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  1. Murder on New Years
  2. Butte county fire
  3. We may be able to get rid of cervical cancer. Entirely.
  4. RIP John McCain
  5. Thai boys in cave
  6. I guess we all have to grow up now...Toys R Us is closing
  7. Shooting in Vegas
  8. hot car deaths and prevention
  9. Corpsman in Hot Water
  10. Interesting news for the military and those who serve or want to.
  11. Marine Corps KC-130 crashes in Mississippi, 16 dead
  12. USS Fitzgerald
  13. May Day - International Workers' Day
  14. Man Dragged from United Flight
  15. Ohio may make it easier for military spouses to get job credentials
  16. RIP Carrie Fisher
  17. Berlin Christmas Market Crash
  18. Suicide Attack at Bagram- 4 Killed as of now
  19. Samsung Galaxy Note7 Banned from Aircraft
  20. WTF with the clowns?
  21. NYC/NJ bombing suspect caught!
  22. Terror Attack on Nice
  23. Istanbul
  24. Military to lift ban on transgender troops
  25. #Brexit
  26. Orlando Shooting
  27. Sad Day at Fort Hood
  28. Horrible day for aerial demonstration teams...
  29. Man kills sick wife because they couldn't afford her medication
  30. Another hot car death
  31. Navy SEAL Trainee Dies During Swim Training
  32. Takata Airbag – Largest Recall in US History
  33. Turkey dependent evac :(
  34. Bombings in Brussels
  35. Wounded Warrior project exec's fired over spending irregularities
  36. Pentagon Staff Sergeant Kills Police Officer in VA
  37. Virginia to restart recognizing CHLlicenses from other states again
  38. Oklahoma Couple Arrested for Shoplifting, Blames Doctor's Advice
  39. Teen Girls Posed For A Photo In Shirts Spelling A Racial Slur
  40. Your thoughts about this?
  41. Virginia to stop recognising CCW licenses from 25 other states
  42. TSA and Driver License issues?
  43. Scientists Shocked by PTSD Discovery
  44. Girl with severe burns only wants Christmas cards
  45. All military positions to open to women in 2016
  46. San Bernardino Shooting
  47. Turkey shoots down Russian jet
  48. 140+ Killed in Paris Terror Attacks
  49. Syrian Refugee Crisis
  50. 4 Dead, 44 Others Injured During OSU Homecoming Parade
  51. Wheelchair-bound dad walks daughter down aisle in big surprise
  52. Democratic Debate 2015
  53. Democratic Congressman Posts Craigslist Ad for Republican Speaker Job on Fb Page
  54. Spencer Stone, French Train Hero, Stabbed Multiple Times
  55. Golden retriever as best man
  56. Philadelphia
  57. C-130 Crash in Afghanistan
  58. Oregon Shooting
  59. Boehner resigns
  60. Popeadelphia
  61. Iran releases propaganda video promising humilation of the U.S in war
  62. Man goes missing on Long island
  63. What a horrible person (poss. trigger - suicide)
  64. Justin Bieber Look-Alike DEAD!
  65. Reporter and Cameraman killed on live TV
  66. Gunman on train with AK47 injures 3, stopped by US marine passengers
  67. people still interested in using Ashley Madison site? And Bunny Ranch comment on AM
  68. Ohio state trooper pleads guilty to traffic stop sex, also advertised on Craigslist
  70. Connecticut woman Among first female grads of Army Ranger School
  71. This is why we can't have nice things
  72. (Subway Guy Jared) Fogle to Plead Guilty to Sex Acts With Minors, Child Porn
  73. Verizon kills contracts, getting more expensive.
  74. Republican Debate
  75. FBI: Middle Eastern Men approaching military at homes.
  76. ISIS recruiters scammed on social media for travel money
  77. Another senseless cop killing in Cincinnati.
  78. Dead bodies all over Jacksonville!
  79. Turkey News!
  80. ISS Crew Swap Launch - 10 Minutes
  81. Conus Active Duty can't stay at Edelweiss
  82. Miranda and Blake are over.
  83. "The Big One" (Earthquake)
  84. Army recruiter accidentally shoots self in leg
  85. Colorado Shooter Found Guilty
  86. Shooting at a Recruiting Center in TN: 4 Marines Killed
  87. Police Officer shot in St Louis
  88. A Judges view on the criminal Justice System
  89. Holy Crap...you are not safe anywhere...
  90. OPM hack, 21.5 million SSNs compromised
  91. Coincidence?
  92. Amanda Peterson passes away
  93. Military Cuts
  94. arrested fort bragg soldier takes ar-15 to mall just to get his picture taken
  95. Blue Eyes linked to alcohol dependency
  96. Active Shooter in DC Navy Yard
  97. Josh Duggar sued by non family victim
  98. Hunky Gorilla Has Female Fans Flocking To Japanese Zoo
  99. Alabama stopping all marriagesin some counties to avoid same sex marriages
  100. finally an update!
