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  1. Married too quickly and easier on divorce?
  2. Obama a One-Term President?
  3. Organ Donation for Inmates
  4. Deaths of Children Left in Hot Cars Hit Grim Record
  5. Proselytizers = Solicitors?
  6. Money or man thread spin off
  7. Family nudity
  8. Delta Airlines for the win?
  9. College won't play the National Anthem
  10. The money or the man?
  11. Invasion of Privacy or Free Speech?
  12. Weird Conversation. What do you think?
  13. Women in combat?
  14. Child Proof Door Knob- Inside of Child's Bedroom Door.
  15. Rhianna Defends Video?
  16. Food Stamp use at restaurants
  17. Blind Trust
  18. Is this commercial too gross to be on television?
  19. Ban on male circumcision proposed in California City
  20. Dove ad stirs contreversey
  21. What is your opinion on this?
  22. Lawmaker says Women should be Prepared to be Raped
  23. "Reverse Racism?"
  24. Lance Armstrong - Doping ?
  25. Student suspended over Facebook post
  26. SWAT Team Defends Shooting Iraq Vet 60 times
  27. Israel
  28. Co-Sleeping
  29. Spanking older kids
  30. Bookstores Censor Cover of Topless Male Model
  31. Homeless People...
  32. AshleyMadison.com
  33. Prayer Request for Osama bin Laden
  34. Driving Tax
  35. Baby hatches
  36. Wow, people really think like this. Opinions?
  37. Stephen Hawking- Afterlife is a "fairy tale"
  38. The "need to procreate"
  39. Whats more valuable: Life or Money?
  40. Who's at fault?
  41. S/O What would you do?
  42. What Would you do??
  43. Part of his plan? JUST a thought NOT a belief!
  44. Nudity for Charity..(Yes, there is some nudity in it...)
  45. The Gerson Therapy
  46. Maybe not a debate
  47. Risky Situations
  48. Transgender children
  49. Corrections?
  50. 7 Reasons the 21st Century is Making You Miserable
  51. School Uniforms
  52. "SlutWalks"
  53. Does having a facebook make you legit?
  54. Should Athletes Be Allowed Paternity Leave During Season?
  55. Is America addicted war?
  56. How does your SO feel about Osama's death?
  57. Should they release the images
  58. Christians, how do you feel about this kind of thing? (regarding death of Osama)
  59. Killing v. Capturing of Osama
  60. What does being Patriotic entail for you.
  61. How far is too far to commute?
  62. Another Obama Spin off
  63. spin off of Obama birth certificate thread
  64. Pornography
  65. Dog Wars
  66. how do you think the universe started?
  67. Asking for it?
  68. Leaving children in the car
  69. Article on how little girls dress, and their parents
  70. Qu'ran burning and Islamic Center Protest
  71. Intelligent Life
  72. Suicidal pregnant woman charged with murder when baby dies
  73. Court Allows Sex-Change Surgery for 10-Year-Old Boy
  74. New Oreo Commercial
  75. Kinda thought this wasn't necessary...
  76. DUI Checkpoints...
  77. What if Dad says "No."
  78. Kids in strollers....
  79. Question for parents. (Somewhat long)
  80. President Trump???
  81. How do you feel about this?
  82. Where does maturity come from?
  83. Woman told by judge to testify against her alleged attacker or she'll go to jail
  84. Kids and facebook?
  85. The role of women, update in OP
  86. Scary.
  87. Corporal punishment?
  88. Cheating
  89. Tenn Stripped of Crown for Being Overweight and Late
  90. Marriage
  91. Arizona to consider taxing the overweight
  92. Do You Agree or Disagree With Money For Japan Mil Familes
  93. Lowering drinking age for military?
  94. Vegan couple face a life time in jail for child neglect, right or wrong?
  95. Death Penalty Vs. Life in Prison?
  96. How young is too young?
  97. Daddy issues
  98. Is it racist to oppose mixed income properties in certain areas?
  99. Would you stay with someone if they revealed to you they were born a different sex?
  100. Abercrombie "push-up" swimsuit for young girls
  101. Breast feeding Doll
  102. Citizens Against Government Waste
  103. S/O Homeschooling
  104. Kids In School W/ Life Threatening Allergies
  105. War In Libya
  106. 3 day wait for abortion becomes law in South Dakota
  107. Training Dogs
  108. New wives as key spouses/frg leaders
  109. Cryptozoology
  110. PMS: A Legitimate Excuse?
  111. What would you do?
  112. Spin off of Pregnancy Parking: Abled Body Family Members Using The Handicapped Spot
  113. Parking For Customers With Infants Only
  114. Over the counter birth control
  115. Crying Babies...
  116. Should prisoners be allowed IVF treatments and conjugal visits?
  117. How do you feel aboutt...
  118. The Banshee!
  119. What are your thoughts on...
  120. would you ever date someone who used to weigh 500 pounds, but doesnt anymore?
  121. Thoughts on a Male's perspective of Military Spouses?
  122. Divorce and Step moms
  123. When best friends start bullying
  124. Are whites racially oppressed? (CNN editorial)
  125. fat app.
