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  1. If a woman were president
  2. Candidates and affection to the spouses
  3. Please Explain (honestly dont understand)
  4. Dont know how to title this.
  5. Beauty Pagaents
  6. Sick child
  7. Burning trees after clearing land
  8. What is NOT an issue to you in this election?
  9. Military Dating Sites?
  10. Madonna....hot or scary?
  11. A VERY important debate!
  12. Calling Politicians names
  13. Who is better and why?
  14. What do you think about this?
  15. Bills?
  16. Euthanasia of animals....
  17. Buy or lease?
  18. Lighthearted debate...
  19. Breastfeeding your children...Age Limit?
  20. Afraid to speak up?
  21. limits on foodstamps
  22. Fair Tax info..why I am so passionate about it!
  23. Should I say something?
  24. eye for an eye?
  25. Pay as you go insurance??
  26. s/o teen pregnancy..
  27. pressure of a wife to look a certain way of her DH is a higher rank?
  28. S/O of the Obesity thread
  29. What do you consider to be a "teen pregnancy"
  30. obesity - is it the obese person's fault?
  31. Minimum education requirements for homeschool parents?
  32. S/O Ultimatums: Changing Yourself
  33. Changing after Deployment
  34. So... lets talk about guns.
  35. Ultimatums in relationships
  36. "You should see a counselor"
  37. Friends With Benefits
  38. Pocket money
  39. happiest day of your life?
  40. Does your vote count?
  41. conservatives vs liberals.
  42. teachers with myspaces and/or facebooks
  43. Put your marriage before your kids
  44. Children and the way they dress?
  45. Madonna
  46. How would YOU reform healthcare??
  47. New PETA Commericial. Thoughts???
  48. In airports
  49. Letting animals loose
  50. Airlines and families
  51. College Presidents Aim to lower drinking age.
  52. Would you break your word...
  53. is there such a thing as
  54. During the National Anthem
  55. War death tolls- what do you think
  56. Third World Country Vaccinations??
  57. Bands as Religion?
  58. how do you refer to....
  59. Lighthearted - kid's hairstyles
  60. Who is in charge of the money?
  61. spinoff - telling an so to curb their spending
  62. Should the President of the United States...
  63. Jokes?
  64. Veteran Dependents
  65. Alabama State Workers: Slim down or pay?
  66. Religious Principle or Selfish?
  67. Protesters at conventions
  68. An Olympic Sport?
  69. Soulmates and multiple partners (poll incoming)
  70. Waiting to have children
  71. Teenage pregnancy
  72. Political Parties?
  73. Asking Dad's permission.
  74. Same-sex Marriage
  75. Are your views biased towards your gender?
  76. Refering to abortion as "killing a baby" - bothersome, PC?
  77. Lowering the drinking age
  78. Would you be an egg donor...
  79. Very serious...
  80. Doctors can refuse abortions, agency says
  81. Vaccine refusals fuel measles outbreak
  82. Don't know how to post this...
  83. Egg Donation
  84. do you believe in fate and soul mates?
  85. Legalised Abortion in Australia
  86. Does it bother you?
  87. jobs and beliefs..
  88. Border Patrol
  89. Not sure where to put this - Toddler Caylee
  90. Government Assistance Question
  91. spanking=abuse
  92. Debates
  93. Do you believe in animal testing?
  94. s/o "having children without funds" - government enforce BC?
  95. Having Children without the $funds$?
  96. when rape produces a child...
  97. Dont know....
  98. John McCain's personal life
  99. Parents' beliefs vs. child's welfare
  100. Fidelity
  101. Tougher Truancy Law
  102. School hours
  103. Changing the drinking age...
  104. Faith & Politics Civil Forum
  105. The "Age of Big Families"
  106. S/O of the Roseanne Thread..
  107. S/O In God We Trust
  108. Dog dies in traffic stop
  109. Employer's Responsibility
  110. Does this make any sense?
  111. Fluoride
  112. Frozen Sperm?
  113. a situational debate - abortion, since that's the topic of the night
  114. Abortion, foster care, birth control and adoption in 3rd world - your view?
  115. Children Drowing prevention
  116. Childbirth couture - Stylish or silly?
  117. Pitbulls....
  118. Sex...the debate
  119. I'm curious...
  120. For those of you who have both bf and ff
  121. flat-tax vs percentile-tax
  122. Need opinions, but this may turn into a debate!
  123. The whole kid leash debate.
  124. Wealthy doctors
  125. With all the thread about Prostitution...
  126. Voting or Non Voting
  127. Georgia vs. Russia
  128. What Issues are Important to you this Election Season???
  129. S/O legal prostitution..
  130. Daycare
  131. Do you believe this statement about sexual partners:
  132. s/o Should prostitution be legal?
