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    Help Question!!!!

    Ok my Fiance is in the Army he will be back from AIT in a couple of months; we will get married once hes done and I want to know what are the possibilities of getting stationed out of the country? Like england, korea, italy? we want to live on post. If any one has had any personal experiences please let me know. I hate not knowing where we might end up?
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    Some of that will depend on his job and other qualifications (for example if he goes to airborne school he can only be stationed 3 places). Other than that, he will go where the Army needs people. I know DB was told he was going to Hawaii (his first choice) then at the end of training he got voluntold for airborne school and sent to Alaska.
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    Depends on what he does. You'll have to get used to not knowing where you'll end up as that's just part of military life. He probably won't get his orders until close to graduation.
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    As others have said it totally depends on what he does and where he is needed. My personal experience is you never get your first choice.
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    It will depend on his job. My SO's platoon buddies got their soft orders about a week before family day weekend of BCT. They received hard orders where they were going about a week before AIT graduation. Some didnt have orders and were hold-overs until they got them, that took about a month. So its really hard to tell, some soft orders said they were stationed in Germany, but by the time they got the hard orders they were staying in the States.

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