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  2. BAH after divorce
  3. Dealing with my S/O's PTSD
  4. uncomfortable about video taken and gift given to DH
  5. Difficult sort of subject
  6. Youngster Relationship Advice
  7. Marriage advice, about 4 months pregnant, full-time student
  8. Deployment ... and possibly divorce...
  9. Resources for significant others going through deployment
  10. Army Graduation Reservations
  11. PCS issues
  12. To go or not to go...
  13. Deployment help
  14. PCSing
  15. Graduation
  16. Marry before or after Tech school?
  17. CarMax?
  18. Mom trouble..
  19. How do you cope?
  20. Topics to avoid in letters to your ex in basic training?
  21. Asking for help for DH! (Navy)
  22. Absolutely baffled, need advice
  23. Putting in for korea and what happens to the family
  24. Seeking Advice...
  25. Coping after breaking up
  26. Flying with a 4 month old puppy!!
  27. First Deployment 3 years!!
  28. TMI really not sure what is going on
  29. Phone calls during basic
  30. Things done during deployment
  31. Letters to DB in BCT
  32. Education in Germany?
  33. Gifts before boot camp
  34. Communication issues
  35. Life insurance
  36. Deployed soldier broke up with me
  37. New and feeling alone
  38. Sending letters to Navy Basic Training
  39. Is it possible to go overseas with just command sponsorship?
  40. Dual Military Relationships
  41. Pcs last year in service
  42. School Advice
  43. Stress before he leaves
  44. How much is reasonable for in-home childcare/babysitting?
  45. Pre-Deployment Help
  46. Boyfriend broke up with me before leaving for basic training
  47. Cell phone Question
  48. BAH question?
  49. distant lover, valid reason or believing excuses?
