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  1. Baby Love - My infant son became the other man.
  2. Pastor pretends to be homeless, is mistreated by his church
  3. Amazing Video Supporting Universal Healthcare
  4. S/O of measles Outbreak thread, as a parent that has decided to not vax.....
  5. Should there be a way for fathers to relinquish their parental rights?
  6. Parenting like it's 1986
  7. "were pregnant with twins and pissed"
  8. My Big Fat Revenge...Yay or Nay?
  9. Fast food strike
  10. Banned children's book on sex
  11. Thoughts?
  12. S/O: When is it okay to break the law?
  13. S/O: The ultimate feud
  14. Do you Ever see the US splitting up like this Russian Poli Sci Prof predicted?
  15. Crime Gone Down Since 1990's
  16. What the?
  17. Spaying/neutering
  18. Men with sisters less likely to do housework as husbands?
  19. Controlling food stamp purchases
  20. I am in complete aw..
  21. Clown banned from Missouri State Fair amid outrage over Obama act
  22. news article regarding possible cuts to the DOD budget....
  23. Your Weight as an SO - Obligation?
  24. Unwrapped Presents
  25. Is it immoral to play the lottery?
  26. MTV orders virgins reality show - Thoughts?
  27. Texas pushes yet again another abortion related bill...
  28. Bradley Manning Mixed verdicts are in.
  29. Boycott made in *insert any country here* products due to countries politics?
  30. Put US First - your thoughts?
  31. Abuse is never an option!!
  32. In MD, bars are not liable for what happens after patrons leave
  33. Is this Illegal? Or just Immoral?
  34. Adoption
  35. Statutory rape
  36. Pregnant daugther
  37. Laws to support aging parents
  38. Arrest = loss of benefits
  39. Are checkpoints unconstitutional?
  40. Antibiotics/General Overmedication of children?
  41. Do you think the Military should pay for this?
  42. 10 Things Most Americans Don't Know About America
  43. Four Children Gunned Down in Chicago During Zimmerman Trial
  44. Visible Tattoos, Piercings and Teaching?
  45. To speak or not to speak.
  46. Don't be that girl. Spin on "Don't be that guy"
  47. Women as the breadwinners?
  48. Love the art, hate the artist-get illegally!
  49. Keira Knightley's Domestic Violence PSA *Trigger Warning*
  50. MLM companies
  51. S/O Definitions of sexuality
  52. S/O Missing someone is missing someone
  53. It's really none of MY business.
  54. We serve too!
  55. Ex-Chicago Cop: Zimmerman Acquittal to Cause Race Riots
  56. Why Black People Understand Rachel Jeantel
  57. George Zimmerman case
  58. '3 Parent' IVF Babies
  59. If you don't have a uterus, you don't get a say ...
  60. Dreams (sorry not really sure where to post this one!)
  61. Pastor jailed for having church services at his home
  62. DOMA what do you think?
  63. S/O is security or happiness better?
  64. WARNING-- Gruesome Situation -
  65. Should they change their name?
  66. Are bras necessary?
  67. S/O boys will be boys
  68. Boys Will Be Boys
  69. Sticks & Stones/A rose by any other name
  70. Why is cheating such a special sin?
  71. S/O The Two Minus One Pregnancy
  72. "I wish we weren't having twins"
  73. Group closes "cure" ministry, apologizes to Gay community
  74. Child is "left out" of class picture
  75. S/O Marrying your high school sweetheart
  76. Sen. Kaine - First Spanish speech in Senate
  77. Young Kids At Movies?
  78. "Happy Father's Day" To Single Moms?
