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Thread: I'm angery at him and I don't know why

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    I'm angery at him and I don't know why

    This is his first deployment, and I thought this would be a lot easier. WRONG! He's only been gone a few weeks and we are already fighting about stupid stuff. I'm talking he didn't like that I messaged him on Facebook instead of iMessage, so he blew up on me and then stoped messaging me back. He's been messaging me less and less and I starting to get the one word responses. He's stop saying good night, he will just stoped texting l me for 8 hours so I assume he's sleeping. He's being very desconnected and distant. It's freaking me out a little. He's been there not even a month and he's a different person. I don't know what to do it's starting to effect me emotionally, my coworkers can already see that. Is this normal? Will things go back to that way they were? What do I did?
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    First communication is different for everyone. When my husband did his first deployment I was lucky to get a 5 sentence email each night. And that was all I was getting. My sister who deployed on a carrier....well I was messaging back and forth often but she had her own computer.

    Depending on the job too will also depend on how busy he is. My husbands job is very demanding on his time. Once again....sure my sister may have been busy and all but as a nurse on a ship sometimes they have a little more down time to be able to talk.

    This is also the first deployment. Emotions are high, mental state is not the greatest cause its all brand new and scary. Maybe give it a few days. I would say maybe write an email with how you have been feeling but not too much---that is always a fine line sometimes. Maybe apologize (even if you weren't in the wrong) that you messaged him on the wrong thing that you were just so excited to talk and just went for the first thing.

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