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Thread: My ENTIRE family and Christmas....

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    My ENTIRE family and Christmas....

    Hey y'all,

    I know... Every time I post on here I am frantic, but this is huge and I am not sure how to tell him... He is going to meet my dad's side of the family for Christmas... I mean my half of my family and it's absolutely huge... Like Trump's wall huge. No... But seriously. I haven't seen any of them in 10 years and I don't think I will get a chance to see my great aunt and grandma a whole lot because they are getting older.

    He also planned to spend Christmas with my family, but now after Christmas happens (when he's still here), we're all going to Texas for my great aunt's birthday/family reunion. How do I say, babe, welcome to the family and also, you are gonna meet half of my relatives. I am not sure how he'll feel about going to Texas. We'll be back when he needs to be back, but it's kind of a big deal. My family is pretty easygoing. I don't have a crazy drunk uncle yelling across the table and everyone is very loving and not abrasive. So... I don't know.

    I just really want this Christmas to be special. I mean... I guess nothing says special like meeting the entire family. Right?


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    So that I can better advise, what is it specifically that you're worried about telling him- about the meeting/events themselves, or like preparing him for your family members' personalities, or something else?
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    He knows he is meeting your family at Christmas but doesn't know you are expecting him to go to this birthday/family reunion? Is that the issue? I think that would be a lot to ask of him.

    Wait, isn't he deployed? If so, coming back from deployment and being expected to go to this family event as well as Christmas is a lot. It is not unusually for those who return from deployment to not want to attend social events and prefer to spend quiet time readjusting to being back in the states.
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    How long have you been together? I think thatís a lot to ask of him to meet your whole family all at once so I would just be honest about it all and talk to him and let him know that if he doesnít feel up to it, itís perfectly fine.
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    I agree with PPs ... this is something that I think should be framed as a discussion and not just telling him "hey here's what's going to happen." Everyone is different but I know this probably wouldn't have worked with DH ... it took a lot of adjustment when he got back from deployment and he wasn't even really up to stuff like just going out to eat with me or walking through Target. It wouldn't have worked for him to attend a family reunion full of strangers plus doing even more traveling after he got back.

    There's nothing wrong with wanting Christmas to be special! I'm sure being with your DB on Christmas when he gets back from deployment is going to be really special no matter what, regardless of what happens with the family reunion. I would just be really flexible with what works for him etc as he is adjusting.

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