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  1. Robert Mueller Indicts Lots of Russians Over Interference In 2016 Election
  2. State of the Union 2018
  3. what would be your stripper name? (Just for fun)
  4. Goal: To lighten the political mood. What would he have to do?
  5. midnight
  6. sheet caking
  7. Today's society: Politics and the Future
  8. So the Director of the FBI was just fired...
  9. So what's your opinion on our president?
  10. Alabama Senate votes to eliminate marriage licenses
  11. Betsy DeVos Confirmed as Secretary of Education
  12. Trump's 100 day plan
  13. election coverage
  14. What are the chances of Clinton start war if she becomes president?
  15. Trump is the GOP nominee
  16. Sherlock dressed as presidential candidates....
  17. So who are you voting for?
  18. Trump supporters
  19. Trump jumps in: The Donald's latest White House run is officially on
  20. Campaign 2016: Bernie Sanders
  21. GOP Majority all over
  22. Have you voted today?
  23. Potential suit against Obama for use of executive action
  24. political candidate in Oklahoma supporting death by stoning for gays
  26. Pentagon to reduce Army to pre-WWII numbers
  27. State of the Union
  28. Chris Christie bridge scandal: a primer
  29. Continued Unemployment Beneifts for expired claims moves forward
  30. FYI Anyone living in the DC Metro Area
  31. Someone help me understand, please?
  32. Who in Congress is keeping their paycheck?
  33. Congress hits 10% approval rating.
  34. For laughs...who will blink first?
  35. Watch what the House is doing
  36. stateside Commisaries will close Oct 2nd if the gov shuts down:
  37. House votes unanimously to ensure military gets paid in shutdown
  38. No mid-Oct. paycheck for troops if government shuts down, lawmaker says
  39. Government Shutdown, Anyone?
  40. I'm genuinely surprised at how much backlash Obama and pals are facing over the NSA
  41. Official C-SPAN3 Benghazi Whistleblower Subcommittee Hearing
  42. Bill passed to stop FAA Furloughs
  43. Immigration bill
  44. So true, it's painful.
  45. Filibuster!!!
  46. Tricare during Sequestration
  47. State of the Union
  48. Would you pass the US citizenship test?
  49. Lupe Fiasco kicked off stage at inaugural event
  50. Feds to pull money from G Funds
  51. Petition to stop Congressional pay during government shutdown
  52. 2012 election final tally
  53. House won't vote before midnight on 'cliff' deal
  54. not sure about this...
  55. Worst. President. Ever.
  56. What's with this UN thing?
  57. VA business closes to mourn Obama's win.....thoughts???
  58. Puerto Ricans vote for statehood
  59. LGBT election stuffs
  60. SO Talk
  61. Do You Really Think The World/Country Is Going to Hell??
  62. Is this for real?
  63. Can we talk about this election?
  64. Anyone watching the presidential results on TV tonight, get in here.
  65. Concession speech?
  66. What would you vote on Amendment 64?
  67. Absentee Ballots.
  68. Valid excuse not to vote?
  69. If the candidate you want to win doesn't....
  70. In-Person Voting
  71. Should you vote if you're uninformed?
  72. What are your battleground state predictions?
  73. How do you feel about electronic voting machines?
  74. NOT COOL! Machine changes votes!!
  75. Creepy!
  76. How Long Did You Wait
  77. Steve Bridges as Obama
  78. All Machines Break At NYC Voting Location
  79. Live results?
  80. Online voting
  81. How did/will you vote?
  82. Have you voted?
  83. Hate Obama?
  84. What do you think Obama and Romney are feeling right now?
  85. Your prediction- Obama or Romney?
  86. Mitt Romney way of "helping" those affected by Hurricane Sandy
  87. Local, non-political offices
  88. 'Bronco Bamma' and Mitt Romney
  89. Barack Obama vs. Mitt Romney: Epic Rap Battles Of History
  90. Michelle Obama!
  91. What Happens Now
  92. #voterproblems
  93. Coulter Defends Calling Obama a 'Retard'
  94. the Economy
  95. Romney on LGBT rights
  96. Barack Debates Himself S/O
  97. Mitt Romney Debates Himself
  98. Mean Girls and the 2012 Election
  99. How are you voting?
  100. Who are you voting for?
  101. Obama vs. Romney Rap Battle
  102. Paul Ryan- Beefcake Photos
  103. Parents and politics
  104. Woman at VP dbate
  105. VP Debate
  106. Big Bird Puts His Foot Down
  107. Really odd/quirky/creepy political commercial
  108. Registering?
  109. Your First Time
  110. how do you decide who youre voting for?
