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  1. Babies and Obesity
  2. Women in the infantry/Ranger school
  3. Gun range to offer childrens' birthday party packages
  4. Preacher says govt should kill gays...
  5. P. Diddy's Son Gets Full Ride to College
  6. Military Moms Breastfeeding in Uniform Stir Controversy
  7. Anti-Racist Math
  8. Crying It Out: Will Holding Your Baby Too Much Spoil Him?
  9. S/O Neuter the poor?
  10. having multiple children ( more than 2) = envorimentally irresponsible?
  11. S/O Memorial Day: May 30th?
  12. S/O of Self-Preservation
  13. Is it soley a parental instinct?
  14. should the sender be held liable in a texting and driving accident?
  15. Becoming a Parent - Kids Only or Do Pets Count?
  16. Referring to one's self as a "Single mom" during deployment?
  17. Straight Edge
  18. Nursing in Public
  19. Global Warming
  20. Kansas pharmacists and docs to deny women birth control
  21. Slaughterhouses
  22. Sizable Rainbow Flag to Fly Over Hillcrest
  23. Generalizations - does it bother you to be lumped into groups?
  24. Dr. Sears response to Time article
  25. My Brother the Psychopath?
  26. Would you let your kid eat this?
  27. s/o asking permission to marry
  28. Gay/lesbian support groups for friends/families
  29. Attachment Parenting?
  30. Bristol Palin blame Glee for Obamas gay marriage stance
  31. What????
  32. Time breastfeeding cover sparks controversy
  33. Just curious...
  34. S/O: If your SO told you s/he was bi or questioning
  35. True love and being a single parent?
  36. North Carolina constitutionally bans same-sex marriage
  37. mistake of letting women vote article w/video
  38. Are you easily persuaded/influenced?
  39. Do you believe in following the law absolutely?
  40. Morality without religion?
  41. Do you think......
  42. Animal care cut off?
  43. Discharged veterans using G.I. Bill?
  44. Bumper Sticker.
  45. DADT
  46. is it enough
  47. The Military "Card"
  48. S/O Women on Subs
  49. Home Owners Associations.
  50. Rape
  51. Holocaust Jokes
  52. Sharing Privileges
  53. If you saw this posted on FB...
  54. Unpaid Internships
  55. GMOs
  56. The gender wage gap is largely a myth
  57. Cinco de Mayo
  58. Gonna be hot today!
  59. Purity
  60. Affirmative Action in the military
  61. Would your SO be okay if you
  62. Boy Scout Den Mother, Forced To Resign Because She Is A Lesbian
  63. God Facebook?
  64. San Luis Obispo's public smoking ban
  65. Sex
  66. If this happened at your child's school would it upset you?
  67. Raising child vegetarian
  68. The word "Illegal" illegal?
  69. A Bandit to Hollywood but a Hero to Soldiers
  70. Apologies: Need for and Format To
  71. False Advertising vs Self Responsibility
  72. Birth "Rape"
  73. kids outside alone
  74. Ghosts?
  75. Arizona's SB1070 law
  76. If someone dies should their family get access to their Facebook?
  77. Do you?
  78. i agree do you?
  79. Undocumented Immigrants to Get Lower Tuition?
  80. Bachelor Party... Would you want to know?
  81. College Education
  82. Animals In Vehicles
  83. Cyber Bullying...
  84. Army Wives
  85. placenta
  86. Why is adoption never considered for unborn children?
  87. Tipping
  88. Found this on Pinterest...
  89. S/O College Savings- Weddings
  90. oreo ad
  91. College Savings
  92. Day of Silence and Schools
  93. Paternity Leave
  94. Socialism
  95. S/O What would you do?
  96. what would you do..
  97. Voter ID laws
  98. Do you agree with this?
  99. How would you feel?
  100. Preschool/pre-k: necessary or optional?
  101. Smoking Outside
  102. S/O of childcare provide by high school
  103. Child care provided by high schools!
  104. Studies on race: enlightening or oversimplifying?
  105. If veteran cashed his paycheck, he shouldn't ask for more
  106. Legalize ALL drugs?
  107. S/O of Offensive words
  108. Do you find this offensive?
  109. Followup: "Too Pretty" columnist back in British news
  110. "Homosexual Agenda" the "Iceberg" to Destroy America
  111. A Tale of Two Births
  112. Military surplus stores
  113. Smoke Free
  114. Parent S/O
  115. Helicopter parent
  116. Mom arrested for forcing child to walk 4.6 miles to school.
  117. Do you believe in karma?
  118. Violation of one law escalating charges in regards to others......
  119. Serious question.....
  120. Wearing your So's military Uniform
  121. Church/family appropriate?
  122. S/O Should people with AIDS be allowed to procreate?
  123. Should people with AIDS be allowed to procreate?
  124. Compelling testimony?
  125. If you drink alone.....
  126. Spin Off: Are euphemisms preferable?
  127. Appropriate? Or not?
  128. Do you believe in spirits?
  129. Hypocrisy and adult/teen sexual relations
  130. "Privileges"