  50. Adult son moving in... Advice!
  51. How can I help him cope with PTSD/ EMDR?
  52. Navy Husband Needs Advice About "Dream Sheet"
  53. Boyfriend just left for basic training, starting to overthink?
  54. Big Changes
  55. Which branch? - air force/marine Wives-
  56. Going through medical retirement, SO confused about future
  57. Relocating pets!
  58. How to get pen out of clothes?
  59. Advice Needed !!
  60. Idk :/
  61. Following DB after his current tour ends
  62. Wait for him to commit?
  63. How would you comfort a grieving friend?
  64. Advice needed!!
  65. Education Advice
  66. Relationship Advice ASAP
  67. Relationship advice please!!
  68. Needing Advice
  69. Newbie/financial partnership
  70. I am crushed
  71. Family Advocate Told me to Stay and get Medicatied
  72. Short term storage???
  73. What should we do?
  74. Incoming pay
  75. Am I Asking For Too Much?
  76. Am I Rushing?
  77. Advice needed
  78. Becoming distant
  79. Navy Stress Breakup
  80. For Christmas
  81. He asked me to Pin him ... what do I need to do?
  82. Not my first deployment but my first military boyfriend
  83. JAG
  84. How do I deal with my boyfriend being 3,000 miles away and my parents not supporting?
  85. The DB is having some regrets about joining, what do you say?
  86. Lost in customs
  87. What is normal?
  88. My Boyfriend broke up with me before going to Navy basic training for SEALS
  89. Am I just being cold or is this understandable?
  90. Here He Goes....Again...
  91. What is it like to be an infantry wife?
  92. My husband gave me a black eye. Advice?
  93. I feel like I lost my newlywed husband, what to do?
  94. I need some opinions
  95. I'm Losing Him, Do I Have to Lose You All Too?
  96. Overwhelmed!
  97. Only place to turn to is here
  98. Husband is deployed and depressed
  99. Life changing issues...
  100. Scared, worried.
  101. he's in boot camp and i am struggling
  102. First Deployment
  103. Is putting school on hold worth it?
  104. Deployment advice
  105. So many emotions..hard to process
  106. Advice needed!
  107. Just moved with my boyfriend need advice please!
  108. Infant Sleep ... HELP
  109. Feeling like I am the only one...
  110. Wedding Advice / Suggestions
  111. Car loan and the service relief act!! Please help!
  112. HELLPP!!! I am falling apart at the seams!
  113. Slowly Deteriorating
  114. Needing Advice BIG TIME in regards to my Navy Boyfriend
  115. What would you do?
  116. Boot Camp, not sure how I feel...
  117. Questions about the future
  118. Strip clubs
  119. Confused
  120. Advice on parents being negative.
  121. Marine Corps and piercings??
  122. Boyfriends in basic training. Need help..
  123. BT Graduation
  124. Sudden weight gain, need advice.
  125. Scared for homecoming
  126. Military Banquet Advice
  127. New spouse- orders question
  128. First deployment... Please help
  129. I'm a little unsure..
  130. Husband's drinking steadily getting worse
  131. No one understands and Im not sure what do to
  132. Not sure what to do..
  133. Moving with him to the US as a German
  134. Freaking out
  135. Deleted post
  136. How hard?
  137. My college experience
  138. He feels disconnected and emotionless
  139. I think we're getting a divorce w/ a newborn baby
  140. UGH!! Tech school Moving? I don't know WHAT to do
  141. Not sure what's happening? Anyone help?
  142. Should I go pick him up or not?
  143. Does it ever get easier? 😔
  144. Medical travel
  145. Child Custody
  146. Ranger BF
  147. Recruit Division Commander with 3 month old baby
  148. Thinking of Joining
  149. New DB MIA
  150. talking to the neighbor about their dogs
  151. He's on his way home, and I feel resentful.
  152. Wanting to help but unsure how
  153. HELP! Need advice on legal forms after marriage
  154. I think I'M stressing myself out
  155. He's finally home! Didn't imagine it would be like this. 💔
  156. DB past causing hiccups between us
  157. Am I doing something wrong?
  158. Expecting too much too soon?
  159. Self Move Advice
  160. Is my deployed husband depressed?
  161. Wife says she is done
  162. Housing Info
  163. Boyfriend of 2 years B.C
  164. Bf is going to deploy and idk how to cope
  165. New to the Navy life
  166. How to deal with distance from your family?
  167. Online marriage license??? Help!!
  168. Need advice
  169. He's coming home soon, and I don't know what to expect
  170. Marriage/Deployment Newbie
  171. Looking for supports
  172. PCS help?!
  173. First deployment
  174. I really want to tell him some bad news but I'm being told to wait.
  175. New and needing help!
  176. Do I tell her?
  177. Do I have to be a stay at home wife?
  178. Breaking up?
  179. Advice about his new attitude
  180. "Just having fun"
  181. Advice with inlaws
  182. Am I a bad person?
  183. No Christmas?
  184. NEED ADVICE, HELP AND EXPERIENCES-Moving to San Diego for new start and school
  185. Cheating husband!!
  186. Waiting Game
  187. I think deployment is killing our relationship.
  188. Change?
  189. Family BS
  190. How to deal?
  191. SOI delay, guard platoon?
  192. Adjusting to my boyfriend changing after bootcamp?
  193. fight or let go?
  194. How do you go on ??
  195. New to everything
  196. Is this weird?
  197. Would you stay with someone who has cheated on you in the past?
  198. Husband, cheating with a shipmate?? What can I do?
  199. Outside opinion of relationship?
  200. Living with future mother-in-law!!
  201. First deployment
  202. How would you handle this?
  203. My Marine boyfriend ignores me for 5 days
  204. Is this Because He's a Soldier or Because He Has Serious Issues?
  205. Road blocks by command
  206. I'm nervous
  207. BF's first deployment
  208. Worried about my S.O.'s mother?
  209. Retired SO commitment issues!!! Help
  210. I need help
  211. Quick Apartment for returning sailor?
  212. Is a LDR worth the struggle?
  213. Possible PCS to Ft Campbell: Seeking information on the area!
  214. Career over friendship?
  215. Emergency leave
  216. Rambling, venting, advice, etc...
  217. To move or not to move
  218. Worried about my marriage.
  219. Marine corps pcs help
  220. Unaccompanied PCS & Command Sponsorship to Yokosuka, Japan HELP!!
  221. Relationship Help
  222. He's distant and I'm scared
  223. HowTo: Move abroad but not married
  224. GI Bill?
  225. Marriage
  226. No Letter this week :(
  227. Different emotional needs??
  228. Buying a house from a different state
  229. How to calm down
  230. First Duty Station
  231. Broke up as he deployed, confused??
  232. Friendship fading?
  233. Marrying at 18??
  234. Basic Military Training Mail Scare! Help!
  235. Getting married young
  236. Husband home from deployment, idk what to do.
  237. In need of some advice.
  238. How do you motivate yourself to handle crap?
  239. What advice would you give to young newlyweds?
  240. Standard Move
  241. Updating DEERS Question?
  242. Advice, expressing feelings?
  243. Working Nights
  244. Possible dual military marriage. Help
  245. Haircut advice
  246. My Newly Husband Is Away at BOOTCAMP
  247. Homecoming concerns
  248. How or Should I Confront My Boyfriend?
  249. Fish out of water
  250. New, Overwhelmed, and Suddenly Responsible