  126. S/O Surrogacy
  127. Egg donation -- Would you?
  128. Things Fall Apart
  129. Calling Child Protective Services. *** Update***
  130. Sleepover Dad Gets 11 year old pregnant
  131. Is it really?
  132. Gas Boycott
  133. The Flat Earth Society
  134. Most corrupt
  135. Thoughts on this?
  136. Wisconsin buget battle and Union Collective Bargaining
  137. Dateline last night Bullies
  138. texas and new abortion law
  139. Mother always knows best?
  140. Toddler locked in airline bin
  141. Castrating Sex Offenders?
  142. The Opposite of Tiger Mom: Leaving Your Kids Behind
  143. court ordered bedrest??
  144. Do you agree?
  145. Prom Dresses
  146. Proposed Bill in Georgia May Make Miscarriages "Illegal"
  147. Military funerals
  148. What do you think about DoD using hybrid vehicles?
  149. Selling an item you had by yourself before you were married
  150. Spin off: Spay and Neuter clinics
  151. Breeding versus adopting
  152. Don't Marry
  153. Death Pools
  154. The pill
  155. Your dream job...
  156. Prejudice
  157. "My Mommy is having a baby" book
  158. do they still deserve...
  159. Military Chaplains
  160. Once you go Atheist, you never go back?
  161. Foursquare/check-ins
  162. House of Reps voted to completely de-fund Planned Parenthood
  163. Women Sue Pentagon for "Enabling Their Rapists"
  164. Forgiveness
  165. Driving tests for the elderly
  166. You're in America, speak English!
  167. Mubarak Hangs tough.
  168. Man faces misdemeanor charge of animal cruelty after his dog kills young raccoon
  169. The julie Project
  170. Military- job or lifestyle?
  171. Wikileaks - Is it good or bad?
  172. Drinking age
  173. Zune, iPod, or Other
  174. Would it make a difference for you?
  175. Violent media - good/bad/banworthy/not banworthy - you tell me
  176. Men severing rights
  177. Relationships
  178. You will argue about anything.
  179. Cosleeping and being intimate
  180. Guns
  181. Bill would require all S.D. citizens to buy a gun
  182. Do you think this warrants a charge of misdemeanor child abuse??
  183. book series
  184. A question stemming from porn thread but not about porn
  185. Snooping Because of Cheating Intuitions: Wrong or Right?
  186. Thoughts on baby swinging?
  187. Porn
  188. License Plates For Bicycles
  189. since it is a topic right now
  190. New version of Huckleberry Finn
  191. Making a point or Begging for Attention?
  192. Obama on Homosexuality
  193. "Future Hooters Girl"
  194. Natural Selection
  195. happy meal toy lawsuits
  196. Will you be with your family after this life?
  197. We eat our own, the bones and all.
  198. Teachers gifts
  199. Racism
  200. Breastfeeding a 6 year old... :whistle
  201. Just Curious- Regarding Multi-faith marriages
  202. Is snooping after infidelity productive?
  203. Discrimination - being fat and being gay.
  204. "Military wife job"
  205. MO: Over the counter cold meds could require a prescription
  206. North and South Korea exchange fire!!
  207. Keeping secrets from your SO that a friend tells you
  208. Open marriages
  209. Do you think...
  210. Piggy Bans
  211. A big baby, or right to be upset?
  212. is kissing cheating?
  213. Texas considering pulling out of Medicaid
  214. Happy Meal Toy Ban in San Francisco
  215. 9/11 Conspiracy Theories
  216. Adderall/Ritalin in Children
  217. Pentagon poll: Most troops OK with gays in military
  218. Tyra Banks being sued....
  219. Is it time to move on yet? **Warning on Video**
  220. Nude photos and distribution
  221. Kids and video games
  222. Buying 4-7yr olds expensive clothes and shoes
  223. Paying addicts to get sterilized?
  224. Medal of Honor Game Vs Other Shooter Games
  225. "protect our soldiers first"
  226. Ya'll are gonna think I'm crazy...
  227. military vs. police officers
  228. Teen mom tosses newborn out the window
  229. Kids and junk food
  230. $100 million mismanaged by California Guard
  231. Lifestyle Choice?
  232. Pretty much whatever the teacher says is right
  233. School Children 'Blown Up' for Not Fighting Climate Change in Controversial Ad
  234. Do you let your kids lick the bowl?
  235. Pets as children
  236. Wire tapping the internet
  237. Katy Perry's Sesame street outfit
  238. You signed up for it..
  239. Kiss Cam = Gay rights?
  240. Actress's skin lightened for magazine?
  241. Why join the military?
  242. Analogy on the NYC mosque.
  243. Military fighting for your freedom of speech.
  244. Is Eating Meat Immoral?
  245. Advertisements **Links contain mature imagery!!!**
  246. PC reject.......
  247. Feminism
  248. Don't ask, don't tell policy
  249. Should women be allowed in the military?
  250. Deployments or we think?