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  1. aww!!
  2. Not So Lonely Christmas
  3. Putting my foot down!
  4. MUST see him!
  5. Failed surprise *update*
  6. yayaya!!! my countdown ends
  7. DB, DH, or DF in Vilseck, Germany
  8. He left for Germany already.. :(
  9. Bitter already?
  10. just sooooo lonely...
  11. Gift Box
  12. ugh
  13. Email from my DF - he's so perfect.
  14. Your so excited...then you look and your smile turns into a frown
  15. Lonely again...
  16. its soo hard
  17. I don't want t get my hopes up
  18. Feeling awful!!!!
  19. i wish it was decemeber already
  20. PUMPED!!
  21. i get to see him so
  22. I should be happy...
  23. love
  24. Actually having a hard time
  25. A whole week with DB!
  26. And I'm back after an amazing vacation
  27. So, ladies, how can you be sure...
  28. He is depressed
  29. Our LDR is over
  30. Db and I broke up.. Need some advice
  31. hmm.
  32. Making The Last Month go by.
  33. .
  34. How you do combine everything??
  35. I'm in single digits!!!! (update that to HOURS!)
  36. I hate goodbyes
  37. new to LDR
  38. Time
  39. Military girlfriend in dying need of support..:(
  40. FINALLY get to see DF
  41. update to we broke up...WERE BACK TOGETHER
  42. He broke up for real
  43. his phone got shut off
  44. my airman broke up with me :'[[
  45. stomach in knots!
  46. Please keep your fingers crossed *UPDATE*
  47. I did it!
  48. birthday/anniversary?????
  49. I am....
  50. Lookie what I got to do tonight!
  51. when it all seems to be a battle
  52. we broke up....???
  53. Surprise Surprise!
  54. He broke up with me
  55. learning to roll with it!
  56. Just a little moment....
  57. how does the distance impact your relationship?
  58. sending him a gift
  59. I'm going to see him in 10 days!
  60. I don't know how this is going to work.
  61. Goodbye list
  62. .
  63. Give me your thoughts like this!
  64. missing him
  65. Again
  66. Far away in more ways than one!
  67. Yay for Thanksgiving!!
  68. I really am the luckiest girl ever.
  69. Finally talked
  70. this weekend or next weekend??
  71. here we go again
  72. LDR & Marriage
  73. Just wanted to share [IMG]
  74. I'm sick and he's no here :sick
  75. Why are you in an LDR?
  76. Troubles with the past
  77. Back in the states harder then Iraq
  78. The little things
  79. Does anyone dissaprove of your relationship?
  80. Deployment or not??
  81. He says hes confused....
  82. Holdover
  83. Could this be leading to a heartbreak???
  84. Does anyone fear ...?
  85. So...it's for real!!
  86. Not strong enough..
  87. What do you sleep with/carry around/etc. when he's gone?
  88. Unaccompanied tours suck!
  89. I got an email AND a phone call!
  90. How do I sleep?
  91. someone loves me!
  92. Holy Sheep Sh*t! He just called.
  93. WTF!
  94. He's on his way to the boat.
  95. Christmas Ideas
  96. The "Spark"
  97. Feeling wicked down today
  98. I just bought DB's birthday gift...
  99. I got a Question for the Married Gals..
  100. Ugh..I need some happy thoughts!
  101. After grad school...
  102. STOKED!!!
  103. so much to do
  104. "deployment"
  105. We have a phone date tonight.
  106. I just got some good news!
  107. Sleeping
  108. I need help please.....
  109. I get to...
  110. AHHHH
  111. Just got back!
  112. Being distant...
  113. No-one understands :(
  114. Only 8 months to go!
  115. feel as though im fighting mi own emotions...
  116. wish i knew
  117. not coping well this time, and a problem has arisen
  118. I'm a mess and going to lose it
  119. one of those days...ideas?
