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Thread: Injuries in Boot Camp...

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    Sad Injuries in Boot Camp...

    I just received a letter from my SO in Boot camp saying that her pelvis is hurting and it's difficult to run and walk up stairs. I trying to stay calm and strong for her but I'm so worried. I want her back home but not like this. Her dream is to become a doctor and this is part of her plan to get there. I want her to succeed so much. I feel useless. I can only imagine that the pain might be similar to getting shin splints. I've had shin splints and man, they hurt soooooooo bad. I wish so much that I can be there. She told me that she had an MRI on Tuesday. I wish I could do something but I think the only thing I can do is just pray and hope that she heals. She seems to really be pushing herself alot because she doesn't want to disappoint me but I'm already so proud of her. I'm not sure what I should do...
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    All you can do at this point is just be as supportive as possible and if you are religious, pray! When you're writing her, tell her that you're proud of her and although yo udon't understand the kind of pain she is or what she's going through while dealing with it, to try to stay positive and think of her future and her goals. Support and positivity is really what she needs right now, from other women on this forum, when their SO's get hurt in BCT it hits their confidence really hard. Just do your best to keep her upbeat through all this and keep yourself and your mind positive as well.
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    Pain in the pelvic and hips for women when they are training hard and running is common. It is a similar feeling and condition to shin splints, at least this is what DB told me. There's nothing you can do except be supportive and positive. Hopefully the MRI confirms there is no serious damage.

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