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Thread: Getting married in a month and no idea where to live...

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    Getting married in a month and no idea where to live...

    So YAY! I am getting married in a month! My SO is stationed out in Hawaii and because we aren't legally married we are having a hard time finding a place to live. We could live off base no problem and not worry about it, but part of me wants to live on base, I would feel a little safer about it. With us being newly weds we both don't really want to stay with someone, we would rather have that time to ourselves..

    How long does it generally take to get a SO enlisted in DEERS, and from there how long does it generally take to get BAH? I know everywhere is different and it depends on how fast they get everything done. But I'm just looking for a general time line and whether or not we should just go ahead and rent an apartment...
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    First..Congrats!!! That's so exciting.

    Secondly...hate to say it, but it really just depends. You won't be able to get a better answer because there is no way of knowing. First it depends on when you can get the official certificate, my office told me it could take up to 14 business days but I got in about 8 maybe. Then you will take in all of your official documents, get enrolled, and that part is easy. As for BAH, it took us about 2 months to get it, but I have heard of it taking quite a bit longer as well. Sorry not the answer you were hoping for, but the timelines you get will be all over the place. :/
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    What branch/rank is your DF?

    DEERS itself doesn't take long, but housing and BAH is dependent on not only the branch but the timing. For Navy housing right now, Hawaii doesn't have much of a wait list for MM because a ton of people just PCS'd so there are lots of houses open. It's listed at 0-1 month wait for 2/3 bedrooms. However, if you live in those houses they'll still give you a house if you aren't getting BAH yet, but you'll owe the same amount when the back pay kicks in. It took me 2 weeks to see my BAH kick in as AF, where it took over 5 months for DH to get his BAH as Navy.

    **This is my limited experience with Navy Housing in Hawaii, as I've never lived in housing elsewhere**
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    My husband is Navy. DEERS was super quick and easy (once hubby was actually able to get off work early enough to go during office hours, which was a whole other can of worms). BAH took about 3 months While you might get it quicker, or it sounds like on-base housing works around this, I would definitely count on it taking at least 2 months to kick in.
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    Generally, if you move in to housing, you don't have to worry about BAH. (This is what I've seen.) They just take all the money back once it starts being paid, but as long as they have the paperwork saying you qualify, they don't need to actually see the money to get you moved in.

    That said, you'll need to look at housing wait times for your location.

    For actually BAH, it seems to usually be about 20-65 days, though it could end up being longer. You would get back pay eventually, but you'd need to float all those costs until that shows up.
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    Honesty I'd find somewhere off base. We saved sooooo much money getting an apartment, and the base housing there was mostly pretty gross when I was there in 2012. Maybe something has changed, but I doubt it, especially if he's lower enlisted. If it's just the two of you you're way better off finding a cute apartment somewhere.
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    I just got married 3 months or so ago. The DEERS thing was definitely easy. We just spent the afternoon at the office with all our documents and I got re-enrolled and stuff transferred from dad to husband.

    As far as BAH? I would think it could take a couple months to kick in. My husband was moved out of the dorms already because of his rank right after we met up in person the second time so I'm not exactly sure how long that took. But I do know he was able to get into an off base apartment by December 1st and we lived there until we found out about horrendous issues it had just a couple weeks ago which have forced us to move on base. We also decided with me being pregnant and no car until we go home and get mine next year, I could be more independent this way.

    The base house will take allll his BAH though so I know he's sad about that. It took us about 2 weeks for a base house to be available but I'm not sure it would be so easy for you guys on an island. But it never hurts to call and ask early just to see if they know what might be available around your wedding day.

    Personally I also prefer living on base just for convenience so I can walk places more easily but I didn't really find living off of it to be an issue either. At least off base we didnt need to cut grass and now we will.

    It might be easier for you guys to rent a place off base at first and then move on after a year if you really still want to that way at least you have a place to go after marriage

    Good luck and congratulations! Hope all your wedding plans go well!

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