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Thread: Field Training

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    Field Training

    I recently accepted a job offer and I am required to go away to 5 weeks of training. This would not be a problem except that my husband now has to go into the field for 10 days at the same time I am gone. We have children and dogs at home, so I am not sure what he is supposed to do with them. His squad leader claimed it wasn't his problem to figure out. Does anyone have experience with this? Are we supposed to find someone willing to watch our family for the ten days or should I contact higher leadership and see if my husband can get around field training this round?
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    YOU absolutely should NOT contact anyone on his behalf. He is an adult with an adult job. But your children are not their problem.
    Should he contact the company you are training with and ask them to switch your interview? No.
    You should.
    Or find someone to watch the kids during that time.
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    One option you could look into is to see if the company can do anything for you. The company I work for often has people travel for business for weeks+ at a time and their regional offices have onsite daycare to accommodate their parents that travel. Not sure about pet boarding but it doesn't hurt to check.

    I do agree with Asher though, I don't think you should contact his leadership at all. If anything, he could tell them but it sounds like he already got his answer.
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    This happens all the time, and is one of the reasons I am currently staying at home. I am an RN and finding childcare last minute was getting to be impossible with my husband's flying schedule changing on a weekly/daily basis. There is literally nothing you can do except try to change your schedule. It's unfortunate, but it sounds like your husband already asked and they told him there was nothing they would do about it. Going over that person's head will only make things bad for your husband's work environment and won't change his schedule.
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    Sounds like a stressful situation but I agree with those above. He has a contract with the Army and what big Army says, goes. It's not their responsibility. Maybe you can move your training or coordinate with friends and family and neighbors for care.

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