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  1. Sigh
  2. Dont know how to deal with this... UPDATE #33
  3. Need help with a gift idea!
  4. Becoming Un-Numb...?
  5. Which is the best way to approach or broach this?
  6. Nervous about a package...
  7. Keeping it together during going away dinner
  8. Parent outdoing me on seasonal gifts for students
  9. BAH during bootcamp???
  10. Help me decide please
  11. First Deployment Ever
  12. Nightmares :paranoid
  13. need advice with no judgement
  14. HELP! What to do when he changes his mind to stay military long-term???
  15. How to bring up the "M" word??
  16. He's on his way to bootcamp :(
  17. How to tell my husband I want to use a personal trainer that's not him...
  18. He's gone to training...
  19. I know I need to just be okay with this....
  20. Really need help "custody" question
  21. dealing without them
  22. "Best" friend deleting me from their life...
  23. Employment Issues
  24. Really scared and upset-Health insurance.
  25. I was in an accident and I need advice...
  26. Would you say anything?
  27. Emotional Problems
  28. Should I stay out of it?
  29. WWYD? landscaping after brush fire...
  30. How do I deal with this?
  31. Am I wrong?
  32. Can I get some input?!
  33. Need some help...
  34. Sending/Receiving letters to my boyfriend in basic
  35. Healthy eating
  36. please tell me if you can relate.
  37. Selling my horse?
  38. Has anyone ever dated a
  39. To stay or not to stay
  40. What to expect?!
  41. Is using a tax professional worth it?
  42. Mental Health
  43. Should I tell my Employer I'm Leaving When I Don't Have A Date?
  44. Bad timing..can't go to AFBMT graduation D:
  45. I need serious advice...
  46. figuring out where to settle down...
  47. Not sure how to handle this.
  48. Quick! Wisdom teeth care package help!
  49. Relationship advice please
  50. Boyfriend leaving for bootcamp tomorrow need advice
  51. To move or not to move
  52. Very new to the game, HELP!
  53. Passion vs. job stability
  54. Personal Topic: Got a letter from Planned Parenthood
  55. Really bad morning
  56. Selfishly feeling sorry for myself
  57. Don't know what to do
  58. Has nyone or their SO taken the DLAB?
  59. Need a new desktop computer
  60. Asking parents for financial help.
  61. acne medication
  62. apologize
  63. Bootcamp and letters
  64. Going through bootcamp
  65. is this totally mean?
  66. I'm a total newcomer...preparing for first ever (surprise) deployment
  67. please someone help....
  68. I Want to Enlist, He Can't Wait to Get Out...
  69. Needing some opinions!!
  70. Ombudsman Help (and Vent - sorry)
  71. Student Loans....help!
  72. I thought the day would never come
  73. How to Tell Them..
  74. Buy new or used?
  75. Today was my last...
  76. Exploring Options:
  77. way to word this to not hurt the other person...
  78. Food poisoning
  79. Help! I don't know what to do!
  80. Hard of Hearing - Advice on the Military Life?
  81. how to tell him i dont really think im interested?
  82. A Petty Vent & Question about forward deployed ships
  83. Ummm...Thanks. UPDATE
  84. Editing out name tape on Facebook photos..
  85. I Don't know what to do
  86. I went and saw a recruiter today
  87. I'm just heart broken.
  88. should i say anything?
  89. What would you do?
  90. I'm drowning...help
  91. Having trouble realizing im out of the airforce loop...
  92. Career after baby?
  93. This is really dumb but...(sexual content)
  94. Anxious Wanna-be-Driver
  95. Need to say something to MIL- help
  96. How do I help my little girl!?!?
  97. Husband committed to a psych hospital
  98. Silly BAH question
  99. DB is afraid to come home...
  100. Unsure about his reenlistment
  101. Not Sure How To Respond Back
  102. Car mechanic question
  103. I think I need some tough love....
  104. Civilan Life (sort of)? What's that?
  105. Controlling in-laws....
  106. Never felt so lonely in my life...
  107. Taking over payments
  108. Doggy danger
  109. Runaway Husband
  110. Son depressed in Coast Guard
  111. how can I let him know without being blunt?
