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  1. Tired
  2. Homecoming Disappointing?
  3. Date Night Idea Group<3
  4. Advice on Post-Deployment Resources
  5. Post-Deployment Thoughts
  6. DB is home, and we are trying to settle in...
  7. Post-deployment awkwardness
  9. Post Dployment illness
  10. Post Deployment Vacation Ideas?
  11. Post Deployment: What to Expect?
  12. Not sure if I should call it quits or try to hang on longer
  13. Confused
  14. Feeling Lost and Confused
  15. Post deployment - Is this all normal?
  16. post deployment issues. confused and hurt....help!
  17. Post-Deployment Blues, Need Some Insight
  18. Walking on egg shells and not sure how to support
  19. Post deployment- what should I expect and is there any way for me to make this easier
  20. Post deployment changes in spouse
  21. we were better during deployment than before he left/after he got home...
  22. Returned home
  23. This is harder then I thought
  24. Help with transitioning
  25. post deployment spouse depression
  26. He's Home!
  27. Getting Time Off
  28. he's not the same:(
  29. I just don't know what to do.
  30. Post Deployment Separation
  31. Middle Aged Woman and Husband Who thinks he is 20 -- Need Advice
  32. 2 months post deployment. Need advice please :(
  33. Post Deployment, HELP! idk what to do
  34. is this a break up?
  35. Break up after he returns home from Afghanistan
  36. BACKKKK!!!!
  37. 3 Months Later....
  38. So Cold After Deployment
  39. Just checking in
  40. Does Anyone Else...
  41. Post Deployment Update
  42. Confused
  43. We were great...until he came home
  44. Post- Deployment Breakup
  45. any ideas to help with refusal to sleep?
  46. no longer "post deployment" mode
  47. first TDY since deployment...
  48. Break up at reuinion
  49. Issues with family since deployment/PTSD
  50. back to reality...
  51. Are there any happy endings?
  52. Can someone give me some advice?
  53. Post deployment love
  54. Post Deployment-says he feels numb
  55. Sleeping pills...and more!!
  56. Change of heart?
  57. Help!
  58. FREE reconnection workshops
  59. need help
  60. my heart is breaking everyday...
  61. Post Deployment Emotions
  62. After FIRST Deployment
  63. Now what? Career thoughts?
  64. Your SOs and leave....
  65. Need a Mentor
  66. I don't know if I'm strong enough for this ...
  67. is counseling the solution? ....(LONG)
  68. not sure if this is the right place
  69. Lost, lonely and depressed
  70. Survived the Deployments, now the homecoming?
  71. We are the lucky ones
  72. October Homecoming 2011 Ladies Updates Please!!!
  73. Block Leave
  74. Per Diem
  75. It's not him, it's me.
  76. We're buying a house!
  77. Thank you!!! (IMG Heavy)
  78. What did your SO do after getting home that bothered you?
  79. Boyfriend not happy about being home
  80. so happy.
  81. need some advice (kinda long)
  82. long road ahead. (long sorry, but there are pictures :) )
  83. after homecoming help with a little one
  84. Post Deployment/LDR/Another Underway/Re enllisting/Where does this Thread Go?? [IMGS]
  85. National Guard, Dwell Time, and Redeployment Rumors...
  86. Need some creative ideas! (long)
  87. First Deployment, coming home in a week. I need help :(
  88. alcohol, trust issues, etc.. advice? warning: quite long
  89. 3 months post deployment
  90. It's so good to have him home
  91. Still Deployed....
  92. More stress POST deployment
  94. Put this in PTSD forum too but looking for advice!
  95. unwinding...
  96. Not sure what to say
  97. he's back.
  98. After Deployment
  99. Finally Getting His Shoulder Fixed
  100. Post- Deployment Life
  101. Letting him know you are here.
  102. anger issues
  103. I'm not exactly sure what to do
  104. Date confusion? (long)
  105. How do you deal with the nightmares?
  106. Now what.....
  107. Post deployment is like another life.
  108. Leave has been weird, but it's getting better
  109. Need advice-he's shut me out
  110. I found...
  111. What happens during debriefing after deployment?
  112. Post-deployment experience?
  113. I'm complaining again (bear with me)
  114. My boyfriend has night terrors
  115. What do I do?????? My heart is scared!
  116. Things are weird.
  117. Just want happiness
  118. Scared and confused....
  119. He is back, and I have a question
  120. Not Sure How To Handle This
  121. A different person (This is a little long)
  122. Random thought but....
  123. depressed wife here.
