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  1. How do you deal with "insensitive" friends
  2. feeling helpless and really worried...
  3. Taking out the garbage sucked... more than usual
  4. Technology is great!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. Getting through the last of it
  6. Jersey Anyone????
  7. Nearby friends
  9. Half my heart is missing
  10. Emotional Strength
  11. New LDR, PTSD and ADD
  12. hard day :(
  13. Should I be worried?
  14. Advice on how to deal with not hearing from your SO?
  15. Surprise Visits
  16. Can a long distance relationship last?
  17. DB is S-T-R-E-S-S-E-D
  18. Towarn feelings
  19. Changing expectations are rough...
  20. In need of some tough love please...
  21. Trouble in paradise
  22. Korea tour ladies!
  23. Transitions...LDR to Farther LDR
  24. BF's in AIT, Not Really Sure How to Feel...
  25. Ex F Buddy/Present Day Friend
  26. Is it normal not to hear from him for a couple of months?
  27. It hurts like hell
  28. Dropped off DB for AF BMT
  29. Is depression normal?
  30. Darn it
  31. With good communication and a strong friendship it's not all that bad. TIPS
  32. 10 years strong
  33. Short vent/frustration with LDR
  34. Due in 6weeks and my Fiance will be away training for four months
  35. Two more ideas needed! LDR letter pack!
  36. Confused
  37. New to Distance
  38. Tmobile Simple Choice Plan
  39. Back to LD :(
  40. How long did you LDR it up for?
  41. How far away is far enough to count for geobachelor status?
  42. New to Long Distance
  43. New to long distance relationships
  44. The distance can be super emotional.....
  45. Having a moment of weakness
  46. Distance and Communication Help please!
  47. Help!!!
  48. Starting the long distance thing.......
  49. Was it hard
  50. Is it normal to feel....
  51. Calling to the Mideast - Argh!
  52. Where can I find out what isnít allowed to be shipped? ( shipping stuff overseas)
  53. What else can go wrong???
  54. How to cope?!
  55. Stuck in Germany till retirement???
  56. How Do You Handle LD?
  57. Have you ever reached the point where you cant take it anymore?
  58. Very lonely and need some hugs and support
  59. Nine Long Months of Anticipation
  60. Did I get played?
  61. Is my package lost? :( I need help!
  62. Need Someone To Talk To
  63. Advice Please?
  64. Package (s ) for BF stationed in another country
  65. DB First Time - Depressed
  66. no communication for two days :(
  67. What Can I Do? (Deprerssion)
  68. Whats The Longest Youve Gone Without Hearing From Your S/O?
  69. Anyone always been LDL?
  70. Is he trying to hint at the fact that he's falling for me?
  71. Keeping my head up!
  72. I can hardly believe it's all coming to an end.
  73. Puerto Rico here I come!
  74. A brag
  75. How do you cope with goodbyes?
  76. So excited!!
  77. We still count
  78. Long Distance &Intimacy HELP!
  79. Having a Hard Day...
  80. Both having feelings of vulnerability
  81. Gone For a while.
  82. Just a bit longer...
  83. its been tough... help?
  84. Advice on getting re-connected from deployment
  85. feeling worse everyday...
  86. Rough Day
  87. Communication and Coping with the Distance, tell me how you deal
  88. Is it just me??
  89. I need ideas for anniversary comming up while seperated
  90. New & Need some support please...is this normal?!
  91. Basic Training
  92. I'm new to this. Help?
  93. Seperated once again...
  94. Not sure what to do..
  95. Just Started Dating and Now He Might Be Sent Home
  96. no longer a military girlfriend :-(
  97. long distance love is the strongest and loyalty love yet.
  98. Anyone Who's Up Right Now
  99. new to the site and would like some advice please
  101. Before he deployed
  102. Not sure what to ask him...
  103. Double digits!
  104. Felling better to hear from him.
  105. Ranger school grad gift?
  106. Was wondering if anyone could answer this...
  107. Just have to share!
  108. Dont know how ti fix things ):
  109. Feeling sad tonight :(
  110. Over Joyed!!!!
  111. need advice with transitioning into LDR
  112. I don't know how to handle this...
  113. "That Song"
  114. Schedule changes...
  115. Does anyone else have a SO that is not good at expressing emotions??
  116. LDR and communication
  117. Things are not looking good for me........
  118. He's here!!
  119. enjoying last night
  120. I think mornings are the worst....
  121. How to handle the distance .
  122. How to cheer him up?
  123. we finally talked
  124. DB is in korea and acting kind of weird... dunno what to think.
  125. Speak to me...
  126. Getting Nervous
  127. Why do I do this to myself?
  128. Today came too fast..
  129. Feeling so alone..
  130. Will this get any easier? :(
  131. is it just me?
