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  1. S/O License renewal driving tests
  2. Exorbitant fines
  3. 2nd Amendment
  4. Oregon Baker Refusing to Bake Cake for Same-Sex Couple's Wedding
  5. What would you do?
  6. Military Divorce Rate Higher, Yes or No?
  7. Spinoff: One nation under...?
  8. Hem lines!!!
  9. Homeland Security has advice for confronting mass murders: scissors
  10. School Recites Pledge in Arabic, One Nation Under Allah -- Good, bad?
  11. Married responsibilities
  12. Will you vaccinate?
  13. PornHub's Rejected G-Rated Super Bowl Ad
  14. Fat-shaming May Curb Obesity, Bioethist Says
  15. Facebook and work
  16. North Carolina Proposal Would Ban Welfare Recipients From Buying Lottery Tickets
  17. anti-sword nuts at it again in schools
  18. Flat Tax on expenses instead of income?
  19. Mando military service
  20. Mixed Weight Couples....
  21. New Mexico Bill Would Criminalize Abortions After Rape As 'Tampering With Evidence'
  22. AD vs. Guard/Reserves?
  23. Adultery and Security Clearances
  24. "Gun Control" is NRA turf
  25. Prohibition for Army personnel
  26. Florida Judge BANS Woman from having children
  27. 9 Year Old in Mississippi Caught Beating Toddlers in Daycare Surveillance
  28. Be honest
  29. Armed Guards/Police in Schools
  30. Uhhh the eff?!?!
  31. Facebook Profiles for Pets- Cute or Crazy?
  32. Conspiracy Theories you believe to be true
  33. Idolatry?
  34. Has anyone seen this video? Sandy Hook Conspiracy
  35. American Flag
  36. What's a good reason to own an assault rifle?
  37. Oxygen’s 'All My Babies’ Mamas' sparks calls for cancellation before it even airs
  38. Mom's iPhone Contract
  39. Parents kissing their kids??
  40. Bill would let parents buy alcohol for adult kids
  41. Is Django racist?
  42. Cutting for Bieber? (Kind of explicit content)
  43. Presidents of Corporations held liable for murder/manslaughter?
  44. Preschool as expensive as college?
  45. Video games?
  46. Does it matter?
  47. When did Violence Against Women become a partisan issue?
  48. Should names of gun owners be public knowledge?
  49. Hypocritical Lawmakers... Yes or No
  50. Controversial anti-gun poster-- TRIGGER WARNING
  51. Iowa will start RealID 15 Jan
  52. "Pro-Choice" Americans at Record-Low
  53. Who will reach a deal first?
  54. Hobby Lobby doesn't want to cover abortions in their healthcare
  55. Survivor of Connecticut shooting files claim for $100 million
  56. Gun Violence - what do you think about this article?
  57. Inheritance
  58. Free housing/alcohol
  59. Is the world really ending tomorrow?
  60. Russia to block all US adoptions
  61. Gun responsibilty
  62. Smart gun technologies
  63. Is this good reporting/responsible journalism?
  64. What do you think?
  65. Social Media major?
  66. S/O Smoking
  67. Worst Marketing Decision Ever: Drycleaner Puts "Pro-life" Message on Their Hangers
  68. A "well rounded student" or "specific expertise"?
  69. Should this teacher be fired?
  70. Early learning
  71. Berkeley logic?
  72. Define deadbeat parent
  73. Turning in found items
  74. Needy kids asking for expensive items
  75. What do you think?
  76. Homeless Man who was gifted boots by NYPD officer is shoeless again...
  77. Adultery
  78. Wealth Tax
  79. Should military marriages include a 'deployment sex pact'?
  80. Is a redistribution of wealth a greedy request of the poor?
  81. Wanna know what's really wrong with healthcare?
  82. Taking a Break
  83. What would happen....
  84. "The real reason your wife won't work" thoughts?
  85. Prosperity ministry
  86. Felon Voting Laws
  87. Tobacco Free Colleges
  88. Petraeus.
  89. Judge makes women hold "idiot" sign as punishment
  90. Obligatory personal maintenance?
  91. what high school topic
  92. When spouses cheat....
  93. Tilted Kilt/Hooters and Relationship Boundaries
  94. How would you feel?
  95. Conservative Christians Conveniently Ignore Pro-Choice Passages in the Bible
  96. School safety and voting
  97. Lawsuit worthy or not (death mentioned)
  98. If it was your child?
  99. Is health care a Right? or a privilege?
  100. NYC Marathon- should it go on this weekend?
  101. Teaching little kids to swear and flick people off??
  102. Race
  103. Treating patients with depression
  104. Circumcision
  105. Should past convictions be mentioned in a news article about a death?
  106. Moral Character and the Classroom
  107. Police pursuit related accident/deaths
  108. What is race?
  109. Excellent speech by a preacher on gay rights
  110. The Book of Mormon on Broadway
  111. Buried or cremated?
  112. Cheerleaders Want to Display Bible Versus at Football Games
  113. Bringing pets into businesses.
  114. Are you an Organ donor?
  115. Giving money to homeless people/beggars?
  116. Second to the military??
  117. Kids and Women's shelters
  118. Waiting for sex
  119. Young teens having sex
  120. Your children and OTHER people's beliefs
  121. Bug Chasing
  122. Children and Sex
  123. Your children/Your beliefs
  124. Lending money....
  125. Using stimulant medication in low-income kids to boost grades
  126. Ill spoken words from Kelly Ripa.
  127. Manufacturers One up extreme couponers???
  128. Banned Books
  129. Pregnant Women Parking Spots
  130. OK I need a math Guru- I have a debate math question:
  131. the cost of mlik to double JAN 1..... lapse of the Farm bill of 1949
  132. "I'm only human...."
