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Thread: Command Sponsoring/EFMP

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    Command Sponsoring/EFMP

    Hey ladies...currently going through the whole process of getting command my anxiety is through the roof! My hubby is in AK and Im still stuck at home waiting! Hes getting the paperwork started tomorrow and I just wanted to know what I should expect...what all do I have to do for my screening?...and what medical information will they need from me? Any advice would be great! Thanks gals!
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    The things you can get done are:

    Dental check up if it hasn't been done in the last 6 months or year. This way, when the dentist needs to sign off, it will be easier.
    Yearly Exam if needed. Will need to get signed off too.

    Otherwise, you just have to wait for the paperwork and get it worked on as it comes through. My information/experience is 7 years old though.
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    You also need a current Pap smear I believe
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    Mine have all been Navy and for foreign countries, but I needed a current dental exam (w/in 6 months, and no major issues, and since I saw a civilian dentist for 2 of the three sponsorship screens, that dentist had to fill out a simple form), current pap smear, current on all vaccinations, and copies of my medical records going back as far as possible. I also needed an HIV test and TB test. You may not end up needing that, but it is better to just have it and not need it (should be covered by insurance) than to have it slow the process.
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    Army doesn't need dental for Alaska.

    AF has to have a 1466, 2792 and the 1466 D Dental form filled out. It's good to have a copy of your medical records also.

    They've never asked for my vaccinations or anything else honestly, they mainly will just look over the forms.

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