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Thread: Visiting DH during AIT, question.

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    Visiting DH during AIT, question.

    (I am honestly new here so I don't know where this would belong in so I apologize in advance.)
    My DH (Army) is in AIT at Fort Sill, and I have visited before, though this time is different due to I will be getting an on base hotel. I was wondering if he would be able to enter the hotel with me, since he will be in ACUs. We had cabins before with our whole family but this time it'll just be my son and I. He's earned Phase 4, which means weekend passes and can go out of the barracks but not the post. So he has to be in ACUs all the time...
    Would he be allowed to come to the hotel with me? (Not to spend the night because obviously he needs to go back for his final formation plus he needs to have a battle buddy with him which I honestly don't mind since we won't be doing anything sexual.) I just want to be able to hang out with him for our sons birthday. Thanks in advance.
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    I don't really know why he wouldn't be allowed there...
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    As long as he is abiding by the rules given to him, he should be fine. Going to an on-post hotel doesn't sound like it's breaking any rules. He should just need to be properly dressed, I think in his Class B's ACUs (his dress clothes without the coat) and then have his battle buddy with him the entire time, as well as be back for final formation at the proper time, and he isn't allowed to drive.

    He should be able to ask someone in charge of him what the rules are for him, but I don't see why he wouldn't be able to go to the hotel with you.
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    My husband was at AIT at Sill and was not allowed in the hotel with me. He wasn't even allowed to be in the car with me. He had to take a taxi or walk to wherever we wanted to go. But it could all depend on his sergeants and what they allow. When he graduated is when he was allowed in the hotel room and car with me. But just for a visit, he wasn't allowed.

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