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Thread: ummmm phone number?!

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    ummmm phone number?!

    I just experienced a slightly unsettling glitch... I clicked the "go advanced" button thing for replying to someone's post... and then I couldn't remember all that was addressed in the OP so I scrolled down to read the preview thing and i no shit saw a fully formatted phone number in it like (555) 555-5555 but with actual numbers... at first I was like why would they put their number there?? I didn't notice it when I first read the thread, how could I miss that... then I noticed it was kind of randomly placed in their OP with no rhyme or reason, and when i hit post it was no longer in the OP, just like originally. Tried doing to the "go advanced" thing again and it no longer appeared... wtf?! could it be if you are on your phone your number appears in certain formats in a glitch?! i don't know what the point of this thread is i guess... other than to say i definitely saw a phone number in the go advanced, and wondering if anyone else has seen this... weird.
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    I've never experienced that but that is very, very strange.

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