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  1. How would you approach this?
  2. I'm completely frustrated with wedding planning...
  3. Can there not be a reason for being admitted into warrior recovery center?
  4. Student Loan Tax Question
  5. Maybe silly but it's been bouncing around in my head. Help please
  6. Before I Ask My DB about this.. is this a red flag?
  7. Gone a month and a half. Just starting to struggle.
  8. Credit Card and Personal ID
  9. How can I become enrolled in EFMP?
  10. Changing tour status (?) and length
  11. Am I over reacting?
  12. do i do number 8?
  13. How do you make the most of opposite shifts?
  14. Breaking up with my best friend...?
  15. Marriage counseling?
  16. How to cope with DB leaving for Bootcamp
  17. Coming back from deployment...
  18. Army Special Forces SO's!! Need advice/info
  19. What do you do?
  20. desperate for advice
  21. Give it to me Straight
  22. Sink or Swim - Please Help Me
  23. The first year of marriage is the hardest...
  24. visitor pass to military base
  25. Command Sponsorship
  26. Post Deployment Let Down
  27. Advice on the future mother in law?
  28. Struggling lately... seeking advice
  29. Struggling Bigtime with Husband's First Deployment
  30. BF wanting to go back to full time question
  31. DB has an (ex)wife he has been trying to divorce for 4 years!
  32. Insurance Question: Please help
  33. I feel like a serious failure.
  34. Annoying coworker?
  35. Marine Security Guard
  37. What do I do from here?
  38. Typo on Orders
  39. Should I travel?
  40. Advice for internet stuff? (No idea what I'm doing!)
  41. Going to a military wedding
  42. I think I have a cavity
  43. Light Therapy?
  44. Is He Right for Me? Is This Right For Me? Help.
  45. Physical and Dental
  46. Apartments!!!!!
  47. Question about dogs....
  48. is military life really that bad?
  49. New to the military thing, have a few questions
  50. HELP He's Unsure of the Future
  51. Drinking Problem
  52. Moving across the country and need advice!!!!
  53. Shipping a keurig?
  54. Ughhh
  55. the dreaded grade wait
  56. I'm getting the silent treatment
  57. break-up
  58. Husband is keeping money from me and our kids
  59. The dreaded Trust Issues :/
  60. He witnessed his friend commit suicide.
  61. The holidays are here and DB hates his job (this time of year?)
  62. Job application question
  63. Looking for friends in all the wrong places!
  64. He cheated..
  65. Wife in restriction...
  66. Introvert Volunteering Ideas Help!
  67. make a life decision for me, please?
  68. I Dont Want To Celebrate The Holidays Anymore :(
  69. Hiring a nanny
  70. What is it like to be alone.. ?
  71. Blargh...I don't even know what is going on anymore.
  72. Seeking advice for my very overdue pregnant sister
  73. trying to fight or not
  74. anyone kindly enough to share their experience?
  75. Made a really dumb mistake--advice please!
  76. Don't know what to do with myself
  77. Have you ever had issues with your DB/DH's siblings?
  78. School and DB
  79. My feelings are hurt
  80. Pregnant and finace's in bootcamp... advice?
  81. PCSing with a miniature human
  82. Mailing Address/Mail Box
  83. Beyond stressed financially due to medical issues
  84. Please be kind, I just need advice
  85. Is he hinting at this or am I just reading too much into things?
  86. Claiming warranties without a receipt at WalMart
  87. Hi, I'm new and I'm sure if this is in the right spot.
  88. Recruiters Assist
  89. Another Question About Leave :)
  90. Not paying rent?
  91. (Insert a bunch of cuss words here)
  92. I don't know what I should do
  93. Should I Stay Or Should I Go?
  94. problems with leave :( no idea whats going on
  95. Go figure... I don't know what I want to do with my life
  96. DB has depression - seeking advice!
  97. Seeking advice of ladies still going through school (Military girlfriend)
  98. The biggest decision of our lives...
  99. How can I help my neighbor? Would it be appropriate?
  100. Boyfriend in afghan and has become distant with just two weeks to go
  101. New to the Life
  102. Navy women: questions, help!
  103. How can I fall asleep?
  104. So I just moved in...
  105. Any advice from parents, teachers or counselors about kids who lie and steal?
  106. Help for my bestfriend
  107. Friend Issues
  108. First major argument and struggling to get through it.
  109. Making Up After a Fight
  110. UGH..my family is putting me in a rough place...
  111. I think its time to break up... really need some friends right now
  112. um... sex?
  113. Apartment issue...
  114. marriage talk and I am freaking out
  115. Recontacting a friend
  116. godparents
  117. Help! Advice when you SOS leaves of Basic Training
  118. Advice!!
  119. My Boyfriend Just Got Stationed In Another Country! :(
  120. Seriously struggling....
  121. Money orders.... HELP!
  122. Money issues
  123. What do I wear?
  124. Need help accessing NTS.. time sensitive...
  125. gear at away games?
