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Thread: OK- Tinker AFB ladies

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    OK- Tinker AFB ladies

    So I've almost been a part of the Airforce for a year now and the only person here at Tinker is my husband's friends. Are there any ladies, also, stationed at Tinker? I could really use a girls night out.

    My husband is getting ready to TDY and I'm not sure how to feel. We haven't had to be apart, yet, and my emotions are so jacked up over the TDY.
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    awww my DB is stationed at Tinker, though he is deployed to Kuwait right now. I am in North Texas about 2.5 hours from Tinker. I could meet someplace in the middle, I would love that. I have also had a hard time since DB has left I miss him so much!
    if you want to try to get together PM me.
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    I'm sorry you're having a tough time. Hugs to you
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    If I was still in OK I would so hang out with you! I used to live just East of Midwest City.

    I hope you can get out with some girls soon!!
    Rissa*Rawr is my Wifey as of 1/24/2012

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