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  1. A year ago today
  2. Would you see this as a hint?
  3. Oh babe....
  4. ex dilema
  5. It's nice to finally move past things
  6. Favorite Love Songs!
  7. Ok he needs to stop...
  8. Changing my last name
  9. When you know you know?
  10. When you first got married...
  11. Aww what a sweetheart! *legible*
  12. quite literally the nicest thing anyone has ever said to me...
  13. honeymoon stage..
  14. Even when I have a stomach bug, I still get butterflies
  15. Just looked across the room
  16. such a new feeling
  17. Blaming myself?
  18. First date... not sure what to think?
  19. My DB is so romantic!
  20. He can be romantic sometimes
  21. Strippers?
  22. love dare
  23. Can I just say...
  24. What in the world??
  25. Engaged!! Wedding planning over deployment tips, anyone?
  26. Promise rings?
  27. Here's to
  28. Had a date...
  29. So how many of you...
  30. Have you/your SO ever gone to counseling?
  31. Its offically FB offical
  32. I just have to say
  33. *UPDATE*Having doubts...Advice or a reality check needed?!
  34. Guess what?!?
  35. Does FB official really matter?
  36. I'm back "home" finally!
  37. welp. a lot has gone on the last month.
  38. I've been gone awhile and just wanted to update you guys.
  39. For those of you who are nosey...
  40. Dear DF
  41. Good love books?
  42. Talk about pressure
  43. this guy really confuses me..
  44. Finally being logical!
  45. To text or not to text?
  46. How many of you met your SO through adopt a soldier?
  47. Not sure what to think...
  48. I am...
  49. I'm falling for a Sailor...
  50. First Sleepovers
  51. 1st "I Love You" on Skype???
  52. What do you count as your anniversary?
  53. Look but don't touch rule.
  54. How do you tell...
  55. "Like" this, if you're happy.
  56. i need yalls advice..
  57. Female friends, dating websites, giving favors...I'm done. (LONG)
  58. Happy Anniversary JohnnyandJune!!!
  59. :swoon
  60. i have missed him
  61. Lyrics that make you think about your SO....
  62. He's amazing to me <3
  63. He made me cry!!!
  64. Big Time Butterflies!
  65. Fun things for crippled's to do
  66. Text message Pictures?
  67. not having a FB= drama free relationship??
  68. That was sweet.
  69. I find it so cute.
  70. Normal reaction to changes?
  71. I dont know what to do anymore.
  72. Do you share a facebook with your SO?
  73. So...
  74. wow DF
  75. If you have to question your relationship...
  76. A nightmare...
  77. Me and exDB talked....
  78. Question about IUD
  79. :panic man friend arriving in like 15 minutes
  80. Dates for our men?
  81. insecurities
  82. So I was wrong.
  83. I met someone...
  84. DB BRAG
  85. Small update on moi!
  86. a small accomplishment for me
  87. Would you ever give your SO a Hall Pass?
  88. why wait?
  89. i hate dating.
  90. Apparently, I've been un-dumped..
  91. Going on a date later and have the worst butterflies ever
  92. Taking a chance on him
  93. Look what he made me!
  94. Premarital Counseling?
  95. Dumped on my birthday...
  96. You all must be sick of me by now
  97. Sad and lonely
  98. Love and religion...
  99. Birthday presents?
  100. Relationships that lead nowhere
  101. Getting better.
  102. How soon did you know?
  103. So confuzzled...(kinda long and IMGS)
  104. Anyone ever met someone online?
  105. My new wedding band! (**IMG HEAVY**, hard time resizing)
  106. Now it's official.
  107. Those text messages that drive you nuts...
  108. Aw sigh.... good sigh
  109. Important things to discuss
  110. 2 year anniversary gift
  111. Better as friends
  112. Pretty sure he is flaking
  113. is this supposed to make me want you?
  114. freakouttttt
  115. Some men are just jerks
  116. Does your SO hang out with people they've slept with?
  117. umm.. alright?
  118. Casual/FWB
  119. eharmony or match?
  120. First kiss
  121. General lasting relationship question
  122. Great First Meeting
  123. A surprise I got in a letter from DF *Update...pictures!*
  124. lmao UPDATE UPDATE
  125. One year.. IMG HEAVY
  126. Forgiving and Moving On
  127. ever forget your rings?