  111. Presidential Debate Drinking Game
  112. Fact-checking the campaign
  113. A template for every awful political discussion you've ever witnessed on Facebook.
  114. What do you think of the increased protests at US Embassy's?
  115. Something Just Froze Over
  116. Fact checks
  117. You know what's really stupid?
  118. Registering to vote?
  119. Obama Canceled One day of the RNC
  120. What are you registered as? Poll!
  121. Democrats change platform to add God, Jerusalem
  122. Do you stereotype the other party?
  123. The DNC
  124. Interesting Blog Post about the GOP
  125. You know the Democrats are in trouble when
  126. Are you better off?
  127. "War on Women's Health"
  128. Do you vote? Why?
  129. Oh Clint Eastwood
  130. Official GOP Platform
  131. You know the GOP is in trouble
  132. Anyone want to help me find a news article?
  133. Do you know Congress's approval rating?
  134. Obama does an AMA (ask me anything)
  135. S/O No vote = No complaining/opinion
  136. Are you registered to vote?
  137. Republican Convention
  138. Senate Candidate: Pregnancy from Rape is like having a baby out of wedlock
  139. My thoughts, in one gif
  140. Voting Stance
  141. Todd Akin Round 2
  142. Rape 'Rarely' Causes Pregnancy
  143. Voter IQ Laws
  144. Voter Registration in the military
  145. What if?
  146. Paul Ryan
  147. For those of us not exactly stoked about Chick-Fil-A right now...
  148. Iran?
  149. Mr. President
  150. Official pre-game thread on SCOTUS's decision on ObamaCare - #1
  151. Wisconsin
  152. Barack Obama : Drone Warrior
  153. I Side With
  154. yep
  155. If today was voting day
  156. NY Democratic Presidential Primary
  157. How do you feel about Michelle Obama?
  158. Rick Santorum Suspends Presidential Campaign
  159. Wisconsin's Scott Walker Repeals Wisconsin Equal Pay Law
  160. Catholic Democrats?
  161. Political Cartoon thread anyone?
  162. What could possibly go wrong?
  163. Romney to get rid of PP *UPDATE*
  164. Game Change (and other political books)
  165. It's Super Tuesday
  166. Maine's Senator Snowe on Partisan Politics
  167. African Americans for Obama
  168. Obama's new budget plan?
  169. Roseanne Barr Files Official Docs to Become President
  170. Romney
  171. Sometimes I think DB forgets he's a conservative :giggle
  172. Sharon Bialek - accused Herman Cain of sexual harassment
  173. Thought this was cool..
  174. 999
  175. Jon Stewart compares Palin's dealings to "Nigerian Prince scam"
  176. Palin will NOT run for Pres!
  177. I love Florida politics...
  178. Already tired of the election and it hasn't even started yet
  179. Michele Bachmann Win's Iowa straw Poll.
  180. Iowa GOP Debate
  181. The rich are different - and not in a good way ...ay
  182. Debt plan affecting military?
  183. Debit Ceiling NOT raised, How will it affect you and your family ???
  184. Anyone watching the presidental address?
  185. Please don't ram your politics down my throat..
  186. Twitter Town Hall
  187. All Americans Required to have Health Insurance by 2014
  188. New Bill ending Federal ban on Marijuana
  189. Are you gonna watch? Poll Incoming...
  190. Romney Refuses to Sign anti-abortion pledge
  191. Should we influence our kids to vote a certain way?
  192. How to talk to your kids about Anthony Weiner's penis.
  193. Are you a single issue voter?
  194. Will you see this movie?
  195. John Edwards indicted in $925K mistress cover-up
  196. Santorum: John McCain does not understand torture
  197. First GOP debate - Thurs. 9pm EST
  198. Essay help?
  199. An interesting video about the oil spill timeline and Obama
  201. What Would Jesus Cut?
  202. Renaming Pennsylvania Ave??
  203. Obama condemns Libyan violence, calls for international response
  204. What are your thoughts?
  205. Obama Projecting Weakness to World
  206. State of the Union Address
  207. Trump 'Seriously Considering' 2012 Presidential Bid
  208. Shes Gonna Runnnn!
  209. Sarah Palin and N.Korea
  210. Barbara Bush on Sarah Palin
  211. 2012 Political Candidates
  212. Ron Paul, Ron Paul!
  213. Obama countdown clock
  214. 34 warships are going to India with Obama
  215. Republicans in the Hoooooussseee!
  216. Political Affiliation
  217. This whole voting thing is getting a little outta hand..
  218. I'm not a witch!
  219. SO DONE!!
  220. Mo Puppy mill bill...
  221. A quiet shift in GOP stance on gay marriage
  222. Where is Arizona?
  223. McChrystal
  224. Politics In Your Relationship
  225. The "Fix" fwd email
  226. Shocker polls: That Sarah Palin-Barack Obama gap melts to 1 point
  227. Nancy Pelosi spends $2,993 on flowers
  228. Sarah Palin and Glenn Beck: 2012 Dream Ticket?
  229. Government takeover of healthcare (single payer)
  230. Legalizing marijuana is a Conservative issue
  231. Does the cuteness of this cat keep this from being unbelievably offensive?
  232. Using taxes on health insurance to fund Center for Research in government
  233. Obama matches Bush's golf rounds
  234. The White House fights back at FOX news ..
  235. Why Obama *really* won the Nobel Peace Prize (humor)
  236. Wounded Vet running for Congress
  237. Voters Back Obama Over Republicans on Health Care, Poll Finds
  238. Little Rock, Ar cuts $3 million from budget
  239. 3 situations - what are your thoughts?
  240. "Right for women to vote"
  241. Dawn Smith vs CIGNA
  242. Differing political views?
  243. Alan Grayson "Die Quickly" Comment Prompts Uproar
  244. Seditious Column on Newsmax
  245. Chia Obama
  246. Obama's Health Care Plan
  247. Secret Service investigating Facebook poll asking ‘Should Obama be killed?’
  248. Oh GOOD! Sarah Palin wrote a BOOK!
  249. So proud of my Uncle!
  250. Glenn Beck gets key to city in hometown....