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    My boyfriend has been deployed for a year now and I am waiting for him to be coming home next summer.
    I feel like I have been doing okay with the deployment for the most part but as the time goes on, I just feel like it is wearing me down and I am losing more and more of myself.

    I feel like I am ungrateful because I am struggling even though I have way more freedom than my boyfriend does and I know he only wants me to be successful. I know that I have been dealing with depression, so I have started taking medicine to help me manage that, and have plans to start speaking with a counselor. I have trouble finding purpose when I feel this way. I am still going through the motions, and being successful in that sense (I am holding a part-time job and am attending college full time with a great GPA while supporting myself) but I am not happy at all. How do you go about dealing with the sadness that comes with deployments ?

    This summer I was really struggling so I got myself a puppy to make myself get outside and have something to focus on but it hasn't helped as much as I hoped that it might- the dog is a total nightmare. I love my bf and there is not crazy tons amount of time left in his deployment, so that is something to look forward to, but I hope my post makes sense or someone finds something in what I've said that they can relate to. I would love any advice from you guys on ways to deal with deployment. The people in my life here have never experienced a loved one being deployed so any kind of heartache I express seems to fall on empty ears and I just have felt very alone in my sadness.
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    how is the dog a total nightmare? maybe they need more time in training, that sounds like a great hobby to keep you busy.

    everyone has bad times, it's okay to have a bad time, as long as not all the time is bad.

    The time will pass, I promise. I know sometimes it feels like it will never end.
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    He’s been deployed for a year? With still more time? Usually deployments are 6-12 months. I haven’t heard of one any longer.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Mac N Cheese View Post
    He’s been deployed for a year? With still more time? Usually deployments are 6-12 months. I haven’t heard of one any longer.
    My DB is on a 12 month deployment - with the before and after crap it's going to be more like 14+ months PLUS the CO warned there's always the possibility of an extension at the end if the person who is supposed to replace him isn't there on it can go longer! but I agree getting initial orders for a deployment to go more than 12 months is unusual. However you could be stationed overseas for much longer periods but it wouldn't be considered a deployment.

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