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Thread: PCSing this summer...flying or driving?

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    PCSing this summer...flying or driving?

    Hi all, my family and I were supposed to PCS around 1 June but I assume that date might get pushed back due to this crisis. Our new duty station is about 20 hours away by car. We were planning on flying there but I don't know what's safer. I wonder if moving companies will be available at all. I know we are not the only ones PCSing this summer but this uncertainty is quite stressful. Do you guys have any advice? Thanks.
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    I'd definitely travel by car. Unless you'd be staying in hotels, then I guess there really wouldn't be a difference. We did 32 hours by car. We switched on and off driving so no hotel stays. It sucked, but we can't fly with our dog so we didn't have a choice really.
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    I would drive. We drove ours that was about 40 hours of driving. Especially right now, I would drive and camp/sleep in the car if you have to stop to sleep.

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