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Thread: PCSing with a dog

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    Smile PCSing with a dog

    Hi everyone!! I have a while until we PCS(later this year), but I am trying to get all of my ducks in a row beforehand. My husband has out of country orders and I want to take my dog with me. I have looked up quarantine/shots/health certificate, but the flying part makes me nervous. Has anyone ever taken their dog international in cabin? I have checked with the airlines and it looks like a few of them allow larger carriers in cabin (Lufthansa and I saw another one, but don't remember the name) My dog is a miniature, but is a little taller 11'' and weights around 11lb the 11'' is too tall for Delta and most of the other local airlines. I know theres free space? with the military and they only allow pets when people are PCSing..Do they allow them in cabin? I know several airlines allow dogs in cargo, but I want to use that ONLY as a last resort. My vet tells me what to give over the counter for calming, but won't give me anything other than that thats why the cargo isn't really an option. He is ok being alone for shorts amount of time and will be ok under a seat but likes to be near people. I'm still new to the military life and my husband is deployed and the few military people I know have only lived stateside. Any advice, recommendations..or stories would help!
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    Your dog will be fine! We flew our Aussie to Germany and back. She probably didn't love it but she was totally fine.

    Also, I don't think it's recommended to give dogs sedatives before a flight...

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    I know the regulations for international flights are probably different, but I've flown my dog in cabin a lot within the US. He's pretty tall for a small breed, but is still okay to fit under the seat. We were told he just needed to be able to move around in his carrier.

    Even if your dog isn't able to fly in cabin it will probably handle the flight a lot better than you'd expect. Mine really surprised me, he was very calm and quiet and mostly sleeps.

    I don't think you should sedate your dog, it can be very dangerous. Some airlines refuse to fly sedated animals.
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    I’m not sure what the rules are specifically for military PCS but when I was looking into this in 2012 it seemed like you can’t fly international/overseas with an animal in the cabin at all. I flew my golden retriever from Hawaii to Florida, he obv had to go in cargo since he’s way too big to fit under a seat but I feel like it wouldn’t have been allowed regardless. he handled it fine though, I think the worst part for him was getting dropped off and weighed in his crate. I cried lol. But when they wheeled him out in Orlando he seemed perfectly happy.

    And sedation is definitely a big no no. I think it’s something about the altitude and them not being able to breathe right? Not sure but I doubt any airline would fly your dog on medication and it’s not a risk you should take.
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    Agree with everyone else. I moved my dogs in cargo from Florida to Hawaii and again from Hawaii to New York. No issues. Definitely do NOT give any sedatives.

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    I think the "free space" you are talking about is if you are on one of the Patriot Express flights, which are military chartered flights that fly regularly from the US to common overseas locations. As far as I know, they are only for Japan (and Korea, I think) and Germany (and not Stuttgart). If you are put on a PE flight for a PCS, your dog can fly for free *IF THERE ARE PET SPOTS AVAILABLE*. The spots fill up quickly, especially during prime PCS times, so you need to be very assertive about your need for one, follow up repeatedly to make sure you have one, and be ready to travel separately from your spouse if necessary (to wait for a flight with a pet spot). It sounds like your dog would be too large for in-cabin though, but you can google Patriot Express pet policies to confirm.

    Also, you may still fly commercial to get the the PE locations. (Seattle for Asia and Baltimore for Germany.)

    And, if you fly commercial, you don't necessarily get to pick your flight or even your airline, and generally the military is required to use an American carrier if possible (not Lufthansa, for example).

    I think you are probably going to have to resign yourself to cargo, unfortunately, from the sounds of the size issue.
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    Decades ago we flew our 20lb 9" high dog from Germany to Texas in cargo, and she did perfectly fine. (Back then you could not put dogs in cabins)

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