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Thread: I need/want some Spinach recipes..

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    My own special recipe... Cheese and Spinach rolls

    Puff pastry (like the type you would use for apple turnovers or something, they come in a roll)
    Cook you spinach till it's really soft or use frozen spinach in the box (defrost it)
    put box of spinnach and 2 cups of motsarella (sp) cheese in a bowl (add more or less cheese for your liking) and mix
    cut pastry sheets in half and spoon spinnach/cheese mix down the middle and roll up into a log. prick top of log a few times with a folk and brush with milk.
    Bake in oven till golden. EAT it's yummy.

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    Quote Originally Posted by parkwoodmom View Post
    That looks good!
    It is! And it's low cal too (it's from The maple dressing with the bacon and beans is heavenly!
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    Quote Originally Posted by parkwoodmom View Post
    that's a funny word

    What is it?
    It's greek... basically a spinach pie...

    Rachael Ray actually uses frozen spinach in a lot of her recipes too...

    Well, I'm what I am and I'm what I'm not
    and I'm sure happy with what Iíve got
    I live to love and laugh alot
    and thatís all I need

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    Chicken Florentine is good.,1639,...237198,00.html

    If you're using frozen spinach, do the spinach dip in bread boule thing:,1-...d_bowl,FF.html

    I've stir-fried spinach in a little butter. It's really good if you stir-fry up some asparagus, red bell pepper, and then add baby spinach at the last minute.

    I like this one on the side:,1950,...240195,00.html
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    I don't have any recipes... but I've got some favorite ways to use it.

    I love fresh spinach steamed with butter and lemon juice.
    I also like to sautee it in olive oil with fresh garlic and onion.
    I like it tossed with egg whites, onions, tomatoes, and goat cheese for a yummy, healthy scramble.
    And I like it in any salad - but especially with candied nuts, stawberries, and warm vinaigrette.
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    I have a good pasta recipe with spinach in it (it's good without the spinach as well)

    POINTS® Value: 5
    Servings: 8
    Preparation Time: 15 min
    Cooking Time: 20 min
    Level of Difficulty: Easy
    This easy pasta dish launches our "International Favorites" week, featuring popular dishes from around the globe.

    12 oz uncooked penne
    1 tsp olive oil
    2/3 oz pine nuts, about 2 tbsp
    1 1/2 tsp minced garlic
    10 oz chopped frozen spinach, thawed
    1 pound tomato(es), plum
    4 oz feta cheese, crumbled
    6 medium olive(s), black, pitted and chopped
    Cook pasta according to package directions (without butter or oil), drain and set aside. If necessary, cover to keep warm.

    Coat a large skillet with cooking spray. Add olive oil and heat over medium-high heat until oil sizzles. Add pine nuts and garlic. Cook and stir until pine nuts are golden brown, about 3 minutes. Stir in spinach and tomatoes and cook until heated through, stirring occasionally, about 3 minutes.

    Add spinach mixture to pasta and toss until combined. Serve pasta sprinkled with feta cheese and black olives. Yields about 1 1/2 cups per serving.

    Flavor Booster: Give this pasta dish a fresh taste by sprinkling with 1 teaspoon fresh minced dill and 1 tablespoon fresh minced Italian parsley just before serving. Also try dusky purple Greek kalamata olives with a meaty texture and slightly tart flavor in this recipe.
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    This one was a Pillsbury Cook-off winner; Chic & spinach & cheese sandwich

    1 package Pillsbury pizza dough (in the can)
    4 chix breasts, pounded thin
    1 bx frozen spinach, cooked and drained (well!)
    6 slices provolone cheese
    1 med red onion (diced)
    2-3 tbls balsemic vinegar
    2-3 tbsl sugar
    1/2 cup mayo
    1 clove garlic minced
    1 tsp italian seasonings
    salt & pepper

    Spread out pizza dough on a cookie sheet..bake per directions for approx 10 min in 350 oven. Let cool. Mix garlic & mayo, refrigerate.

    Season breasts w/italian seasonings and salt & pepper to taste. In a skilllet add some olive oil, saute on each side approx 6 minutes, cook thru. Remove from skillet. Turn skillet to med heat, add red onion, saute 2-3 minutes then add vinegar and sugar, cook until liquid is syrupy.

    Cut pizza dough into 2 equal parts. Spread garlic mayo on each piece. On one piece layer chicken breasts, spinach, cheese then pour over top onion mixture. Cover w/other piece of pizza dough (forming a sandwish). Place back in oven for 5 minutes to heat thru. Cut into individual servings!
    This is a family favorite!
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    I do a Spinach Lasagna..its very YUMMY!!!!!

    1 cup 5 Italian Cheese blend 3 grams of Saturate Fat for 1/4 cup 20 mg Cholesterol
    1 jar sauce ( I like Newman Own Sweet Onion or Sockaroni) 0 fat 0 cholesterol
    6 no boil lasagna noodles 0 Fat 50 mg Cholesterol
    1 cup morning star crumbles 0 Fat 0 Cholesterol
    1 cup Non fat cottage cheese 0 Fat 5 Cholesterol
    1/4 egg beater 0 Fat 0 Cholesterol
    1 cup fresh spinach 0 Fat 0 Cholesterol

    In a 6x6 pan coat bottom lightly with sauce, lay down two noodles. In a bowl mix cottage cheese, egg beater, and 1/2 cup of cheese blend and Spinach. Spread out over noodles and place two more noodles on top. Combine remaining sauce and crumbles. Spread 2/3 over noodles and lay down the last two noodles. Spread remaining sauce and coat with remaining five cheese blend(If you don't want browned cheese hold off on the cheese until lasagna has been cooking for 40 minutes than add cheese. Cook time total 1 hour, prep time 10 minutes

    Saturate fat come from the Cheese 3 grams
    Cholesterol 75 mg If you use no yolk noodles instead 25 mg (combine noodles and cheese mixture layer with sauce and than cheese blend
    Serves 4 really hungry people.

    As you can tell its made for low to no fat for my diet you can change that some if you like...but we love it!
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    My dad make a really really really good quish sp? with spinach and ham it is so good. I don't have the recipe though
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    my dads always made what he called "Mikes Special" who knows what its actually called lol but it was just eggs cheese ground turkey or beef and spinach and he fried it up like a scramble and put ketchup on it my siblings and i looooooooooove it

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