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Thread: Marrying in AIT, then he goes to Korea, HELP

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    Marrying in AIT, then he goes to Korea, HELP

    So, Iím engaged to someone who is in AIT at FT Rucker. He and I are hoping/tentatively planning to get married the weekend before he graduates AIT. However, he is shipping out to S. Korea for a year as soon as he graduates(unless he gets hometown recruiting.) What kind of BAH and Family separation pay would we be looking at? I canít go with him, and am planning on living with my parents and continuing my college education while heís gone, idk if that affects it. Also is there any kind of paperwork I need to fill out before he goes? Can I use TRICARE at any medical facility, or does it have to be military? Is there anything else important that I need to know?
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    He will get BAH for where you live and you will get separation pay ($150 i think.. can't recall). You can still use Tricare, just let them know your location and ask them how you go about seeing a doctor. If you are on prime and within 50 miles of a military facility you will have to go to that facility. If you are on standard you can go anywhere, but again contact Tricare.

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    Something you may not have considered is how getting married will affect any loans or financial aid that you/your parents have for your education. That may not be applicable at all, but if it is I would look into it.
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    What Trish said. If you have Prime, you will be assigned to a military facility 95% of the time. (If they are full, you'll get assigned a civilian PCM.) If you are standard (now called Select, I believe), they can give you further info, but you would see civilian doctors (and pay more than on Prime). Tricare can explain the costs, which will differ for in and out of network docs.

    And I was going to say what PaUSMC said. Before you get married, look at your loans and aid and make sure you will still be able to afford everything and that you are okay with how being married might change those things.
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