  101. Bristol Palin is preggo again and doesn't want to be lectured.
  102. Supreme Court Rules in Favor of Marriage Equality
  103. Explosives found, suspect cornered after gunfire targets Dallas police headquarters
  104. Rachel Dolezal Leader of NAACP "outed" as white
  105. Two Women Get Into Wild Brawl
  106. JBLM Soldier convicted of Child rape and filming it.
  107. GOT editor killed in lion attack
  108. Can These Panties Disrupt the $15 Billion Feminine Hygiene Market?
  109. High school seniors sacrifice class trip to donate to principal's cancer care
  110. 29 Shootings, 9 Fatal, Over Memorial Day Weekend in Baltimore
  111. Dancing Man
  112. How is it even possible this man is free?
  113. 9 dead and 170 arrested in Waco Biker Shooting
  114. FBI docs: Banned hacker says he commandeered a plane
  115. Boston Marathon bomber Dzhokhar Tsarnaev sentenced to death
  116. Cuddle Club
  117. Blues legend B.B. King passes away at age 89.
  118. Philadelphia Train Derailment
  119. Woman over-reacts (in my opinion)
  120. TX governor directs state guard to monitor military training
  121. So scary!
  122. Rubella has been eradicated in the Americas
  123. Freddie Gray death ruled homicide; officers charged
  124. Iran seizes U.S. ship, 34 sailors
  125. Supreme Court To Hear Same-Sex Marriage Arguments
  126. 14 year old girl facing possible felony and sex offender registry for sexting
  127. Whats up with Baltimore?
  128. Study Finds No Link Between MMR Vaccine and Autism
  129. Kylie Jenner Lip Challenge
  130. Sexism or lack of professionalism?
  131. TX Vet Kristen Lindsey Brags About Killing Local Cat With Bow And Arrow GRAPHIC PHOTO
  132. Message to Space
  133. Australia Cutting Benefits for Antivax Parents
  134. 147 dead in Kenya.