  79. If this is your husband ...
  80. Do you get mad/upset when people judge the military?
  81. Military spouse pins
  82. Labeling exceptional children: beneficial or detrimental?
  83. Sushi Restaurant Bans Kids
  84. Is Forced Fatherhood Fair?
  85. S/O S/O Why I buy local organic
  86. S/O: Does having less money make birth control options less available?
  87. Buying luxuries while on welfare
  88. The Great Commissary debate...
  89. S/O Smoking: Would you ban it?
  90. Leaving dogs in cars
  91. Turkey first country to ban elective C-sections
  92. Theme Parks Create VIP Tickets
  93. Mandatory Church Attendance
  94. Vigilante justice ever okay?
  95. Does joining the military make someone a hero?
  96. NH School Will Not Allow Student to Wear Uniform at Graduation
  97. Do you think Autism is over diagnosed?
  98. The what are you/where are you from debate.
  99. Student Reciting Prayer During Speech...
  100. Should people be able to opt out of social security?
  101. Why men aren't really men anymore
  102. Tannin While Pregnant
  103. Native American Teen Denied Diploma for Wearing Feather During Graduation
  104. Teen denied prom entry for having large breasts
  105. Should the members of the West Point Rugby team have been able to graduate?
  106. A parent's homecoming should not be a surprise
  107. S/O Partying after baby
  108. Your thoughts on medical sex workers?
  109. Baby plays with doberman
  110. Monsanto Protection Act---- RE:GMO
  111. "THE one" or "A one?"
