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  1. Where to look for rentals?
  2. Question on dating
  3. New Home
  4. need some advice
  5. Need Advice
  6. Home decor tips and organizing!
  7. Camp Pendleton: On or Off Base Housing?
  8. Howard Gilmore
  9. Lincoln and bah????
  10. I live in a fish bowl.
  11. And we're moving....
  12. First Duty Station...Fort Bragg!
  13. Where to buy a new couch!
  14. VA loan advice!!
  15. Home buying ... in an area you don't want to stay
  16. We got the house!
  17. Good Vibes please!
  18. On or off base, Fort Eustis
  19. House Hunting
  20. Comcast? Century Link? Intertubez
  21. Does this sound normal?
  22. On-base? or Off-base?
  23. Home Remodel
  24. House Purchasing
  25. House hunting
  26. Give meh them good vibes!!
  27. Question(s) regarding housing...
  28. I'm back and moved into the new house!
  29. We have a house
  30. Mayport
  31. VA Loan question
  32. Langley housing
  33. BRING ON THE MSOS MAGIC... we're putting in an offer!!!
  34. Hawaii???
  35. Rent out a house or sell it?
  36. Will be meeting with our real estate agent tomorrow - good vibes please!!!
  37. I'm going Crunchy... :/
  38. On Post or Off?
  39. VA loan
  40. Do you rent or own?
  41. Lots of questions!
  42. Life on Base
  43. Housing question(s).. please HELP!
  44. When you bought your first house
  45. Talk to me about swimming pools
  46. Moving to Lackalnd AFB
  47. Any opinions on Ramona Vista military housing?????? PLEASE HELP :(
  48. Husband will be stationed at Camp Lejeune - Where to live?
  49. Orders to Hawaii!!! Help???!?
  50. Moving without DH
  51. Virginia Beach/Chesapeake
  52. Considering home buying (first timers)
  53. Short Sale Homes?
  54. How much does your BAH cover?
  55. Yay for home shopping!
  56. Any experience on building a house?
  57. First time living together, moving across the country, eep!
  58. how much is ur rent? camp pendleton!!
  59. Washer and dryer in base housing?
  60. military housing question
  61. PCSing to Vilseck Germany
  62. Would you rather buy an older/larger home or newer smaller one? (Details inside)
  63. San Diego!
  64. just made it home
  65. What do you look for?
  66. Base housing
  67. Apartments/Condos in Oklahoma
  68. me vs. house
  69. Decorating help
  70. orders to Tinker AFB!
  71. Needing Good Vibes
  72. Moving to San Diego
  73. Any advice?
  74. Can I take a peak in your window???????
  75. Found my Furniture and Washer/Dryer!
  76. Renting with Boyfriend and Friends
  77. Rent to Own?
  78. Apartment question......
  79. Colorado Springs...buy or rent?
  80. How best to live in a home while it's on the seller's market?
  81. Living off base
  82. Lawn Care?
  83. finding a house
  84. eviction help
  85. VA buying back a house?
  86. Do emails count as legally binding agreements?
  87. Stay in housing or Rent an apartment?
  88. housing question
  89. Why do I do this to myself?
  90. Anyone from North Carolina?
  91. Our new bed...
  92. Question about housing/BAH/SanDiego
  93. What would you recommend?
  94. If you could live anywhere in the US
  95. Getting PreApproved
  96. Can I evict my landlady?
  97. Hiring a Housecleaner...
  98. Shipping car to Korea - ports in US?
  99. More VA questions!
  100. Haggling Rent
  101. Becoming a home owner
  102. 'Scuse me SO's of Camp Lejeune/New River.
  103. RS Chicago, IL
  104. SOO Home Sick
  105. if you are planning on buying a home, a little....
  106. VA Loan questions
  107. What do I look for when looking for a house?
  108. Lease/base housing question
  109. I love this house!!!
  110. shower curtain
  111. Turning the heat on?
  112. Our situation (maybe)
  113. Buying a house with a VA loan ...
  114. Transfering Utlities in HIS name
  115. My latest project/idea (Jamie-Jibstah-read me!)
  116. Black vs. Ebony
  117. Those who got the money back for buying a house this year
  118. Hawaii Ladies: Past and Present I want to see pics of....
  119. where to store all my stuff?
