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  1. Good bye collection!
  2. bye bye military life
  3. Question
  4. boyfriend home on R&R havent talk to him in a few days
  5. And just what do I do, now?
  6. Down to 1, 3 word sentence a day & it's not ILU (LONNGG)
  7. Help with Divorce Info
  8. should i leave or should i go
  9. Is it wrong
  10. why does it hurt?
  11. Just had to laugh....
  12. Wow
  13. I should be torn up
  14. I just couldn't do it anymore.
  15. Break up, but no closure? Post-Iraq
  16. I guess we're done... for now... I suppose.
  17. It's Officially Over!!! :depressed
  18. What is going on with me?? (long)
  19. I just dont know
  20. are you kidding me?!
  21. I guess it's really over.
  22. Crushed
  23. He feels guilty.
  24. Add me to the singles list....
  25. meh...
  26. Last post on here!
  27. For everyone
  29. everyone that has posted here recently
  30. Splitsville, USA
  31. Dang
  32. Its Over
  33. I've missed you girls
  34. IDK What To Do!!!
  35. I'm confused.. Update.
  36. Well this sucks
  37. Dear John
  38. I'm confused..
  39. Going through the big D
  40. UPDATE on Thanks so much girls.....
  41. Thanks so much girls and take care all of you!
  42. Ive never cried so hard in my life
  43. f----ing hate this
  44. It might be early
  45. We Broke Up
  46. Let me let go..
  47. ok ladies i read it wrong.
  48. whatever. i'm done.
  49. A song for all my heartbroken ladies...
  50. How did you know??
  51. I ended it...
  52. And here I am.....
  53. making myself not a b*tch
  54. No witty title this time...just finally closure.
  55. No More Counting Days
  56. Can't do it anymore
  57. im okay with it..
  58. I Wouldn't Wish The Pain On My Worst Enemy...
  59. I'm done..... completely used up and done...
  62. I think we're done.
  63. Goodbye my almost lover...
  64. Very nearly...
  65. The Price of Intelligence
  66. We're done for good
  67. It's over.
  68. When you love something, let it go...
  69. I get so annoyed
  70. My heart just broke again!!!!!!!!
  71. update...
  72. getting over him
  73. F*ck
  74. Well Add Me To The List
  75. its offical
  76. Happy Valetine's to me......
  77. UPDATE: Found peace
  78. done done done done done
  79. finally some answers
  80. No longer MISSING MY HERO
  81. For now...
  82. He gave up..
  83. I don't know what to do anymore
  84. i never thought I would be posting in here.
  85. confused
  86. I can't see past it. (language Warning) long.
  87. Well it's official...But I'm Okay.
  88. advice on this email
  89. So Divorce I guess
  90. things were great and now it seems its over
  91. ended
  92. over it.
  93. After a while...
  94. a letter.
  95. Please read.. I don't know what to think.
  96. Please Explain...
  97. What To Do????
  98. UPDATE - Never in a million years...
  99. Advice for those going through a break up.
  100. Never in a million years...
  101. I made a decision
  102. I need some advice
  103. Help? I never thought I'd be in here...
  104. Im pretty sure I have come to the conclusion...
  105. So proud of myself
  106. time to let go
  107. Looks like this'll be my boat soon
  108. Ugh
  109. just wierd
  110. why did u leave me for christmas....
  111. Sigh. F*cking Figures
  112. never thought I would be posting here
  113. he left me update
  114. this feeling sucks
  115. he ended it
  116. It just hit me!!!
  118. I talked to him on IM...
  119. I'm bouncing back! Yay me!
  120. He emailed me back
  121. My Story....
  122. We are done, he just doesn't know it yet!
  123. its over
  124. He finally texted
  125. what to do?
  126. I'm thinking we're done
  127. Yay, he called me from Kuwait!!!!!
  128. might as well use this break-up forum... :-/
  129. First Thread