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Thread: Tipping Photographers

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    Tipping Photographers

    I'm getting professional pictures taken soon. My friend mentioned that I should tip the photographer. Is this common practice? I've never really had professional pictures taken so color me clueless.

    If the answer is yes then what percentage do I tip? The shoot is $200.

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    I have never tipped a photographer. Never even heard of it!
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    I tipped the photographer that did our last family shoot.

    I had never heard of it either, but she was used by friends that also tipped her. I just followed suit and tipped 20%.
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    I have never tipped a photographer and none that I have used ever seemed to expect a tip. I offer them drinks/food if we do a shoot at our house but thats about it.
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    Never tipped a photographer, I would offer to further compensate them if they had gone above and beyond expectations previously discussed for some reason (stayed longer than scheduled etc) but as far as I'm concerned they set their rate for the session in advance and that rate includes what they need to pay for their expenses and time on the shoot as well as whatever money they would need over and above that.

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    Never tipped a photographer
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    I've never tipped but I learned recently from a photographer friend that it is common practice. I'm honestly not sure if I will tip in the future.
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    I've never heard of that! But I tip my tattoo artists, so I guess it's not much different!
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    Generally the old rules are that if the person works for him or herself, you don't need to tip because s/he is keeping the entire fee. If they are just an employee, then you tip. That seems to be changing, mostly because now everyone seems to want a tip, but I doubt I'd tip a photographer who had her own business. She's keeping every penny of that $200, and if she wanted $240 (20% more), she could make that her price.
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    I would tip them if they do an unusually good job, or if they do something that wasn’t included in the original request - staying for longer, for instance.

    If they’re doing neither more nor less than the job they’re already being paid for, then what is the point of the tip? Surely a tip that you HAVE to give should just be included in the price to begin with?
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