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  1. What do I do??
  2. Thanks for pullin' me out from down in the dumps!!!
  3. I'm so glad he got to go on a hike......
  4. How do you keep things hot / exciting??
  5. Breakdown day...
  6. whelp
  7. Silly heart, your job is to pump blood, not to get tangled up in difficult matters.
  8. Having a hard time ...
  9. Which one should i do?
  10. Hi!
  11. super happy at the moment
  12. Moving to be with him...?
  13. First Time Overnight Visits!
  14. JAX
  15. grrrr sooo frustrated with the long distance
  16. The nerves are setting in...
  17. you know you've been long distance too long...
  18. sending cards
  19. "Lost Interest"
  20. lonely night
  21. One of those days.
  22. feeling very lonely and stupid
  23. Happy to finally get it off my chest
  24. Mixed feelings about the temporary distance
  25. New Army GF and new to the site
  26. I'm so excited!
  28. someone tell me i can do this?
  29. Hi everyone! I am new. Here is my story
  30. Mind as well introduce myself
  31. For MSOS ladies who met their's online
  32. I KNOW they want to meet him
  33. At what point
  34. Long distance vent
  35. missing him
  36. moving for him
  37. Today is the day
  38. LDR Vent.
  39. advice?
  40. I'm coming!
  41. Who's in the process of ending the LDR and moving closer?
  42. Freaking out!
  43. Has anyone ever tried this?? [need advice asap]
  44. Curious...
  45. How is your communication in your LDL?
  46. this is my
  47. Get to see him this weekend!
  48. I'm endind my LDR...
  49. The longer I have to think about it, the more I think I'll be able to do it
  50. the nerves are kicking in!
  51. OK to be uneasy?
  52. nj army wife
  53. Dreamland is cruel
  54. How long before you met your SO in person ?
  55. Should I be worried?
  56. distance but more than the miles
  57. I hate pre-deployment training :(
  58. Missing him...
  59. extended stay and a trip to afghanistan
  60. And.... He's off... :'(
  61. Sick of Distance
  62. Can I gloat?
  63. Fights in long distance..
  64. Proud girlfriend
  65. Missing a part of me...
  66. Postponed Leave :pout
  67. Hi. :(
  68. DB won't give me an answer
  69. Ahhh I can't take the suspense!
  70. A smile every day
  71. It just hit me...
  72. So proud...so lonely
  73. New Girl...Just Putting This Out There...
  74. Japan Question
  75. how do you get past it?
  76. Highs and Lows
  77. never for sure..
  78. Some times boys just dont get it
  79. Need ADVICE Please Please Please! :)
  80. How Often Do You See SO?
  81. How do y'all keep the DB/DF/DH around when he's gone?
  82. This SUCKS!
  83. I've been holding this in b/c I'm not ready to tell the bf...
  84. Trying to plan a trip and frustrated!
  85. insecurities ... how do I get over them??
  86. Super excited.....
  87. Where did this INSECURITY come from?! *sorry this is a LONG one*
  88. Am I Being Unreasonable?
  89. Nervous?
  90. On the plus side...
  91. Need Some Advice
  92. HELP...should i voice my consernes
  93. This LDR might be over even sooner!
  94. I knew I shouldn't have
  95. I'm such a mush and so is my DB.
  96. Anyone else have this happen before?
  97. LDR Care Packages
  98. Awww man....
  99. IDK what to do
  100. One more week!
  101. getting shorter, seeming longer
  102. Yay! DB's coming tomorrow!
  103. Happy Freakin' Birthday to Me!!!!!!!!!!
  104. postponed 3 months to see my sailor
  105. LDR just got a LOT shorter!!!!
  106. Found a new song!
  107. I'm not sure if this is in the right spot anyones SO gone through OCS???
  108. Thanks for playing "Who has it worst"-long
  109. just booked a flight
  110. Married and having a LDR
  111. LDR Care packages and APO/FPO Addresses
  112. And now it's over...
  113. Need some online relationship help...
  114. About to start a LDR
  115. The Best Weekend EVER!
  116. Birthday ideas for deployed boyfriend?
  117. Just blah!
  118. Surprise?
  119. how long have you been in a long distance relationship?
  120. FEBRUARY?!
  121. Am I the only one?
  122. Worry warts, does this ever hapen to you?
  123. LAST day in a LDR!
  124. A little excitement...please?
  125. I booked my ticket!!!!
  126. I hate
  127. So nervous
  128. Has anyone else ever imagined their SO was like...the object you're talking through..
  129. Visiting DB! So excited!
  130. Writing Letters
  131. crying...