  133. Do you think people more likely will cheat in a bar/club than in an office etc?
  134. Mom angry that Male Principal spanked her daughter.
  135. Flu shots???
  136. Appropriate?
  137. People who get their panties in a wad
  138. Women who don't have girlfriends...
  139. Would it help you?
  140. Free Speech or incitement?
  141. Sexual orientation present from birth?
  142. Would you pay to pick your child's sex?
  143. The military was their only way out...
  144. Don't Marry a Soldier...
  145. Republicans, please explain.
  146. S/O Bullying 2.0
  147. Bullying
  148. What did you think you were signing up for?
  149. Irresponsible?
  150. Should aid be stopped?
  151. N.J. high school tosses textbooks, invests in iPads
  152. News photos with US deceased Libyan ambassador
  153. Soldiers fighting for our freedom?
  154. Elections and voting - psa and questions
  155. 09-11-01
  156. Things you just don't/shouldn't joke about?
  157. Should perpetrators of violent crimes be permitted to attend college unescorted?
  158. Massachusetts judge rules for inmate's sex-change surgery
  159. "Not wanting to date someone who is obese is prejudice"
  160. Would you let your kid donate an organ?
  161. Peace only possible?
  162. 9/11 memorial treated "like a playground"
  163. Is there anything
  164. "Black" vs. "A.A."
  165. Tv time, how do you decide?
  166. Civilians using military sound off = offensive?
  167. Phrases
  168. Purchasing a Doll/Baby for Your Son?
  169. S/O: Is it the same?
  170. What would you do?
  171. Um I don't know what to think about this!
  172. new circumcision study
  173. Rape as a Method of Conception
  174. Selling your eggs.
  175. Using Financial Aid
  176. Women voting Republican...
  177. FOX News reveals ID of Navy SEAL Team 6 member
  178. S/O Shift work & marital status
  179. S/O Religion and Dating: Religion and Marriage
  180. Thoughts?
  181. Dan Savage debates Brian Brown of NOM
  182. Voter ID laws
  183. Boy or Girl?
  184. "america is not the greatest country in the world"
  185. Urinalysis - Welfare
  186. I Love Abortion: Implying Otherwise Accomplishes Nothing for Women's Rights
  187. Expensive?
  188. Donating or Giving A Child Donated Breastmilk
  189. Airline policy: men cannot sit by unaccompanied children
  190. Biden
  191. Why she got pregnant at 16
  192. For people who are proponents of "small government"
  193. Abortion = The Holocaust
  194. Personhood Laws
  195. Fat Kids
  196. FB proposal
  197. Should books have ratings?
  198. Children Allowance
  199. S/O - "Merry Christmas"
  200. can YOU balance the US budget?
  201. Fellowship of Christian Athletes
  202. Marry a Military Man for Health Insurance...
  203. Flag dip?
  204. It's a guy thing?!
  205. Honey Boo Boo Child
  206. Consultant = owning your own business?
  207. Movie Ratings.
  208. Hiding things from your children?
  209. s/o young kids in late night movies
  210. Secret vasectomy the cause of infertility
  211. You Cant Be Serious
  212. Is the Father right...or wrong?
  213. Football is the same as combat?
  214. Inspiration Porn
  215. Tattoos and the Bible
  216. "this is not a person"
  217. Father's day/Mother's day
  218. Military housing and rank
  219. Affirmative Action
  220. "Red Shirting" your kids.
  221. Extreme Parenting
  222. S/O Registry's
  223. "Blood sucking" circumcision
  224. Chris Rock's tweet
  225. If you don't have a child who served, you owe money to people who do
  226. Thank you cards
  227. Religeon and atheism
  228. Discussion of homosexuality by a gay Christian
  229. S/O piercings
  230. S/O bathing suits: pageants
  231. Bathing Suits: S/O ear piercings
  232. Piercing babies ears?
  233. Circumcision
  234. Standing up to Law Enforcement
  235. How do you feel about honesty?
  236. Eloping being disrespectful....
  237. Chili's Server Fired After Facebook Tip Rant
  238. Robots?
  239. Selfish to have one chid?
  240. Would you ever do this?
  241. Why do people "hate" police?
  242. You have to see it to believe it..
  243. Should alcoholics be placed in NCO positions?
  244. Abortion = Crime prevention?
  245. ‘You’re not special’
  246. Effectiveness of Smoker's Commercials
  247. Birth Control
  248. Graduation
  249. Miss Rhode Island becomes Miss USA
  250. S/O: Children's b-day parties @ gun range