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Thread: Army's Buddy's

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    Army's Buddy's

    My DB just graduated from AIT and I got to go up for a couple days to see him. After his graduation him and 12 other of his army buddys from training got a hotel for their long weekend. I got to spend the whole day with him and his buddy's after graduation and that night. He seemed more concerned with hanging out with his buddy's but I was fine with that because I understood and he was still giving me attention and being affectionate. What kind of hurt my feelings is he didn't want me to stay the whole weekend since he wanted to just be with his buddy's even though he's been with them every day for 5 months. Also there is another girlfriend that is less serious than me and my DB that is hanging out with that group. Should I be hurt or is this something I should be more understanding of?
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    Maybe since they just graduated AIT and a lot of them will get split up at different bases they wanted to have one last fun weekend together. It may not be anything personal, he just wants that time with them. I get where the hurt comes in though, because I'm sure I'd feel the same way. Especially if one of the other girlfriends is staying with her SO. Just talk to your SO and ask him why he didn't want you to stay the rest of the time like his buddies girl. Just don't jump on him or be accusatory, see what he says, and tell him how you're feeling.

    You big hurt is legitimate, but you can't be understanding if you don't know the reason why.

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