  120. Christmas in Cuba!! Barrack Decoration help??
  121. tired of being lonely
  122. keeping up appearences
  123. POSTED! LDL Pals.... October- November. PLEASE, read before signing up
  124. I don't know why but it hurt my feelings
  125. I hate these days....
  126. Is this bad?
  127. Awww... DB is so sweet!
  128. He wants a break... UPDATE #43
  129. Ugh! Just one of those days!!!!
  131. Deep Breath
  132. Need Advice!!
  133. This week is going to be hard!!!
  134. Don't you hate it when...
  135. crazy birthday
  136. Online looooove
  137. How long til you see him?????
  138. Today...is not a good day..
  139. JOP vs. Big Wedding
  140. FML. I miss my AP.
  141. Am I a bad g/f?
  142. .
  143. I got caught snuggling his socks! haha
  144. He finally has a place!
  145. .
  146. I hate this club...
  147. never thought I would be jealous
  148. **UPDATE** I just got back from seeing DB after 4 mos away...
  149. I'm going to see him!
  150. sorrry im posting AGAIN.
  151. Jealousy
  152. Fa-fa-fa-freak out.
  153. Hi :)
  154. Hello :)
  155. I'm backkk!
  156. not going to Guam
  157. Not letting him in?
  158. just wondering who else is like this...
  159. When I thought things were great....
  160. Anyone been in a similar situation?
  161. He says he's not in love with me anymore?!
  162. It's arrived...
  163. hey
  164. It's me again.
  165. How often were you able to talk to your Marine during SOI?
  166. I Need you Ladies more then ever!! *LONG*
  167. tonight! (update)
  168. So it's official....
  169. No more LDR!!!!
  170. still here
  171. What are some things, rituals, etc? that comfort you while they're gone? silly or not
  172. How much time do you spend each day?
  173. Need a break
  174. Wishing he was here
  175. I feel like he's avoiding me or something....
  176. I am so in love with him... Update #16, #30
  177. Who's Given the corniest gift?
  178. He sent me a gift
  179. Sometimes I just need him here
  180. He left yesterday.
  181. YAY!
  182. The time has come.....
  183. Love him, dont want to let him go...
  184. Juciy Bar-what would you do?
  185. Falling apart
  186. The count down begins!!!
  187. makes me feel worse...
  188. Feeling broken today (kinda long, sorry)
  189. cant take it much longer
  190. Exactly One Month!
  191. Everything is falling apart!!
  192. having a really rough night...
  193. gift question
  194. Why is it
  195. Crying during Sex, how many of us do it and dont do it?
  196. OMG!!!
  197. Is This Normal OR Am I Just Losing It?!?
  198. We keep fighting
  199. Just a bad night
  200. so...
  201. saw DH on webcam last night
  202. Babe just left for NTC...
  203. Any good Ideas for me? I want to surprise him!
  204. Where is your DB, DF, or DH.....Stationed?
  205. You'd think i would be used to this by now...
  206. My birthday
  207. i just realized ...this is the last time i visit my husband ..
  208. Advice and Tips for a LDR
  209. *UPDATED** ...4 mos of waiting... I finally have a countdown to seeing my soldier!!!
  210. wanna get on a plane
  211. i'll be joining the LDR ranks
  212. Today is not a good day
  213. Wow... You can totally tell...
  214. Threatens me with divorce!! Advice Needed.
  215. Ever have one of those "this is SO worth it" weekends?
  216. He ended it [okay, UPDATE #112]
  217. weird question
  218. .
  219. I need advice on what to tell him.
  220. So aggravated w/ the telephone
  221. Sucks
  222. Command sponsorship
  223. tough night that keeps getting tougher
  224. Back in an LDR again.
  225. Freaking out again.
  226. .
  227. How long have you been in an LDR?
  228. September LDL Pals... PALS POSTED!!!
  229. Bye
  230. I might as well get in this forum.
  231. Very Nervous
  233. I'm not ready for this.
  234. I hate when he leaves...
  235. Fighting before seeing each other?
  236. luh u bye
  237. He says the sweetest things
  238. Question about Camp Campbell?
  239. If he can't come to me I'll go to him
  240. I bought.....
  241. WTF! Why is DF actin like such a jackass?! (kinda long)
  242. He left today
  243. my favorite pic of DH and I while he was here
  244. Don't you just hate its when your man is in one of those moods.....
  245. Paranoid!
  246. 10 more days!!!
  247. Yay he called!
  248. well, he got his orders.
  249. Getting Worried
  250. Its just one of those days...