  124. he doesn't want help
  125. I need support :/ so confused and helpless...
  126. definite change
  127. I don't know why I feel this way... is it normal?
  128. im nervous and scared!!
  129. What happened
  130. I don't know how to cope anymore
  131. Stress for me
  132. HELP =(
  133. he's home!
  134. Is post deployment different for the different branches?
  135. My DB is back
  136. I'm exhausted and frustrated; he's sleeping satisfied
  137. Just got PEB results :(
  138. He's not his typical self...
  139. Not talking to me!
  140. deployment ?
  141. not sure what to do
  142. I found my Army boy post-deployment. I don't know what to expect. Help!
  143. Social Anxiety Disorder / Social Phobia / Agoraphobia
  144. He's Been Back For a Year...
  145. Normal post-deployment reaction?
  146. im dying inside
  147. What happened to my time?
  148. helpless
  149. He's home for this weekend and WHAT?
  150. How do I ....
  151. "Thank You" - A poem for military significant others
  152. Not sure what to think
  153. Would you have made it?
  154. Does anyone ever feel like this?
  155. Am I just being paranoid?
  156. sex
  157. Paranoia????
  158. sorry I didnt know where else to post this.
  159. Doesn't know his own strength
  160. he isn't home yet, but.......
  161. book
  162. sex
  163. Night Terrors???
  164. Question!
  165. probably a little selfish of me, but i have to get it out
  166. Home for a week and a half
  167. 1 Week Post-Homecoming
  168. Post Homecoming Letdown?
  169. Ok..he's home..and being weird??
  170. Hes having strange dreams
  171. Post-Deployment Leave
  172. Lack of communication
  173. I'm devastated
  174. DH acting weird?*update*
  175. my hubby is home!
  176. deployment to Iraq
  177. Excited but Scared....
  178. Finding out about pre-deployment cheating...post-deployment
  179. Distant, Short Fuse, Awkward...
  180. normal to fight??
  181. looking back
  182. Distant but getting better?!?!
  183. Yellow Ribbon Program?
  184. He's making me be independant
  185. Reintegration?
  186. Distant..is it normal?
  187. Feel like I'm dying inside from him being distant....
  188. Deployment resentment???
  189. Dissertation study - Married military couples post-deployment
  190. Cheating versus Stress
  191. Back from Ga.-I'm so proud of him
  192. It's early to be posting this, but I'm curious
  193. should i give him space?
  194. How is it that hes home, but yet I still miss him??
  195. Subject: 'PBS: Coming Home: Military Families Cope with Change'
  196. Can't sleep with me in the bed? Update in OP
  197. Need some help and willing to be of any I can be!
  198. nervous about his behavior after homecoming
  199. He's Back!!!
  200. Is it normal?!
  201. Is this STUPID or is it just me?!?!?!
  202. Somethings wrong with his lungs
  203. Preperation!
  204. Have you Girls ever felt this way?!?!
  205. Debriefing???
  206. Just a little update on me =)
  207. How to help him get help?
  208. How do I....
  209. Email from a soldier
  210. He's coming home early February!
  211. So many changes and mixture of feelings post deployment
  212. Post Deployment Status Update
  213. ideas for a mini vacay
  214. Operation Oasis
  215. Lack of sleep
  216. Quirks?
  217. Excessive Spending....
  218. please help me...
  219. Really need help with my study of partner experiences
  220. Advice for making post-deployment less awkward/easier??
  221. How many of you???
  222. Here is my story...(kind of long)
  223. Post Deployment Break Up
  224. Post Deployment Break Up
  225. two things...
  226. so frustrated!!!
  227. Behaviors of Veteran Readjustment Problems
  228. Help? Advice? Military Homecoming letdown/issues
  229. this normal feeling when SO comes home???
  230. When he comes home...
  231. Do you ever get worked up...
  232. I feel bad that I'm not upset...
  233. He wants to go back
  234. Reservist's SO's
  235. I'm having some issues
  236. my husband the surfer
  237. Recommended books
  238. I have decided to enter therapy!!!
  239. Up in the air.
  240. post-deployment block leave
  241. I love this...
  242. Shore Duty Funk?
  243. Post deployments - Update on your experience!
  244. he proposed
  245. I think I lost him [kinda long]
  246. This seems so out of character
  247. looking back
  248. Missing him even at home?
  249. Marine Corps Post-Deployment Marriage Program...
  250. Trying to make our lives one...