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  1. Military Dogs & USAF - Positive story_ Al Udeid Air Base, Qatar
  2. Bowe Bergdahl expected to plead guilty in desertion case today.
  3. Explosion in the Ukraine.
  4. ISIS is killing, torturing and raping children in Iraq, U.N. says
  5. isis prisoners describe life inside isis
  6. Turkey kidnap plot raises concerns about troop safety
  7. female member describes her involvement in ISIS
  8. U.S. hits ISIS with airstrikes in Syria
  9. possible rescue mission in iraq
  10. The Uncounted
  11. Pave Hawk crashes in England, 4 crew members believed dead
  12. Al-Qaeda captures Fallujah
  13. US troops haunted by malaria drug.
  14. 4 injured on in South Sudan
  15. US Death Toll/War Costs
  16. Senate provision would speed cutbacks of officers and Army, Marine enlisted
  17. U.S. and Afghanistan Agree on Draft Pact Allowing U.S. troops to Remain
  18. US Consulate in Afghanistan attacked
  19. Hasan Trial - Fort Hood
  20. Time for tortue
  21. Interactive infographic displaying the casualties of our drone program in Pakistan
  22. Syria Confirms Israeli Airstrike
  23. US Refueler reportedly down...
  24. United States invades Mali
  25. U.S. Intelligence Points to Chemical Weapons Used in Syria
  26. Korea!!!
  27. Navy Crash
  28. US considers leaving no troops in Afghanistan
  29. Never Forget
  30. Military Women Sue Over "Combat Exclusion" Rule
  31. General's wife speaks out on his misconduct probe
  32. U.S. sends warships near Israel in case evacuation needed
  33. Deaths reported after train crashes into trailer during Texas veterans parade
  34. Military seeks death penalty for Afghan massacre
  35. Norfolk based cruiser and sub collide!
  36. Official Memo about No Easy Day book
  37. Mine-sweeping exercise in Gulf ends amid rising tensions with Iran
  38. All you facebookers... Check this out and try not to tear up!!
  39. Armada Massing in the Gulf
  40. And so it begins... Troops to Libya.
  41. Libya
  42. "Marc Owen" On Sixty Minutes
  43. Commander: Navy SEALs reveal too much
  44. Georgia murder case uncovers terror plot aimed at Washington state
  45. Current cool Navy stats
  46. Afghanistan's "Auswitchz-like" hospital and the Pentagon coverup
  47. Fort Hood Solider wanted for murder of killeen women this morning
  48. SEALS, soldiers among dead in crash
  49. Two US service members killed by Afghan police officer
  50. Soldier loses leg in Afghanistan...
  51. Ya think maybe he dated someone on MSOS?
  52. US Destroyer and Oil Tanker Collide
  53. Thousand come to support family of fallen Marine
  54. Family of dead vet circulate petition to assist returning troops with "hidden wounds"
  55. Ft. Hood shooter fined, may be forced to shave beard before trial
  56. Navy names sailors killed in Oman helo crash
  57. Helo crashes over Oman, status of crew unknown
  58. Combat recognition for UAV operators?
  59. Navy doctor allows children to handle remains
  60. Russian POWs/deserters discuss their fears for Afghanistan's future
  61. IOC Open to Women
  62. McChrystal: bring back the draft
  63. Pearl Harbor ban turns into boon for NZ sailors
  65. Iran: We Can Hit 35 US Bases in Minutes
  66. C-130 crashes
  67. Fort Bragg Emergency
  68. Pentagon recommends combat pay changes
  69. Air Force deserter comes forward after 28 years
  70. Bunny statue created to honor veteran causes controversy
  71. In the Afghan War, a Little Robot Can Be a Soldier's Best Friend
  72. Osprey crashes in FL. UPDATE in OP!
  73. Suicides are surging among US troops * Article may be graphic for some*
  74. For WWII soldier's widow, a 60 year mystery solved
  75. Navy to shift majority of fleet to Pacific region
  76. Army adds charges against Staff Sgt. Bales
  77. Taylor Morris USN EOD