  135. Captain locked out of cockpit before Germanwings plane crash, prosecutor says
  136. Military to charge Bergdahl with desertion
  137. France plane crash: No survivors expected, French President says
  138. Germany court orders measles sceptic to pay 100,000 euros
  139. Pentagon notifying service members on ISIS "hit list"
  140. U.S. Army sending armored convoy 1,100 miles through Europe
  141. Pray for Vanuatu
  142. Military Helicopter Crash
  143. Police identify naked man shot, killed by DeKalb officer
  144. Exclusive Interview with Tri-State Terrorist Chris Cornell
  145. Proposed bill in Texas to punish employees who issue same sex marriage licenses
  146. Net Neutrality wins!
  147. One-way trip to Mars?
  148. Doctor refuses to treat lesbian couples baby
  149. Travis County Clerk issues first legal gay marriage license in Texas!
  150. Camel, alpaca antibodies target anticancer viruses directly to tumors
  151. Why does ISIS keep making enemies?
  152. Shirley Temple Passed
  153. Live reporting of gay marriage in Alabama
  154. Obama seeks authorization for ISIS fight
  155. Father chooses son over wife after ultimatum
  156. Purple Heart for Fort Hood victims
  157. A dear friend was murdered by ISIS terrorists
  158. Mother stages sons kidnapping
  159. Zimmerman charges dropped again
  160. GoDaddy superbowl ad pulled.
  161. Privatized Housing and BAH
  162. 2nd Graders Shown Racial Slur-Laced Martin Luther King Parody Video
  163. 5 Year old shoots baby brother
  164. Afghan man that helped save Navy Seal survive seeks asylum
  165. No-show birthday party bill
  166. 18 year old plans to marry father
  167. 600lb women gives birth to 40lb baby
  168. Body of Fort Hood Soldier found after West Africa Deployment
  169. 4th grade students plot to kill teacher
  170. George Zimmerman Arrested on Suspected Domestic Violence
  171. RAF Mildenhall to close amid other Europe consolidations
  172. Shooting in paris
  173. Active Shooter at Fort Bliss
  174. Oklahoma makes it illegal to wear hoodies?
  175. Stuart Scott passed away
  176. Woman in Wal mart killed by two year old
  177. Vaccine slowly killing soldiers
  178. Air Asia jet missing
  179. HUNDREDS OF POLICE OFFICERS Turn Their Back on Mayor
  180. Guy who shot 2 NYPD may also have shot airman from Bragg
  181. Feds end ban on medical marijuana (mods, delete if you think this violates TOS.)
  182. FDA revised blood donation policy regarding men who have sex with men
  183. 2 NYPD police officers 'assassinated'; shooter dead
  184. 30,000 boxes of poop
  185. Sony Pictures Cancels December 25th Theatrical Release of ‘The Interview’
  186. Taliban try to justify killing children
  187. Paul Revere's 1795 time capsule unearthed
  188. BAH Cuts
  189. Grand jury reaches decision in Ferguson
  190. stroller recall
  191. Proof of life outside of earth!
  192. School District Removes Religious Names of Holidays from Calendar
  193. Sweet old Navy dual military couple
  194. Iraq and veterans in Ohio eligle for bonus
  195. A federal appeals court upholds same sex marriage bans
  196. Police charge 90-year-old man, 2 pastors with feeding homeless
  197. Mexico orders release of U.S. Marine Tahmooressi
  198. So Proud
  199. School shooting in Maryville, WA
  200. Top 10 Unbelievable Excuses for Calling in Sick
  201. Family's Halloween Display Sparks Controversy In New Jersey Community
  202. Holy Fuck.
  203. Watch out for pot-infused ‘treats’ in kids’ bags this Halloween
  204. Ferguson MO Update
  205. boko harem ceasefire agreement allegedly reached with eventual release of girls
  206. MikeBrown Mobile in Ferguson HITS DEER – Donations Requested
  207. Maine hayride goes horribly wrong
  208. school makes 5 year old sign a no suicide contract
  209. snapchat hack set to release pictures
  210. another victim of online dating scam
  211. This makes me so happy!
  212. New prosthetic technology helps patients 'feel' objects
  213. Kim Jong Un "Missing", etc.
  214. Unrest in St. Louis After Police Officer Shoots, Kills Man
  215. Source: Air Force father, son targeted online by ISIS followers
  216. 29 year old with terminal cancer to end her own life
  217. HOLY CRAP. 7th Heaven dad confesses to child molestation.
  218. Supreme Court Will No Longer Hear Same-Sex Marriage Cases
  219. German Reunification Holiday
  220. ISIS -- Henning
  221. JP Morgan Chase contact info hacked
  222. White Couple Sues Sperm Bank After They Were Given Sample From Black Donor
  223. Evil Dick finally came out about why he left Big Brother
  224. Ebola News
  225. New sexual consent app
  226. California Gov signs new sexual consent bill for campuses
  227. New level of workplace violence?
  228. I am now mildly terrified to eat sashimi
  229. Afghan Soldiers go missing in Mass
  230. Man dressed in Pokemon hat jumps white house fence
  231. Scottish Referendum
  232. A good news story about an NFL player
  233. Hearing impaired students push to join military
  234. Obama to announce troops, funds to fight Ebola
  235. Home Depot data breach - free credit monitoring offered
  236. Beer prices set to skyrocket
  237. Senate just rejected a constitutional amendment to overturn Citizens United
  238. Netflix will show perpetual ‘loading’ symbol Wednesday
  239. Atheist airman must swear 'so help me God' or get out in November
  240. Least Biased Newsources?
  241. respiratory virus currently affecting some children in the midwest
  242. Jack the Ripper unmasked... or was he?
  243. Illinois’ second largest district drops Michelle O’s menu
  244. Driving Illegal Act
  245. Georgia Dad Justin Harris Indicted on Murder Charges in Hot-Car Death
  246. RIP Joan Rivers
  247. Girl made to wear shame suit for dress code violation
  248. Genius Panda Fakes Pregnancy for Luxury
  249. Jets gone missing?
  250. Statutory Rape Victim liable for Child Support