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    Need Advice

    So I am only in the first month of pre-deployment ha and it already sucks! Can anyone normalize how limited communication can be or how military guys can disengage a bit while in training before deployment?! I have been doing better at trying to just keep myself busy and be very realistic about how this situation is going to look like right now with my bf but definitely need some help with encouragement!
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    Unfortunately, no one is going to be able to give you even a semi-idea of what communication will be like, at least not without much more info. (And even that would still just be a guess and an average experience which might differ a little or a lot from his reality.)

    It depends on branch, job, location, purpose of deployment, and so much more. Sometimes, they have little access to communication. Other times, the technology is great, but they are so busy they often barely have time so sleep and eat, much less send emails or check Facebook. Still other times, everything lines up perfectly and they have almost unlimited access, but even then they are going to want to spend some time communicating with other people spending time with friends, etc.

    As for pulling away, I see people mention it, but personally, DH has never done it and we've been through a lot of separations. It's definitely not a "military guy" think though. It's an individual decision some make (likely subconsciously) and only you can decide if it is reasonable and tolerable for you.
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