  132. Post - Visit Tension? Is This Normal?
  133. I'm miserable.
  134. Help!!! Beyond the usual....
  135. LDR struggles-looking for support
  136. Seeing him in 2 days!
  137. Distance
  138. He left today..
  139. He left today. Bleh.
  140. Good news and bad news!!!!
  141. Finally!!
  142. Korea girlfriends anyone?
  143. Japan?
  144. My husband on ait ...does any body wat he can do for fun
  145. Second Deployment Concerns
  146. How did your LDR talk go
  147. Guess what guess whatttt!
  148. Super lost!!! Please help me understand this!!!
  149. Extremely Nervous
  150. Home base is far away from home
  151. I keep trying to tell myself that 8 months will pass quickly.
  152. I'm lonely.
  153. Im freaking out. Need help on how to handle this!! How will we last 3 years????
  154. i'm scared of what the next four years will bring
  155. Seperating from Army? Help?
  156. New to this. I need of support. Thoughts. Anything to help!
  157. Seperation; Depression Issues? Am I alone with this?
  158. Why Your LDR Is Totally Worth It- According to BuzzFeed
  159. Hey all! What are some good time passers?
  160. I look forward to the day
  161. Talk?
  162. Coping without
  163. Sick and Tired
  164. Hoplessly in LOVE but also lost...
  165. I don't think it is fair, please give me your input
  166. Just when I think I've got this down
  167. Hate this feeling..
  168. I don't know who else to ask....
  169. Unique situation
  170. I think I really messed up...
  171. Car maintenance
  172. I am back
  173. have anyone met their soldier online?...
  174. Nervous.....and Excited to close the distance!
  175. Might be unique situation...LDR and Online only...so far.
  176. He's gonna kill me
  177. Oh, so this is what it feels like
  178. How to deal in LDR?
  179. The distance........
  180. distance and marriage thoughts
  181. First Deployment
  182. Vent/Ramble/Coming to terms...
  183. OCS Quantico 2013! :)
  184. LDR and PMS = Terrible Combination
  185. Fort Sam Houston..
  186. Can't sleep...
  187. First LDR and first deployment :-(
  188. LDL ladies...
  189. The countdown is ON
  190. Just curious..... And hoping this feeling is normal.
  191. I've come to collect my husband!
  192. Couple App!!! (LDR babies, this one's for us!)
  193. wuuuuuuuuuuht
  194. And he's gone :(
  195. Here I am again
  196. my next visit.
  197. Maybe some advice...
  198. So...
  199. Work/school and your SO visiting.
  200. Not trying to pressure him...commitments
  201. Deciding what to do...
  202. Is it just me??
  203. Tonight is just difficult
  204. Anyone have an SO out of the military?
  205. Care packages?
  206. dealing with lonely nights...
  207. Long Distance. Long Nights.
  208. Well poop
  209. new here. Looking for support
  210. Guess who...
  211. Mini Meltdown, woops
  212. Durex Fundawear (NSFW)
  213. No news is good news right???
  214. So it's happened
  215. Worried, worried, worried...
  216. I wanna whine
  217. OCONUS LDR...how???
  218. Another year appart!!!
  219. Just when I thought he couldn't get any sweeter!!
  220. When is enough ever really enough? PLEASE HELP.
  221. Ahhhhh!
  222. Basic Trainiing
  223. One month down...
  224. Just for Fun...Best/Worst LDR Advice
  225. SURPRISE!?
  226. After 1258 days...
  227. Just a few more hours!
  228. Care Package Ideas
  229. Can't stop thinking about the future...
  230. It's Hard but totally worth it
  231. yup this bout sums it up....*img*
  232. Gone for another school...
  233. I need to clean...
  234. This is going to be a long 9 months...
  235. Family Day/Graduation (also posted this in the boot camp and beyond group)
  236. He is finally coming home!!!!!
  237. LDR Milestones!!!
  238. Too needy?
  239. GOT TO SKYPE!!
  240. Great weekend! [imgs]
  241. Memorial Day and AIT
  242. Aversion to Sleeping
  243. Care Packages :)
  244. He's packing...
  245. This is what our relationship has become...
  246. i was doing so well....
  247. Bad day
  248. How long ?
  249. Just wondering ....
  250. Wow.. it feels like just yesterday...