  120. Tax Credit
  121. Who gets the Appraisal and Inspector when using VA loan?
  122. VA or traditional?
  123. VA Loan ????
  124. Ohio peeps!
  125. What type of house did you purchase? (material)
  126. I'm new---HELP
  127. Utilities-- HELP!
  128. Sigh. help please.
  129. short sales suck
  130. Navy Homes
  131. VA Inspections
  132. We're in Kentucky!!!
  133. YAY going to closing in 2 weeks!!!
  134. Marriage/va loan question
  135. Buying a house
  136. Home owners insurance
  137. Southern California
  138. I'm so proud of us!!!!
  139. When did you pay the deposit?
  140. It was so simple. I feel like an a$$!
  141. If you had a small house which would like to have more?
  142. VA Loan Help?
  143. Who is your mortgage through?
  144. Have you used this site?
  145. More house hunting
  146. VA Loan
  147. Help me trouble shoot this problem!
  148. Renter's Insurance
  149. Has anyone bought a house that wasn't at the duty station?
  150. Please help me pick an area to focus
  151. Military families
  152. We didnt get our houses:(
  153. Of the 3....
  154. Does this color combo work? *UPDATED* New picture
  155. A Question
  156. Who do I need to light fire under??
  157. Getting Started
  158. Paint colors
  159. When you bought your house?
  160. homeowners...........
  161. Should we buy another house?
  162. I need your opinions fast!!
  163. I can't flippin belive it!
  164. Buying a home question
  165. should be closing on our house soon!
  166. VA Loan The good the bad the ugly
  167. most recent first time home buyers credit info
  168. I will finally be posting in here with pix soon-we are
  169. Oh No!! What did we do!!!!!
  170. Buying Foreclosures?
  171. The part of home ownership that sucks!!!!
  172. Working with a Realitor
  173. Beale Ladies **Update in post 17**
  174. quote ideas?
  175. Smelly fridge?
  176. Moving to Camp Pendleton in 6 mo. HELP
  177. I can't believe what he was thinking!!!!
  178. I WANT THIS! (img heavy).
  179. Property Managers? Owning a rental property?
  180. Anyone live in new london, CT?
  181. Base housing vs. offbase
  182. San Diego Home Buying Service
  183. Front Loading washing machines.
  184. whos my neighbor(fort bragg)
  185. what kind of window treatments?
  186. Wanting A Sweet Home OF Our Own, But
  187. Inspection today
  188. Free Moving kit.
  189. Great site for information on buying a house!
  190. Buying a house
  191. I don't want to clean any more..
  192. Tips please!
  193. easements on the property?
  194. Whew!
  195. Any carpenters here?
  196. House Shopping Question
  197. Master bathrooms
  198. slip covers? for couches
  199. Closing...
  200. Asbestos test
  201. where to buy a kitchen island??
  202. popcon ceilings
  203. Local places for kitchen remodel? (San Diego)
  204. Bossier City
  205. Good Vibes
  206. What's the interest rate on your home loan?
  207. direct buy?
  208. living together
  209. Realtors?
  210. Zip Code Maps????
  211. VA Raising Home Loan Ceilings in Many Areas
  212. Mortgage and debt question
  213. house-hunting poll #2
  214. Q about buying a house
  215. CA ladies... CalVet Loan?
  216. ok ive seen pictures of people that own there houses
  217. Appliances
  218. Interior Designers??
  219. I have a mortgage question
  220. Hiring a management company
  221. Current VA interest rate?
  222. Mortgage Lender Switch?
  223. Where to start?
  224. PMI
  225. Mortgages
  226. Servicemembers Civil Relief Act
  227. What bank did you finance your mortgage through?
  228. Real Estate Agent
  229. At a cross roads
  230. We are home owners and we are all moved in!!!!!!
  231. Yet another walk through!
  232. Share pix of your new house!!!
  233. Anyone rent out their home?
  234. Walk through
  235. Its just about time!!!!
  236. What now?
  237. Getting a good home loan with OK credit
  238. Looking at multiple mortgage lenders
  239. having debt when buying a house???
  240. Money down?
  241. USAA App Taking longer?
  242. any louisiana girls??
  243. renting a house
  244. living with a navy swcc??
  245. Getting my Real Estate License
  246. buying a house and the dreaded credit report
  247. So you want to buy a house
  248. I got great news yesterday!!!
  249. Norfolk Area
  250. I'm ready!!!