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  1. School Shooting in Florida
  2. cutting back on food stamps
  3. The Future of the American Empire
  4. gun control
  5. Flags at half staff
  6. Take a Knee
  7. Why 20 Is Not The New 30
  8. The Importance of College
  9. Significant Other = Best Friend?
  10. Athletes Stitting/Kneeling During the National Anthem
  11. Dog awarded military Purple Heart
  12. The phrase "My People"
  13. Beverage Tax
  14. Induce Everyone at 39 weeks = Better Outcomes
  15. How do you handle social media with your SO?
  16. "Affluenza" teen sentenced today
  17. North Carolina passes discriminatory anti-LGBTQ bill
  18. Uterine Transplants: Ethical or not?
  19. Gender and Biological sex are different
  20. Do you think America should take in Syrian refugees?
  21. 1-year ban on federal funding for Planned Parenthood
  22. Auschwitz mist showers anger visitors
  23. School board bans rebel mascot
  24. School Supply Lists - Do they ask too much?
  25. Help me out here.
  26. Navy/Marine 18 weeks maternity leave for active duty WOMEN
  27. California vaccine bill SB 277 signed into law by Jerry Brown
  28. S/O Should "Click it or Ticket" be the law?
  29. S/O.. Paid Maternity Leave
  30. Check splitting and alcohol
  31. California Set to Mandate Childhood Vaccines
  32. Navy chief fights for promotion
  33. Shark Week ?
  34. Religion and schools
  35. Sex education in schools?
  36. Brides worst nightmare
  37. Teacher Salaries
  38. An asking for money via social media WWYD?
  39. S/O Happy Memorial Day
  40. Shocker! The Duggars Have Skeletons in Their Closet
  41. UCSD Professor requires students to take the final exam nude
  42. Sharia Law Comes to Walmart.
  43. thug is the new nigger
  44. David Simon Talks About Where the Baltimore Police Went Wrong
  45. Just found out my name on my son's phone
  46. Freshman dating a Senior
  47. Breastfeeding on base.
  48. "Free Range" Parenting?
  49. Being called mommy
  50. Women on the $20 bill
  51. George Zimmerman accuses Obama of inflaming racial tensions
  52. Do your kids do chores?
  53. Cute doll or Racist?
  54. Drugged drivers no more likely to get into accident than sober drivers
  55. Brian Williams
  56. Vaccinations
  57. General Petraeus being charged under same law as E. Snowden?
  58. Why/how do we pick and choose who to hate?
  59. Posting pictures of your kids "Loot"
  60. should sex after fraud be considered rape legally?
  61. New news on Circumcision!!!
  62. Lena Dunham accused of being a child molestor (tw)
  63. Mandatory Quarantine
  64. What do ya'll think of this?
  65. Ferguson Protest Leader: We Will Murder People if Darren Wilson Does not Face Charges
  66. r/t 29 year old choosing to end life
  67. Local family receives Blue Star Banner
  68. "spanking decreases cognitive development and increases criminal behavior"
  69. Actress claims racism and refuses to produce ID to police
  70. In 6 years since I was in highschool it certainly has changed...
  71. Adrian Peterson arrested on child injury charges
  72. The Death penalty
  73. Should America negotiate with terrorists?
  74. 9/11 sales
  75. Compassion
  76. NFL Ray Rice's wife responds to video and job loss.
  77. Seperation of Church and State
  78. Naked Celebrity Photo Scandal
  79. Women and the draft
  80. ALSA files to trademark "ice bucket challenge"
  81. Is Satanism a branch of Christianity?
  82. Over 15K shares in 4 days...yikes
  83. My friend put into words what I could not.
  84. Veteran turned away at six flags in NJ for offensive shirt
  85. S/O - body cameras mandatory for police?
  86. Saint Louis Shooting
  87. Duggar kids and AR15
  88. Why are 18 year olds called teens?
  89. Dog breeding
  90. Soldier's House Demolished During Deployment
  91. (Possible Trigger, Abuse) Mother Whoops Daughter for Sleep Challenge....