  126. Housing
  127. How do you cope with periods of no communication?
  128. Not sure what to do - time sensitive
  129. worried for my friend... when is it abuse?
  130. First Deployment
  131. What is JRTC going to be like??
  132. I need....something?
  133. I'm so lost
  134. I Could Really Use Some Help Here!
  135. I need someone 100%non judgmental on alternative lifestyles to proofread something.
  136. Advice on moving
  137. Travel Question-Latin America
  138. Need some advice ASAP!
  139. So many choices up in the air.
  140. no job - help!
  141. How to Clean Brass?
  142. So embarrassed...
  143. USAF Marriage/ Visiting Incirilik Base Regulations.
  144. I can't give up on her
  145. Ok, we need help.
  146. New and Clueless
  147. Advice Needed regarding Tripler, Rheumatology, Pain Managment.
  148. Too much money?
  149. how the eff do you bloom where you are planted...
  150. Ungodly?
  151. How long
  152. Feeling neglected. Help!
  153. Does everyone go through this?
  154. has anyone ever got a phone off craigslist before? Did it work for you?
  155. going out with male friends?
  156. Outdoor dog?
  157. Wedding Photographer Advice
  158. Best tactic in this siutation?
  159. Would this be appropriate?
  160. Help me not be such a bitch.
  161. New to site and looking for advice!
  162. Do I Tell him?
  163. Should I worry about my soldier not talking to me again ? Please help...
  164. dating a retired vet with PTSD - advice please!
  165. So nervous
  166. What would you say?
  167. Questioning everything
  168. Essure Procedure
  169. Seems like we can't win
  170. School schedule, ugh!
  171. work keeps giving me too many hours.tried asking to get less.....any suggestions?
  172. HELP before I shave my head.... UPDATE #6
  173. Marine Birthday Ball Dress?
  174. How do I approach this nicely
  175. His grandma Passed
  176. I'm worried my friend may take her own life *Update #14*
  177. Can I take care of this?
  178. Alimony question
  179. Vacuum Help!
  180. How do I cope?
  181. My boyfriend isn't adjusting well to Army life.
  183. Am I being irrational?
  184. Meds
  185. Rut
  186. Please Help, Need Advice!!
  187. National Guard
  188. I need help!
  189. Getting back on track.
  190. Is this normal?? Is he pushing me away?
  191. Getting married... Not together? More abuse.
  192. House help! Please!!
  193. Good hard decision making news
  194. Need Help , , what do I do?
  195. I am so confused on what exactly to do.. :sad eyes
  196. In a bit of a bind here....
  197. I don't really know how to take this. Newbie needs help!
  198. computer?
  199. Ontop of the already complicated army relationship..an abusive situation.
  200. need help!!!!
  201. Army Deployments?
  202. Restraining order in different states?
  203. Already asked to go to Marine Birthday Ball... which is still months away~
  204. Getting a Job?
  205. How to split the rent?
  206. Don't Know How To Approach This :/
  207. So.... I have roommates again
  208. friend wants exact same degree
  209. Losing weight for your wedding
  210. Car Transport Companies?
  211. Airport gate question??
  212. Cool.
  213. No fighting in relationship... good or not?
  214. Integrating Big Life Changes
  215. Job thoughts
  216. friends travelling with kids/babies?
  217. Feeling lost
  218. My dad is dating...
  219. first time flyer
  220. Finally leaving
  221. Health Insurance Desperation
  222. Newly Engaged...and New to Army Life
  223. Feeling desperate, please help
  224. Working through it all.
  225. I'm really worried about my parents.
  226. Selling our house
  227. New Navy BF Underway...need advice.
  228. How can I be a good friend without throwing the shower?
  229. 1st Assignment Dreamsheet
  230. Living on base?
  231. Should I leave my job at the CDC to start in home daycare (FCC)?
  232. Hello navy wives! (living on bases) advice please?
  233. How much would you pay?
  234. Help Me Stop and Get Back on Track
  235. are wedding band tattoos out of REGS for the military
  236. Marriage at 18?
  237. Quick- how much to pay?
  238. Home Sick?
  239. DB's mom apperently thinks im antisocial....and i have no idea how to fix it.
  240. Don't know what to do about School
  241. First Relocation, and frightened.
  242. Fraternization
  243. anyone been to korea for there SO?
  244. Birthday present
  245. Careers?
  246. He might be breaking up with me :/
  247. I feel silly admiting this
  248. Long term stays in hotels?
  249. At a loss about my land lady (long post but I am really at a loss)
  250. How can I?