Hi, I realize a faux pas was made, in that a question went unaddressed when the thread was closed. All of staff apologizes for this.

The statement about keeping questions to Private Chat was a bit misleading. Sandy didn't want to publicly say more than she did about why she was stepping down and was willing to talk with people privately if they wanted to discuss it or talk with her or get her Facebook link. She didn't want to put any more information out their publicly, for PERSEC reasons. Looking back, it was poorly worded, but I can't fault Sandy because this is an emotional decision that she's agonized over.

The thread was closed as Sandy requested that it only remain open 24 hours.

Another question that has come up that I'd like to make everyone aware of - before twistertwin's and amandalouwho2's permissions were changed to Moderator, all Private Channel with Staff threads were archived to the Admin area of the board. This was done as when the OP created the thread, twistertwin and amandalouwho2 did not have access. Any thread can be moved back to the PCwS forum, if the OP of the thread wishes, with the understanding that twistertwin and amandalouwho2 will now have access to the threads.

PLEASE NOTE! Twistertwin and amandalouwho2 understand and agree with the privacy of the PCwS forum and that any information they see from thread before they were on staff deserves the same respect and privacy that threads going forward deserve.