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Thread: New Navy Wife Need some Info who to contact with help with Moving

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    New Navy Wife Need some Info who to contact with help with Moving

    Hello Im New to the military world and need to know who to contact regarding moving to where my husband is stationed. Im # 5 on the waitlist for housing and I was wondering is there a certain company that we can use to move. I reside currently in texas and my husband is stationed at Cornado. He is currently underway. Any Information will be greatly Appreciated Mrs. Jones
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    Were you married prior to him entering the service? If you married after him entering it is all on you and your dime to get your stuff there.
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    Yes, we are going to need more details.

    It sounds like he was already stationed in CA when you got married. If that's the case, you will almost certainly be on your own for moving. The military looks at it like this--they will move your stuff if they are the cause for you not being together. But in this case, a person who lives in CA married a person who lives in Texas, and so just like with any other job, the cost and arrangements fall to you to bring yourself together. Once all your stuff is in CA, the Navy will move it when he next moves because in that case, it is their "fault" your stuff needs to be moved.

    This is a simplification, but that's the basics. You are what is know as an "acquired dependent", which means he acquired you after his current orders were written/executed. You can use that term to help you search, but I'm afraid that if I'm understanding your situation correctly, you'll find you are on your own for getting yourself and your stuff to CA.

    Your husband can ask his current chain of command to confirm this. They, or their contact in PSD, can tell him what he qualifies for with regard to moving you. (And yes, he can ask this even while underway.)
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