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  1. I don't know what to do
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  14. When your SO has PTSD and he won't go to TX
  15. Tips for dealing with PTSD
  16. Barking orders at me, too fast - him Admiral, me Cabin Boy
  17. Temp retired due to PTSD
  18. could be PTSD?
  19. Inpatient treatment facilities
  20. URGENT!!
  21. ALTERNATIVE PTSD TREATMENTS (mod please sticky?)
  22. Friggin' hate PTSD
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  24. communication
  25. New Here and Have a BF with PTSD
  26. Help me understand
  27. Normal feelings or selfishness?
  28. Belated Symptoms
  29. I'm falling apart and he needs me now more than ever. How can I do this?
  30. I Understand ptsd, but this case is confusing me??? Help
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  34. Its the little things....
  35. 10 years down the drain?
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  39. Combat Related PTSD--Awareness, Therapy, Coping
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  46. DH with PTSD
  48. HELP :(
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  50. PTSD and the VA
  51. How can I help him get help?
  52. An old friend creeping back in during deployment
  53. What to say? How can we as SO's help?
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  55. When to give up?
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  58. totally a different situation then most PTSD issues
  59. Posted on wrong board *language warning*
  60. Dear PTSD *language warning*
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  62. My Veteran
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  64. He won't talk to me.
  65. This Isn't Easy
  66. Another breakup
  67. Having a hard time...
  68. ExDB with PTSD
  69. Friend with PTSD- advice, please.
  70. Its been a while im pregnant
  71. How to reach him?
  72. PTSD putting strain on our LDR
  73. PTSD dampers a marriage
  74. Forced to step back...
  75. One of those days...
  77. New here/ Thoughts welcomed to my situation b/c no one gets it!
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  79. Worried. Good vibes & prayers please!
  80. Playing Tetris can help with PTSD Symptoms
  81. PTSD during deployment?
  82. Is this PTSD?
  83. I think DH may have ptsd and
  84. Major episode, felt completely helpless
  85. Whoah. That wasn't like him AT ALL.....
  86. What if he has PTSD too?
  87. Is it me or does he have PTSD?
  88. Deployed Husband with PTSD
  89. How to find support locally
  90. He has PTSD
  91. I heard from my DB=)
  92. do you ever feel like you're the last priority?
  93. How long did it take?
  94. How do you deal with the mood swings?
  95. At a loss on how to cope
  96. Whyyyyy ohhh whyyy
  97. Fireworks
  98. Not a good weekend
  99. how to make it easier...for him?
  100. Oasis and.focus
  101. Husband left me... how can I make this better?
  102. Feelings
  103. he says an army man cant be "contained"
  104. im so confused!!
  105. DB and ptsd
  106. Losing my relationship to ptsd..LONG
  107. He is finally dealing with it
  108. Lost
  109. The VA Post Military Career
  110. PTSD and he wants to Seperate
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  112. Missing my husband
  113. ray of hope
  114. Recovering from the War
  115. a year and a half, changes, and new deployment ahead
  116. 1 year post deployement & still issues
  117. I don't feel strong enough
  118. DF and PTSD
  119. nightmares...what do i do?
  120. I'm not sure?
  121. Anybody else have experience with TBI and also PTSD?
  122. PTSD and Meds - MAJOR Interaction?
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  132. PTSD Boyfriend
  133. Need Your Prayers
  134. PTSD and (shooting) video games?
  135. little advice.. please
  136. Programs for PTSD Spouses?
  137. it comes in cycles.
  138. Help.
  139. Secondary Traumatic Stress
  140. PTSD radio show on now!
  141. New and dont know what to do
  142. clarification or just hope on discharge please.
  143. he deployed with ptsd
  144. Learning to live again
  145. sleep study for nightmares with PTSD???
  146. Just learning about ptsd
  147. New here... a little bit lost.
  148. In need of advice... badly
  149. relieved
  150. REALLY hard.
  151. PTSD Signs
  152. One sided Love
  153. New baby on the way...
  154. 1 on 1
  155. PTSD & distance
  156. When do you know that the marriage is over?
  157. The PTSD is "back"
  158. Could this be PTSD?
  159. Husband suffering from Depression/PTSD
  160. New Study Shows Potential Benefits of Meditation for Veterans Coping with PTSD
  161. Anyone whose DB is struggling or has had isssues with thier S)
  162. Nightmares & Shaking- what can I do?
  163. Struggling with the Emotions...
  164. Please Help, is it PTSD?
  165. so confused
  166. I think I may be losing him
  167. Are you a caregiver?
  168. Bitter sweet-when they come out of their hiding
  169. Please, I need your advice and help. PTSD question
  170. PTSD actually changes the brain.
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  173. My DB Cheated on me
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  177. I just found the most heart-wrenching blog.
  178. I am at a loss.
  179. PTSD or just not used to being home?
  180. He finally called and know what's going on
  181. I have no one else to talk to about my husbands PTSD
  182. TBI? PTSD? sorry so long!
  183. He thinks he is just a killer
  184. I lost it today. Forever long
  185. Dangerous Sleep Walking?
  186. Help!!! I am in absolute misery from my fiances ptsd
  187. tbi
  188. pretty sure i'm separating from my husband
  189. Nasty surprise...pre-existing?
  190. husband suffering from suicidal thoughts-depression-ptsd...& im secretly depressed
  191. Need help please (very long)
  192. dealing with my own feelings
  193. Advice...
  194. New DoD PTSD Website- interactive
  195. His anger is getting out of control
  196. so glad to find you
  197. just..second opinion?
  198. Where is the Kyle I sent over there?
  199. PTSD after the death of a child?
  200. PTSD sucks
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  202. Does he have PTSD?
  203. How do I help?
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  206. Today is my birthday...
  207. Hang in there
  208. It takes courage
  209. PTSD/Flashbacks
  210. Update on our journey
  211. Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde
  212. Sooooo stressful.. hes not talking to me. i need advice ladies..
  213. he just doesn't get it
  214. FINALLY
  215. My Marine, Think he has PTSD after 4 Combat Tours, HELP!
  216. Blogging on PTSD when p*ssed
  217. Tonight
  218. Waiting to talk
  219. emotional distancing
  220. diagnosing
  221. this is amazing
  222. Dont Know If I Can Do This Anymore
  223. PTSD??
  224. New!
  225. What's the next step?
  226. He won't get help.
  227. My PTSD...
  228. "I'm sorry. PTSD moment"
  229. Do anyone have answers or have experience this????????????
  230. random freak out *kinda long, sorry*
  231. scared.
  232. He's almost completely shut down. (long)
  233. Clashing PTSDs?
  234. Sleeping.
  235. Mixed News, I guess
  236. Help/Info for returning Iraq/Afghanistan Vets & their families
  237. Prolonged Exposure Therapy/Cognitive Restructuring
  238. Does he have PTSD?
  239. Obama: More Post-Traumatic Stress Help for Vets
  240. Prazosin for night terrors?
  241. So, that's great.
  242. PTSD anger issues
  243. Status Check.
  244. How can I best support him?
  245. Husband Diagnosed with PTSD
  246. Help!!!! I think my hubby has ptsd..
  247. Anyone else with an SO who is going/has gone through treatment?
  248. I think he has it..
  249. Finally starting to trust me...
  250. My Boyfriend has PTSD...please help!