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  8. Rich - How can we protect our credit scores in this economy?
  9. Getting Started
  10. Anyone want to help me try to figure out our budget?
  11. Question about closing a CC
  12. E3 salary after taxes
  13. Debit/credit card question
  14. W-4 Question
  15. 2006 Tax Form and Questions?
  16. Cashing in a bond?
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  18. Credit Report Disputes
  19. Vote for your finalist for Military Spouse of the Year
  20. Anybody know anything about tax extensions for DH and me?
  21. What do you think, Rich?
  22. Help!!
  23. Economic Stimulus Rebate???
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  26. USAA Credit Card question
  27. Tax Papers for Student Loans
  28. student loan repayment ?
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  31. Savings Bond Savvy people...
  32. Dh suggests classes
  33. Meet Rich
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  37. car insurance?
  38. Best way to invest for our kids?
  39. How to diversify my TSP account?
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