  112. Dying wish to euthanize healthy dog
  113. Should this sort of rule makes its way to America? People arrested for racist tweets
  114. Babies At Risk Of Obesity Due To Parents Overfeeding
  115. Taking a break...from marriage/relationship
  116. Kid Food?
  117. Egg freezing...would you do it?
  118. Women can constitutionally walk around bare breasted without fear of arrest
  119. Ruinous parenting choices?
  120. Red Dye 40 and the link to ADHD/ADD....
  121. Should we be able to buy cars directly from the manufacturer?
  122. Breastfeeding used on Billboard to promote CougarLife.com
  123. Do you think being pregnant (third trimester) should be a disability?
  124. Disney - parents hire handicapped "tour guides" so they can cut in line
  125. Guy Gives Abercrombie & Fitch A Brand Readjustment By Giving Their Clothes To The Hom
  126. Couple changed their son's diaper in the seating area at a Starbucks
  127. Graduation cancelled because prayer not allowed
  128. What should be done with weapons from gun buy-back programs?
  129. Code of Conduct for Wives?
  130. Wow, this bothers me
  131. State's Rights Part II
  132. Parenting a child with no future
  133. Legacy acceptance for applicants at prestigious universities
  134. What happens when we die?
  135. How would you react if your teenager did this?
  136. Is experiencing economic hardship necessary to appreciate money?
  137. Pro-abstinence only sex ed harms rape victims
  138. Making a point
  139. NIMH abandoning DSM - thoughts?
  140. Priority level of child support payments in household finances
  141. Does the Boston Bombing Suspect Deserve a Proper Burial?
  142. Guide to Gay Atlanta
  143. Historical reparations?
  144. PTSD in Army wives?
  145. Teen Mom's Banned Yearbook Photo
  146. S/O - worst day in American history?
  147. 9/11 musem to charge admission fee
  148. Gender neutral language - yay or nay?
  149. Is American an ethnicity?
  150. Florida teen faces felony charges for science experiment
  151. Banning plastic bags?
  152. WIC-- BAH not included
  153. S/O Type of death?
  154. Man assaults and kills 6 month old-- death penalty? TRIGGER WARNING
  155. Thoughts?
  156. Do you think it's fair that richer districts receive better funding for education?
  157. Sports Vs. Performance Arts
  158. Do you find it offensive...
  159. International versions of textbooks?
  160. Ban Chewing Tobacco??
  161. Anne Frank's Diary Too 'Pornographic' For 7th-Grade Students, Claims Michigan Parent
  162. Anti Bullying video switches it around and uses straight like gay
  163. Hyundai forced to apologize for ad **Possible trigger**
  164. Pass a law, any law...
  165. Courage or Stupidity?
  166. What's your relationship type? (kinda S/O)
  167. S/O Would you be mad if your child posted this...
  168. State's Rights. Where do you sit?
  169. S/O Living Together and Marriage
  170. What makes it terrorism?
  171. Loving America
  172. David Ortiz Drops F-bomb at Red Sox Game- FCC doesnt care
  173. Diaperless Baby Raising
  174. Lawsuit against CVS
  175. 11 year transgendered male to female
  176. Do you think the world is getting more evil?
  177. Are people inherently good?
  178. Biomedical Animal Research
  179. Rubber fetuses and high schools don't mix
  180. Cheating
  181. How to fix Congress
  182. S/O Do you love your spouse more than your kids?
  183. Regretting having your children
  184. Do you agree with Police being trained to consider cellphones weapons?
  185. S/O How Do You Feel About... SAHH
  186. should the morning after pill lose its age restriction?
  187. how do you feel about...
  188. One night a year ...
  189. Kids, House, ect... but no marriage?
  190. S/O from Domestic Surveillance thread - Anonymous Internet TOR
  191. How much Domestic Surveillance are you ok with?
  192. What are your thoughts if the military limited marriage to people under a certain age
  193. April Fools' jokes.
  194. Another thought for the day.
  195. Paralyzed Iraq war veteran Tomas Young explains his choice to die
  196. 2nd grade drug education?
  197. Your thoughts on 3D printed firearms?
  198. "I'm Gay and I Oppose Same-Sex Marriage"
  199. Marriage Equality - Why does it not extend past Gay marriage?
  200. licenses for illegal immigrants
  201. Howard Schultz to Anti-Gay-Marriage Starbucks Shareholder: 'You Can Sell Your Shares'
  202. Mandatory Drug/Tobacco/Firearm Scans in Schools...
  203. SNAP Food Challenge: 1 family, $16 per day
  204. Did CNN engage in rape-apologist rhetoric? *WARNING: POSSIBLE TRIGGER*
  205. Kwikies: Would you object to selling or buying them?
  206. Extreme Couponing
  207. S/O Do you always wear make up? *poll incoming*
  208. Mixing Business with your Personal Life
  209. Teacher and Student Standards
  210. S/O Last Names.... For Kids
  211. Delivery Guy Gets 10 Dollar Tip for 85 Pizzas
  212. Surrogate mothers' rights
  213. Show reciepts for State Assistance
  214. Minors + Military Members
  215. "not ready to get married"
  216. Woman fired from San Diego Christian College for premarital sex, lawsuit alleges
  217. Branch/MOS bashing
  218. Is using first names disrespectful or acceptable?
  219. Right or Wrong?
  220. I don't know about this
  221. Do you think moms (or dads) of young babies should go out and party with no worry?
  222. Should parents be able to read their children's college admissions essays?
  223. Let's Assume Pokemon Are Real
  224. is yoga a violation of separation of church and state?
  225. VA determining Competency, and gun ownership
  226. Why Is Everyone Always Giving My Kids Junk Food?
  227. DCF
  228. Your thoughts on Plastic Surgery, Self esteem, and your term of Self love.
  229. Living wage vs. minimum wage
  230. s/o Too Young (preg)
  231. Tipping
  232. s/o how young is too young?
  233. How young is too young?
  234. Preschool
  235. Wiccans & Pagans outraged at Fox News!!!
  236. New medal for drone pilots outranks Bronze Star
  237. Do you think it's right?
  238. Liability to shoot
  239. Do we effect their careers?
  240. Is it racist?
  241. Were you the child of a SAHP?
  242. Selling breast milk?
  243. Would you rent YOUR POV?!
  244. My husband's new favorite commercial!
  245. Would you consider an Au Pair? (Live in Nanny)
  246. Can kids still be kids?
  247. Before 39 weeks
  248. Marriage/Outdated Institution?
  249. Using "contacts" to get out of charges/fines
  250. 50 Cent in Marine uniform