  131. S/O of Chick-fil-a thread...
  132. Personal Opinion Thread...
  133. What do SAHM's DO all day?
  134. Kind of extreme
  135. Couples therapy (vh1 show)
  136. So, I have an interesting question....
  137. Are Single Friends the enemy?
  138. Tables Flipped on Abortion Protestors
  139. Christans and Cavemen
  140. Irresponsible parenting or fun family activity?
  141. 1 in 5 pharmacies misinforms teens re: morning after pill
  142. Who's paying for that?
  143. Plastic Surgery..yeah or meh?
  144. Germaphobes?
  145. Alicia Silverstone’s Bizarre Way of Feeding Baby
  146. Dating and Transgendered People
  147. Rick Santorum on Gay Porn?
  148. Couple Receives $2.9 Million For Wrongful Birth *Edit* Already been debated
  149. Miss Universe Canada Disqualifies Transsexual Contestant
  150. S/O spouse stereotypes
  151. Spouse stereotypes pre-impressions?
  152. Do you believe in mediums?
  153. Less offensive?
  154. S/O Should the Government regulate what you can name your child?
  155. Should CPS take children from parents who give them unsavory names?
  156. Custody and College Support
  157. breastfeeding beanie
  158. Just a "clump of cells"
  159. Do you consider sugar a drug?
  160. Genderless?
  161. Certain Word S/O: What makes bad words bad?
  162. Possible debate on a certain word
  163. Question for pro-choicers
  164. Choosing sex of baby
  165. Jealous of adopt-a-soldier?
  166. Not turning off car alarms
  167. the definition of deployment:
  168. Newspapers refuse to run Doonsebury comics re: TX abortion law (img heavy)
  169. Attraction?
  170. Doomsday preperation
  171. Bi and married? huh?
  172. UPDATE: Afghan shooter moved - trial speculation
  173. Religious Suicide Debate....
  174. Would you compare these?
  175. man sentenced to sex with 13 year old who lied on her facebook...
  176. How do you feel about girls who kiss girls when they drink??
  177. Does the ability to afford a child signify increased responsibility?
  178. woman scams soldiers
  179. Is it wrong to approach someone in your group?
  180. Coming in April: No Sex for Anyone
  181. Dad makes Son wear sign for bad grades...
  182. Couple sues hospital for ‘wrongful birth’ of daughter born with down syndrome
  183. Critics of Rush Limbaugh Ignore Bill Maher, Matt Taibbi Misogyny
  184. Another s/o of cheating thread.
  185. S/O cheating
  186. s/o people who think porn is cheating
  187. To those who consider porn cheating
  188. How old is too old?
  189. Free Music
  190. So I had this patient...
  191. How do you feel about babysitters/nannies?
  192. China and US Debt
  193. Pepsi Co fetus "flavor enhancer" testing.
  194. Pregnant Barbie
  195. what do you think of this statement?
  196. Not Vaccinating?
  197. The cure for pity parties!
  198. Self Defense when Police are involved
  199. Defining "Stress" [IMG]
  200. 2nd Amendment Good/Bad? You choose.
  201. Unschooling??
  202. Well, that's one opinion- thoughts?
  203. Kids on leashes
  204. Do you believe people are essentially good?
  205. Rush Limbaugh calls college student a 'slut'
  206. The Importance Placed on Education...
  207. Santorum on prenatal testing
  208. Should a Juvenile be able to recieve the death penalty?
  209. Ben and Jerry's Pulls ANOTHER Flavor
  210. Should the SEALs recruit minorities simply to have more minorities?
  211. Would you eat it?
  212. Speaking of men's heights...
  213. Lose your ability to hear or your ability to speak?
  214. Dead bodies to be burned to heat UK swimming pool
  215. really?
  216. Should a man have a right to choose?
  217. Words TV Censors
  218. Get Paid to Get Drunk!
  219. For those of you who are of age
  220. Georgia Democrats propose limitations on vasectomies for men
  221. Inducing for Kindergarten Cut Off Dates
  222. What would you do?
  223. Tattooing your pet - is it wrong?
  224. A Different Perspective on Government Benefits
  225. Ultrasound before abortion
  226. Body part donation.......
  227. S/O on Oklahoma Personhood Act
  228. House ban on gay adoptions survives Senate panel
  229. Do you tip? (poll included)
  230. Flags Half-staff for Whitney Houston
  231. Fox News' Liz Trotta On Women Raped In Military: 'What Did They Expect?
  232. PETAs new add. Offensive or funny?
  233. Allowing States to Ban Birth Control?
  234. rolling stone article about gay students
  235. Robotics: Potentially useful techonology or looming disaster?
  236. Self sevice or full service gas staions
  237. Citizenship...
  238. National Guard isn't military but "state militia"
  239. "Healthy" "Attractive"
  240. Would you consider this racist?
  241. Designer Babies
  242. A Concice History of Black-White Relations in the USA
  243. Susan G. Komen Pulls Cancer Screening Funding From Planned Parenthood **UPDDATE**
  244. What do you think about the Humane Society Attacking Wal Marts pork Producers?
  245. Homosexuality/Gay Marriage from a Religious Stand Point
  246. Fellow Teachers, Have you seen this?
  247. The New KKK
  248. Leaving a child unattended in a car
  249. Breasts: Genitals or Commodities?
  250. Why isn't this racist?