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Thread: How to cope with DB leaving for Bootcamp

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    How to cope with DB leaving for Bootcamp

    So I have been with my DB for almost 5 years and soon he will be leaving for bootcamp. I'm currently a full time student away from home and I am worried about being able to stay focused and not fall behind with school before and after he goes. I feel like right now I'm trying my best to spend time with him because I know he will soon be leaving, but I also can't fall behind with school work. He wants to see his family as well as see me but I can't just leave school all the time to make sure he visits with both, his family and I. Then once he is gone and I'll be at school, I won't necessarily have family around to keep my mind focused on positives. How do I keep myself from thinking too much about how much I wish he didn't have to go or when he is gone how much I wish I could just see him again. We have talked about it multiple times and I am going to graduate before anything else happens with us, but I'm worried that I may fail classes if I can't keep my stress down and mind focused. Please help me with some tips for anything with staying positive about the whole situation. I just want to continue to do good in school and finish so I can eventually go with him and not have to be away for too long!
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    I know exactly how you feel! DB is leaving for Air Force Basic Training soon also & I'm racking my brain thinking of ways to make the time pass by quicker. We've been through Field Training, which is about 4 weeks less than Basic, but I can tell you that, though it may not seem like it, you'll find your own groove.

    Since you do are still at school, try focusing on your studies, maybe join a few clubs or hanging out with some friends. Your friends may not know exactly how you feel, but just being around people will ease that loneliness a little bit.

    I'm not sure which branch your DB is in, but I'd suggest writing to him everyday, or every other day, just telling him about your day and what's new/going on. I know that helped me a lot & I plan on writing those daily letters while he's at Basic. It gives me a feeling of connection with him, it keeps him up to date & makes me feel like I'm still talking to him (sort of). That being said, make sure that when writing those letters to assure him that you support him, try not to tell him how miserable or lonely you are b/c that'll just make him feel bad & he'll be going through a lot at bootcamp as it is.

    Also try some new hobbies. I remember I did some dancing, art & worked out more while DB was gone.

    You'll be fine. Just take it one day at a time and know that you'll both make it through. Definitely utilize MSOS, there are a lot of great people here ready to listen and help the best they can!

    Feel free to PM me if you just need someone to talk to.

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