  133. Reality tv relationship shows on mtv, vh1, etc
  134. S/o I met my first prostitute
  135. Is Phelps The Fastest Swimmer of All Time?
  136. MEDIUMS
  137. Touchy Subject about opinions
  138. How do you feel about people who get sex-changes?
  139. i know this is way early..
  140. Is that legal?
  141. Babies in prison
  142. Your thoughts on the US going to Georgia
  143. How much do you know about it...
  144. Kindergarten
  145. HIV and Privacy
  146. S/O of Aids and daycare.... AIDS and football?
  147. S/O of the Herpes.... HIV/AIDS & Daycare
  148. School leaving Age
  149. Do you care? Should you care?
  150. Why can't I own a Canadian? *religious*
  151. Swingers & "Marriage"
  152. s/o of the Breastfeeding in public article--poll included
  153. S/O of Mcdonalds News Thread...
  154. Anti-Business or Family Friendly?
  155. Oral herpes or HS1
  156. olympics spinnoff - swimsuit technology
  157. Something I heard on the radio this morning
  158. Silly Debate...
  159. Obama's message for disabled veterans
  160. President Bush's Olympic Interview
  161. do the olympics divide?
  162. athletes training
  163. spinoff debate: unplanned children vs unplanned pets
  164. Is it possible to be too family oriented...
  165. playing for other countries..
  166. Would you Support your child?
  167. Mandatory Birth Control
  168. Who's who?
  169. Teens taking 'miley cyrus' esque pictures
  170. S/O of Soldiers Sleeping with Other Women
  171. Soldiers sleeping with other women?
  172. Ive Been Trying To Understand...
  173. Should he be punished? (long)
  174. Why is he a controlling bastard?
  175. Nursery/preschool Education??
  176. Sex before marriage
  177. Divorce
  178. The term shipmate
  179. Should they get thier children back?
  180. Which Branch
  181. going barefoot 100% of the time....
  182. The "G" card
  183. What do you know about trade?
  184. Public disclosure of sexual misconduct allegations?
  185. Serious possibility, or wishful thinking?
  186. Official Debate
  187. The View
  188. Bad Stuff
  189. Military and their Food
  190. When do you think a mother or parents should let their kids go?
  191. S/O of an apology...
  192. Myths about Civil War
  193. Reading as punishment?
  194. A war - it's beginning, end and results
  195. Coupling, Religion, Race and Prejudice
  196. The Rebel flag. what does it mean to you?
  197. Teens with Tattoos...
  198. Teen Girls and Cleavage.....
  199. Baggy, Saggy Pants
  200. What do you think of the rise in adolescent self abuse??
  201. plastic surgery-yay or nay?
  202. trans fat vs HFCS
  203. At what age/maturity level do YOU feel it's ok to have sex?
  204. Military housing and no children families
  205. A change?
  206. At fault?
  207. Is an Apology still owed?
  208. Are kids growing up 'Too Fast' these days?
  209. Underage Drinking
  210. New Spouse Class
  211. I'm gonna expand on the "Porn" thing a little
  212. What do you think?
  213. Do you agree with this sign?
  214. Appalling behavoir?
  215. Charity for publicity?
  216. Iraq war veteran interview with Henry Rollins
  217. Are you concerned with how other people see us and our country?
  218. McCain speech
  219. McCain - his open lack of knowledge
  220. email fwd
  221. Spin off of "porn" thread - porn and infidelity
  222. Porn?
  223. My Senator wrote me back
  224. Kids and Babysitters/Day Care
  225. Soda (Pop) for kids..
  226. Desensitization
  227. When does science go TOO far?
  228. Brad and Angelina
  229. S/O on Donating your eggs
  230. Celebrity baby photos
  231. S/O on Do you agree or not?
  232. Do you agree or not?
  233. The age ole debate
  234. Child abuse or Horseplaying
  235. Found on a Myspace Page....What do you think??
  236. Donating ur Eggs
  237. Do you think it's right...
  238. "I'm not wearing that thing!?"
  239. boys with long hair..
  240. Birth Control and IUDs now to be defined as Abortion
  241. Surprise Scare
  242. Organ donation
  243. Inmate Labor
  244. Man and wife?
  245. S/O of the "kinda long, but wanted to put this out there" thread
  246. kind of long, but wanted to put this out there
  247. Predestination?
  248. yes or no.
  249. The Prosecution of George W Bush for Murder.
  250. Music Downloading..