  132. ERGHH
  133. Book to read with DB while deployed
  134. crossin' our fingers...
  135. Not too happy right now.
  136. should I try to change for 3 weeks?
  137. I don't want him to go
  138. patiently waiting
  139. So in love right now...
  140. Can I get some goodvibes plz?
  141. Less than thrilling News :(
  142. FINALLY!!
  143. Phone Issues
  144. I'm ready...
  145. Finding it All Worth it..
  146. Wheeee!!!
  147. Is this completely insane?
  148. Poor DB... (a little long)
  149. I'm strangely nervous for DB's visit
  150. Difficulty Coping..
  151. What you never expected to expect.
  152. Marrying To The Marine Corps.
  153. Hey there LDL ladies!
  154. Why. . .
  155. I think i get it...
  156. the love note he wrote me while out in the field :)
  157. feeling so blue..
  158. He's in Mississippi!
  159. What kind of distance?
  160. DB is done with MCT and moving on to MOS
  161. Stupid Distance is making him cranky..
  162. Packing today, airport tomorrow, see hubby on Thursday!
  163. what i found on my moms camera...
  164. I just want to hear his voice
  165. I don't know how much longer I can do this.
  166. Going from LDR to SUPER LDR AKA Deployment
  167. How do you keep yourself from over analyzing?
  168. He's coming home - What do I expect
  169. Joining LDL again
  170. Nervous :/
  171. Surprise Delivery!
  172. Do you ever feel like life is one big count down?
  173. Too Soon
  174. It's sink or swim time
  175. Oh my god!!
  176. Positivity and communication..any experienced adivce?!
  177. Gone...
  178. Packages...?
  179. TDY (kinda long post)
  180. Where did things go so wrong? *** UPDATE POST #21***
  181. Missing DB
  182. Absolute worst part of a LDR...
  183. Missing him more than usual
  184. How should I talk to DF about how I'm feeling.....?
  185. Will we still work???
  186. Upbeat Love Songs
  187. Oh DF...
  188. From no distance to long distance... maybe.
  189. Perfect song :(
  190. How do you hold on...
  191. 18 month apart in our first 22 month together
  192. How do I ease his mind..while at the same time being honest?
  193. It's starting to sink in....
  194. DB shouldn't be allowed to let his phone die
  195. DF doesn't feel like he has a daughter? :(
  196. for us ldr girls....
  197. Doubting (long)
  198. You will marry a man like your father?
  199. An every day reminder. [IMG]
  200. Countdown Questionnaire!
  201. I have the sweetest DB
  202. Do you worry about nothing?
  203. Long-distance and about to deploy
  204. What would you do?
  205. Prince Charming & Fairytale Endings
  206. Advice and thoughts...I'm at my wits end
  207. Compromise for a Smile&Love in return.
  208. Failing at this separation
  209. Being his support. .
  210. Both Serving...Major Dilemma. Need advice!
  211. What a butthead!
  212. DB wanting me to take all responsibility...
  213. 6 days, 6 states... pics!
  214. I won't stop CRYING
  215. Hating the Sunset?
  216. Update on my Love Boat.
  217. Stupid paranoia
  218. How Can I Sound Sympathetic???
  219. Did he just say that?
  220. Thank God for technology.
  221. Deployment ending, but still apart!! :(
  222. How long does it take...
  223. Do you ever
  224. mindset of not loving him as much anymore or seeming to care or be surprised.
  225. so its finally hit him, (long)
  226. DB second-guessing himself because of me...
  227. Sometimes I wish DB wasn't so practical
  228. OMG I am sooo dumb!!!
  229. Date Night on Skype
  230. The love dare in an LDR
  231. Goodbyes SUCK!
  232. Please tell me I am just being ridiculous...
  233. He worries about me
  234. Made me :') a little. Haha (long?)
  235. DF wants a wedding but...
  236. I hate...
  237. Hurting. .
  238. Is it weird?
  239. Keeping Momentum
  240. Germany Girlfriends
  241. care packages if he's stateside?
  242. DB coming home soon!
  243. Frustrated
  244. Hardest thing ever
  245. Miserable..
  246. How do I meet him? I really need some advice.
  247. Corny or Cute?
  248. romance in an LDR?
  249. Skype...My new love!
  250. Never planned something like this!