don't know if I have to prep for moving right away or not. Don't know if he gets to come home with me and my sister after Graduation. If so, don't know for how long. He's active duty.

    I'm just so stressed right now. I feel so clueless right now.
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    hi, im moving to fort riley in a year my DB is there right now
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    Manhattan/Ft. Riley, KS
    Yay for more Ft. Riley ladies!! We are severely under represented here.

    If you have any questions, feel free to ask!

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    Quote Originally Posted by JasonsGirl View Post
    Yay for more Ft. Riley ladies!! We are severely under represented here.

    If you have any questions, feel free to ask!


    I's sorry. I didnt mean to leave.

    OP they will give him further instruction the closer he gets to graduation. I couldnt hurt to start packing so that when it comes down to it you are ready to move. More than likely he'll go straight there with you to follow later.

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    South Texas :)

    We're at Fort Riley!! I know when DH graduated he got 10 days of leave before he had to report back here. Good luck!

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    Manhattan/ Fort Riley
    We're also at fort riley
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    We are here also. I have not met too many people around here so for me it gets kind of lonely sometimes, especially when he is away training . I like the area's large enough to have what you need, but small enough for the small town feel. I do not like the choices in restaurants though....yes you have your typical Chili's, Applebees, Buffalo Wild Wings, etc....just wish there were more variety....Sometimes it's hard for us to figure out what to do if we go out, but I've also experienced that living in a big city as well - everything requires money!!! haha. I like that there are lots of parks and lakes. We like to kayak, but unfortunately we did not do much of that this summer due to an abundance of blue-green algae. But wherever you live is what you make of it.
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    How supportive is the FRG at Ft Riley?
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    We'll be heading to Ft Riley too! Hubby's report date is mid-Nov!
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