  112. Calling Advice
  113. Kids advice
  114. Quitting smoking/ Any ex smokers that can help?
  115. Idk if I should mention is or not...
  116. I'm so overwhelmed
  117. Advice: Superbowl Care Package
  118. In laws... Not changing my sons diaper...
  119. Should I do it?
  120. Is support to much to ask for?
  121. To say something.. or not?
  122. Alzheimer's
  123. Stay at home wife
  124. Employment question
  125. a little upset right now
  126. DB's Taxes
  127. Need help dealing with deployment and how to control emotions
  128. Need help dealing with deployment and how to control emotions
  129. Is this normal? Because īts making me really upset
  130. Quick question
  131. Jury Duty?
  132. U.S. Census Bureau- American Community Survey
  133. Child missing her daddy, badly.
  134. What should I do?
  135. conveyed my situation quite poorly...
  136. Letters from home.
  137. Uninterested grandparents?
  138. random exterior inspection :eek:
  139. I'm so careless
  140. Baby Shower!
  141. Dating.
  142. Ideas for 21st Birthday!
  143. Custody Of Child While living in separate states?
  144. grr why am i still awake!?!?
  145. He says regrets joining because of me
  146. What to do?...
  147. Joining the Army...
  148. Not sure how to handle it.
  149. Big unexpected news-- Not sure if reaction my is normal..
  150. Bothered by friends "alcohol abuse" comment
  151. Asking for payment?
  152. Best camera under $100
  153. Family drama.....
  154. This is one of the hardest things I've ever been through and I don't know what to do
  155. DF has an anxiety disorder but won't seek help (long)
  156. Kitten Issue- Maybe Legal Question
  157. Frustration...
  158. TMO and shipping stuff to Hawaii or overseas.
  159. Maybe I was wrong... hit me with the truth... really upset and hurt
  160. Controlling or concerned behavior?
  161. Wanting more commitment
  163. Hoping for some advice and anyone that can relate :)
  164. Question about how to PCS
  165. we don't have much to talk about...advice?
  166. DB got a new job offer.
  167. Getting DH motivated
  168. Readjustment Issues
  169. Support and Advice??
  170. One Sided Friendship
  171. Getting Divorced While In the Military?
  172. Communication Troubles
  173. Just some advice for a newbie
  174. ugh.
  175. Moving on
  176. Respond to this or let it go?
  177. Friendship Advice?
  178. How do you do it??
  179. Worried about going back to work
  180. Am I an awful friend?
  181. Huh.. I'm torn!
  182. Strong Bonds
  183. Trying to decide
  184. Dressing for DH RTC Graduation
  185. Delay of Final Pay causing problems!!!
  186. is this stupid?
  187. Should I be worried?? or just a simple mistake??
  188. Never thought I'd be here...
  189. DH, make up your mind!
  190. Does this sound as odd to you as it does to me
  191. confused
  192. DB randomly disappearing...
  193. confused....
  194. not sure where to put this..I feel like a bad person
  195. I need advice and hugs
  196. Looking for some wisdom...
  197. I need some honest advice
  198. Just curious...
  199. Colonel's wife doing favors *updated op*
  200. At a loss for words...
  201. Anybody around to talk?
  202. To put up a fight about church?
  203. Worried about his ex...
  204. I need a polite way to handle this
  205. Preparing for his homecoming
  206. What do I do to help?
  207. feeling anxious
  208. I have no idea what to do
  209. What would you do if your ex-bff wanted back in your life?
  210. How do I deal with DH
  211. Book about abusive relationships?
  212. Needing some advice on family drama...
  213. My letter got sent back.
  214. Would you have said something?
  215. Ways to (quickly) make money?
  216. (TMI) Yes DH these cramps feel terrific!!!
  217. Would you ask for a credit?
  218. new here & looking for advice
  219. Responding to prejudice comments
  220. How do I get him to understand?
  221. husband not himself
  222. I NEED some good advice to help me deal with my mother in-law.. she's evil :-(
  223. Helpful tips?
  224. How can I help him quit?
  225. Dog troubles
  226. We broke up :(
  227. new advice
  228. Need advice, DF second guessing marriage
  229. Army SO wearing part of uniform?
  231. Should I wait?
  232. PhD application dilemma
  233. Would like to know ...
  234. Soooo.. Is this normal? (rant/question)
  235. Help needed - visitors while renting
  236. Psychotic/hallucinating neighbours - military housing - advice needed
  237. Help!
  238. Overwhelmed
  239. Special Forces
  240. need help figuring this out
  241. Do you buy your boss a Christmas gift?
  242. When is it too much?? Help please :{
  243. Would you be upset?
  244. Not so sure anymore....
  245. Comfy headphones needed!
  246. So so so stressed...
  247. Delay in pay while at basic.
  248. Sending care packages to his soldiers?
  249. Trying to decide about a job.
  250. Handling birthday present conflicts