  92. Women in church leadership roles
  93. 2 Hours for an Execution
  94. $300,000 Cystic Fibrosis Drug
  95. Google Glass in public places?
  96. Movie theater charging full price for 4 week old
  97. Mom is "kicked out" of concert for having an infant with her
  98. Does education = smart?
  99. S/O Military Paying for College
  100. 'Racist' Dress code at bar
  101. Gluten Free?
  102. Always Commerical
  103. Fireworks, PTSD, "all vets"
  104. How is this not here? Hobby lobby/supreme court/we hate women
  105. Kids and marriage/divorce
  106. Would this piss you off?
  107. Serious bad luck, dumb luck, Sue happy?
  108. Da Fuq did I just read?! - Another Vaccination Argument.
  109. Hero worship of the military getting in the way of policy?
  110. Iraq
  111. Taking Away Guns?
  112. How do you feel about trigger warnings?
  113. Pro-Ana/Pro-Mia Sites *possible ED trigger warning*
  114. Catholic teachers challenge morality clause
  115. My brain hurts .... "American Civil War of 2014"
  116. Tipping - at $15/hour
  117. The Actual Difference between Women who are Hot and Women who are Beautiful
  118. 6 year old Ryland transitions from girl to boy
  119. Solar Freaking Roadways!!
  120. Not a "real" addict?
  121. Frozen Debate!
  122. "Extreme" events while pregnant, would you do it?
  123. Judge Grants Mom an Emergency Order to Protect 3-Year-Old's Foreskin
  124. The "I'm not allowed to... " Statement
  125. How parents can halt bullying... **possible trigger warning**
  126. Openly Gay NFL Draft Sam could be fired for being gay..
  127. New Hampshire Dad Charged After Protesting Book.....thoughts?
  128. Fast-Food Workers to go on Strike for higher minimum wage
  129. Quality of Life (Trigger Warning)
  130. NRA pressures store to NOT sell "Safe" gun
  131. Prince George Possibly Photoshopped
  132. Twerking
  133. Fathers' rights to delivery.
  134. The Invisible War
  135. 5 Things I Learned From My Abortion
  136. GA Passes "Guns Everywhere" Bill
  137. "Dear parents, you're being lied to."
  138. Honey and Allergies
  139. Last Man Standing
  140. 12th and Delaware
  141. Should drug addicted mothers be charged with a misdemeanor?
  142. Working/Personal life
  143. Cops, EMTs, Firefighters, Ambulance drivers... giving up 1st amendment rights
  144. Is Whiteface okay?
  145. Taking Other Young Family Members to Church?
  146. Photo editors and amateur historians, please help!
  147. The entitlement generation
  148. your opinion on vaccines for your children - anonymous poll
  149. Does giving up what you are being bullied for, mean a bully wins?
  150. ADHD does not exist
  151. Uniform Rule May Keep Religious Americans From Military Service
  152. Death Penalty
  153. Sandy Hook shooter's dad speaks out
  154. Should texting be as punishable as drunk driving?
  155. Colorado man rescued during September floods facing backlash for potential lawsuit
  156. "Hero or deserter?"
  157. Planning vacations during school year
  158. What are you thoughts? GS selling cookies outside of legal pot shops......
  159. Wearing Uniforms In Public?
  160. s/o How much responsibility does a step-parent/parent's SO have to a child?
