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Thread: Horrible PCS HELP!!!!

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    Suspicious Horrible PCS HELP!!!!

    My Hubby and I just PCSed to Whiteman AFB Missouri from Sheppard AFB Texas. We recently received our personal property shippment and OMG what a mess. ALL of our good funriture is damaged...some beyond repair. Not to mention the fact that 90% of our furniture are antiques that have been passed down from family that cannot be replaced. The movers also WROTE on a lot of our goods with permaniemt marker. They scracthed and messed up 3 of our bicycles to the point that we will have to take them to a bike machanic to get repaired. We probably have well over $5000 in damgages. We are in the process if filling out the paperwork to get reembursed for the damages but im sure we will not get anywhere near what the damages are worth in repair and replacement cost. This is only our second move so we are still pretty new to the PCS situtions. The problem I am having is that this isnt just a little damage that comes from the hussle and bussle of a move but the damages are from pure neglengce. What else can we do to try to our correct money back and to make sure this doesnt happen to someone else with that comany? Should we go to legal and take it up with them and see what they say? Is that even something Legal can handle? I just really need some advice. We are just at such a loss at what to do. Thanks for the help

    PS...sorry the auto correct on my computer isnt working lol
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    I am sorry. I dont know what you can do or how to help, but that sucks.
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    They're to have given you a form that you list all damaged items. I'd start there. I'd also call the company, your move manager, and contact legal just to cover your butt. If your DH has checked in have him speak with his higher up and see if they have any ideas, too. If not, have him speak with his sponsor. I'm so sorry and wish you luck!!!
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    You'll get the paperwork to fill out. In that, you'll need to put down the cost of it to replace it or fix it. You'll have a lot of leg work to do; but, when we had ours done, we got everything back to fix it. A few other things, they just offered a cash settlement. If you can't find proof on the antiques, you could have a bit of a fight. They will pay what the value is on them, not the sentimental cost.
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    Be very, very careful with the online forms they have you fill out, especially the deadlines. Missed deadline usually means no money for anything. They will look at what you fill out and make you offers for each item. You do *NOT* need to accept those offers if they aren't fair. They may also request that you get estimates for repairs.

    If you feel they aren't being fair and reasonable, have your DH go to the office that books the moves (not sure of the name of the office for all the branches) and they can step in at a certain point.
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    I am so sorry that happened, I wouldn't wish that on anyone. I am glad that some of the people on here have advice on how to help get the damages covered. Keep us updated on how it goes.

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