  128. My soul is ripped to shreds, he's cheating.
  129. Surprise Facts
  130. Are you not interested or just an idiot?
  131. Butterflies survey
  132. surprises
  133. Is there anyone else...
  134. x-rated pictures of yourself
  135. Little things that annoy you in relationships
  136. I did it! I finally asked!
  137. Advice on fears?
  138. I just HAD to share...
  139. Hypothetical question
  140. How'd you meet your SO?
  141. before DB knew i could be with him for my bday he sent these to my house
  142. Just so you know....
  143. S/O Swing of being single
  144. TMI sx question
  145. I'm just so...
  146. forgiving him?
  147. well here's an update on me.
  148. It's our anniversary
  149. Is your SO a "bad" IMer?
  150. (This will be long) I CAN'T STOP...
  151. Starting to see potential In one guy
  152. True love. . . No seriously
  153. Put me in a good mood :D
  154. How much do you tolerate? *language*
  155. I Think DB May Be Lying UPDATE Post #46
  156. Yay one month!
  157. 3 dates in 2 days!
  158. Gift For My Lovey!
  159. When you don't expect something to happen..
  160. Decided to try dating 'casually'
  161. Thank you DB
  162. He makes me so happy.
  163. a little surprise
  164. Baskets for him
  165. My DB is just a tease!!
  166. HELP PLEASE!!!
  167. soo i have a date tonight.. UPDATE
  168. He proved me wrong...
  169. Clubs
  170. Major awww
  171. I gotta tell someone!!
  172. Question for those who met their SO online
  173. How is it possible...(kind of long)
  174. Ladies!!!!! I have to tell someone!!!!!!
  175. wow! some people are super immature
  176. Insecurities initiation fail
  177. he never fails to amaze me
  178. What are the little things your SO does?
  179. Marriage Talk
  180. Changing during deployment-
  181. Facebook fail...Sorry DB.
  182. I want to be there for him
  183. What is more romantic?
  184. Brag about your SO
  185. Not exactly ideal
  186. Ladies...
  187. Silent Skyping
  188. i think this post belongs in this thread..?
  189. No longer a marines girlfriend
  190. He Is
  191. PFDB update
  192. How long were you together before getting engaged/married?
  193. It seems to be getting better
  194. Letting go, and the sexes.
  195. It's been so long I don't remember how this works--help?**update
  196. Noticed something today.
  197. He's not my DB anymore
  198. I finally figured it out!!!!
  199. i would like to take the time to brag about my fiance.
  200. Don't know what to do (may be kinda long...sry)
  201. Promise ring... what do you think.
  202. do you always wear your engagement ring?
  203. Do you hyphenate or take on his last name?
  204. Love my DB
  205. MAJOR frustrations..don't know what to do!!
  206. Not ready for marriage, but suggesting we talk about it in the future?
  207. Oh hai.
  208. wtf do i do?
  209. It's the little things....
  210. Interesting idea...
  211. Weird.
  212. Just a brag...
  213. Trying to put a little spice in it
  214. Hanging Up.
  215. ONline games threatin our marriage....
  216. Ladies i Need a wake up call. .
  217. DB sure has a way with words
  218. R&R!!!!
  219. Birthday Surprise
  220. Fantastic Wednesday
  221. I need advice!!!!!
  222. have you/would you ever...
  223. I feel like something is missing
  224. Save my relationship please. :(
  225. So unhappy :(
  226. i LOVE my wifeys!!
  227. I know y'all are going to get tired of this...
  228. Worried about him. Does your SO think this too?
  229. your SO and kids..
  230. Am I aproaching dangerous teritory?
  231. New guy :) and ummm how cute is HE?! (IMG)
  232. How to prevent talking to someone you like?
  233. I'm so tired
  234. And the cutest couple award goes to...
  235. this smile... [img]
  236. Weekend was awesome, but am I psyching myself out?
  237. I teared up
  238. OFFICIALLY OFFICIAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  239. It really is the small things...
  240. My cheeks hurt
  241. lets brag about our SO's
  242. I'm officially his girlfriend!!!
  243. LOL I love him!!!
  244. HELP!!!!
  245. Who is your SO allowed to "cheat" with?
  246. So....(possibly img heavy)
  247. Dating somebody who was already married?
  248. I think I might have a DB soonnnnnnn
  249. How far into your relationship did you start talking marriage?
  250. DB said the E word