  161. Creation? Evolution?
  162. Russian villagers say the Olympics have ruined their town
  163. So who watched the Nye/Ham debate?
  164. Should this 16 yr old girl be charged as an adult?
  165. Addiction Isn't Selfish: Interesting article about addiction in light of PSH's death
  166. Adoption records open or closed?
  167. Homebirth midwives reveal death rate 450% higher than hospital birth
  168. Student Discount
  169. How vaccines cause autism
  170. The 17 Worst Things To Ever Happen In Fashion
  171. 2014 Winter Olympics - Sochi, Russia
  172. Sperm Donor Ordered to pay support
  173. Global Inequality is "Fantastic!!!"??????
  174. The Truth about Blackfish
  175. The Bachelor/theoretical gay bachelor comments
  176. BAH Changes???
  177. Destroying Your Childs Heart - One FB Picture At A Time
  178. Pertussis Vaccine 3+ doses less effective?
  179. Hot Sauce teacher returns to classroom
  180. Smoking in a Car with a Child Now Illegal in Oregon
  181. When is decision perceived good or bad?
  182. Wanting to marry military
  183. Texas Father Barred From Removing Wife From Life Support
  184. 'Duck Dynasty' Star Phil Robertson Suspended Over Anti-Gay Remarks. Thoughts?
  185. Vet talks about Obama's Safe Act. 3 minutes of courage.
  186. Owners can't get dog back
  187. Changing Santa S/O
  188. iPad baby seat inspires campaign to stop the parenting apocalypse
  189. Bill passed to remove (military) remains from national cemetery
  190. MN College Student Facing Loss of Limbs after Passing Out on Porch in Freezing Temps
  191. Amazing Pantene Ad Defiantly Tackles How Women in the Workplace Are Labeled
  192. Pope Francis is the Catholic Church's Obama
  193. Controversial Paul Walker article (TW: Statutory Rape)
  194. Key logging software
  195. Wealth Inequality in America
  196. Sandy Hook/Newtown 911 Tapes Released
  197. Electric Car Owner Charged With Stealing Five Cents Worth Of Electricity
  198. Minimum Wage vs Salary (sort of a S/O)
  199. Late-term abortion
  200. DOD to cut funding to AHRN
  201. DOD looking to close all 247 state side commissaries....
  202. Euthanasia
  203. Is torture ever necessary?
  204. The great gender divide
  205. Always fixable?
  206. Strange Love
  207. We Don't Have Children Yet, but We Are Still a Family
  208. Mind The Gap
  209. Black Friday
  210. Do you trust the police?
  211. 9 Out Of 10 Americans Are Completely Wrong About This Mind-Blowing Fact
  212. Pregnant woman on raw diet
  213. White Guilt
  214. Being a woman is the ultimate insult
  215. Atheists say their help isn't wanted at Kansas City Rescue Mission Read more: http:/
  216. How would you feel...
  217. Controlling Cockroaches with a phone
  218. Gift Giving
  219. Kanye West's album art racist?
  220. Washington Red Skins
  221. "son"
  222. Photo of Soldier with Muslim Girlfriend Stirs Controversey
  223. College and responsibility...for parents?
  224. Guardianofvalor.com
  225. telling renters about a death
  226. Woman will give note, not candy, to children she percieves as overweight
  227. Pennsylvania law says no touching of pregnant bellies without permission
  228. Texas mom allegedly hurt son, then glued genitals
  229. Too Old to Have a Baby?
  230. TOT in another neighborhood?
  231. Breatfeeding and Jury Duty
  232. I wanna be a pimp for Halloween.
  233. Online purchases and state taxes
  234. Why my 2yr olds know the real names of their vaginas
  235. s/o shutdown - back pay
  236. Should kids 'earn' the purchase of new book(s)?
  237. do you think that the inequality of the distrabution of wealth is good?
  238. s/o Living Wage Discussion, What wage does anyone deserve?
  239. Grocery store shelves to be equipped with cameras to gather shopper information
  240. How long do you think
  241. Religion driven charity
  242. Self Driving Cars
  243. Mother Who Killed Children Seeks Cut of Estate
  244. What Does The World Think of Us?
  245. The Beatles!
  246. Would you be for it?
  247. Is the Shutdown the Constitutions fault?
  248. Is this Halloween prop offensive/racist?
  249. For those of you who want to defund obamacare, or the ACA..............
  250. Christians remind everyone they're 'not all like that' on LGBT issues