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Thread: Is my soldier injured?

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    Is my soldier injured?

    My Son-In-Law just deployed to Afghanistan. Is there anywhere to find out if he gets injured?
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    I'm sure they would contact his emergency contact or the person he indicated for notifications if it was a true emergency/injury. I don't want to sound rude, but why are you asking, do you think something happened?
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    I would think your daughter would tell you...
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    Quote Originally Posted by MomInLaw View Post
    My Son-In-Law just deployed to Afghanistan. Is there anywhere to find out if he gets injured?
    Do you think he's hurt?
    They would notify his next of kin, his wife, your daughter.

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    Chances are that he's fine, why are you jumping to the conclusion that he's not? If something bad happened they would notify his spouse or parents most likely, so you could probably ask them for peace of mind.
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    First thing never think the bad things when they are do that you stress too much and its not worth it. Let alone it will go to the next of kin or who ever he has set up to be informed in certain ways.

    For example when My husband is in a sea command (navy here) I will be informed first of any matter depending on the case it could be as simple of a phone call or someone will come to my house. Than it is his mother and father how it is set up for them I don't know. Everyone else is through me.
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    If he would be, your daughter would be notified.
    I really hope you aren't putting that kind of energy on them though. Don't bring it up to her, that's not the support she needs.
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    Your daughter will be notified if he gets injured.
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    They will notify whomever he has listed to be notified. Presumably, that would include his wife. Do you have any reason to think she wouldn't be notified, or if she was, that she wouldn't share that information with you?

    Beyond that, if you are looking for some official list or something, it probably doesn't exist. Generally, they try not to announce any names until the appropriate people (from the service member's list in his or her file) have been given formal notification by service members trained to deal with that. After that, it is *possible* it might be in the news or something, but I don't think there's any place you can access a formal list of everyone who has been injured.
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    IF something happens to him (and statistically, the odds are very much on his side in this) his wife will be the first person they even try to tell. It's then up to her how widely she wants to tell others.
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