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Thread: Site Information Update

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    Exclamation Site Information Update

    To be clear, these changes are going into effect from this point forward, it has no weight in any decisions/actions that were before this time.

    What Staff Moderates.

    Staff moderates MSOS, not the outside world. If you do or say something off MSOS about MSOS, and it doesn't get back here or back to the staff, there is nothing we can do. If you do or say something off MSOS about MSOS and by doing so violate the rules, and it gets back here... there will be consequences.

    If you have an issue with a PM that someone has made to you, you have three options. 1) Attempt to work it out and come to an understanding 2) Put them on ignore, they will be unable to PM you and lastly, 3) You are also free to call them out on their behavior with a Boxing Ring thread or a Venting Thread if they do not have access to the Boxing Ring.... you are adults, work it out, fight it out, or ignore it.

    If it comes down to a BR thread please keep in mind that you can not bring any information or posts out of protected forums.

    Please note that we do want to know if someone is spamming or threatening violence in a Private Message, that will never be tolerated. But in cases of name calling and lack of civility, Staff does not moderate that.

    Keep in mind that comments on individual user walls and all blogs associated with MSOS (not individual blogs that are residing in siggys/about me sections/etc) are subject to TOS and moderation.


    You are responsible for your account. If someone else uses your account, understand that you will accept the ramifications of what they do in addition to it being against TOS.


    The system does not generate anything to let staff know that infractions are due to expire or anything of that nature. If you have questions regarding an infraction that you thought was suppose to expire and it does not, please start a Private Channel with Staff thread and discuss it with us. If you have questions when you receive an infraction, please start a Private Channel with Staff thread and discuss it with us. If you have an older infraction that you would like to have revisited and reevaluated after time has passed, please start a Private Channel with Staff thread and discuss it with us. If you are dissatisfied with the final decision made, you also have the option to PM the owner of the site, QPrincess, in order to bring this to her attention.

    Staff is working on guidelines referring to what consequences go with what violations of TOS. Before we explain further please be aware that staff will continue to take the situation and context into consideration when issuing consequences. Overall, most violations will follow a "warning for a first offense, expiring infraction for a 2nd offense (whether its 6 months or 1 year will vary), and permanent infraction for a 3rd offense". TOS violations that fall under these guidelines are things like siggy size, OPSEC, curse words in thread titles, ect... things considered more "black and white"/"you did it or you didn't."


    As it comes up a lot, we’d like to address the use of the Staff username. We will be using it for things such as Announcements, but it simply isn't feasible for it in day-to-day threads. Only one person can be logged into at a time and hot threads move too fast for one member to have to go back and forth between a hot thread and a staff discussion thread.

    Regarding Account Closures:

    You may ask for your account to be banned, however this will result in a permanent closure of your account, not a Banned status. You may not ask for your account to be reopened. To add, you may have your account closed up to 3 times before it becomes permanent.

    If you choose to close your account, you will be given an option to take down a mod's contact information so you can ask for it to be re-opened if you so choose. You may also want to keep in contact with a friend here who can contact staff as well. Staff will also ask if you would like to set the account to automatically reopen after six months, or if you would prefer to contact us when you want to return. If you choose the automatic reopening, we still encourage making sure you have a way of contacting us in case of system issues.
    Last edited by Tojai; 07-26-2013 at 05:37 PM. Reason: added addition info re: account closures
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    Thank you for the updates.
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